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    Let history be  
    Yeah right  
    I'm going to kindergarten yay  
    I wouldn't do it. So I get suspended from school  
    I like spinish  
    Didn't dinosaurs lay eggs long before chickens were made  
    Sometimes you aren't spoiled, I'm not  
    I am an only child, and i enjoy it  
    My homework is so easy  
    As long as I can live some how. You can't live! FIND A WAY  
    I think they should have uniforms, but wayyyyy more comfy  
    Can we just ride horses  
    I get to start over  
    So 9 hours  
    Haha we don't have lockers at our school  
    I like my natural looks  
    You guys are mean, he's still a person. Even though I not a fan.  
    It doesn't matter if your religious or atheist  
    Their my family don't care  
    Could I have powers?  
    There's things called erasable pens  
    I love wheel chairs  
    Neither eww  
    My pajamas look like regular clothes  
    Bacon rocks  
    I'll just give them my bad clothes  
    This was a tie  
    Tetris gets boring after a while  
    I love the soft chips ahoy  
    I can't focus when it's quiet  
    My fav celeb is not a jerk  
    In the morning I'm always laye  
    Who says I'm gonna die  
    Past is past  
    It would be weird if I had a baby as a 10 year old  
    I'm the only child  
    Who buys a whole mansion and you're the only one in it  
    Taking up means you can't quit so no  
    I don't work  
    I couldn't date someone who isn't alive  
    I can always get a new car  
    I watched Star Wars the Force Awakens, good movie  
    Who comes first, you or friends?  
    You can actually communicate to famous people  
    I don't work yet  
    Didn't yo already ask us this  
    I already ate 20 potatoes though(through out my life)  
    I don't have an annoying grandma  
    My parents are awesome +1
    I Don't want to look like I'm just wondering around like I'm lost  
    My dad's Italian so sorry France  
    Maybe some people won't notice  
    I would already be rich, hope  
    I refuse to learn from rude and mean people  
    I don't wanna die  
    Is that lion imaginary?  
    But I love wheelchairs but I also don't want kids  
    My dreams are more important than love  
    I don't have to go to school  
    They would comfort me right away  
    Uh I'm already weird in a good way  
    I have no enemies  
    Boo religion, I'm Catholic too  
    Uh, I am 10, although I dress like a teenager  
    That dog is so cute  
    Friends win over love  
    All you'll be hearing from me is " I'm hungry"  
    I get more presents  
    I'm still young I don't need a lot of cash  
    I love games  
    Friends are more important  
    At least I'm very happy  
    Uh could those cats eat you  
    I could TRY to get along with them  
    Singing is who I am  
    Couldn't you listen to it and watch it at the same time  
    Only Child  
    Uh guys we've seen earth already  
    Enjoy me watching TV  
    In that picture that piggy is so cute  
    Could we wish for more wishes  
    Who says mermaids aren't real?  
    I love penguins  
    Music Forever!  
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