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Who has better hair Rocket Man or Hitler-lite 1 year ago 76 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Who has a higher IQ Covfefe or T-Rex Tillerson 1 year ago 55 votes 2 comments 0 likes

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Dont be foolin homie. You know who i are. Im the top gunner up in herre homie so dont be playin or imma smack you with my ring hand 1 year ago +1
Homie you better not be going after my province. Imma cut you bro 1 year ago +1
Go to a klan rally 1 year ago  
MW3 was trash, especially compared to the beauties that were MW and MW2. I can't believe this came out in 2011. I feel old 1 year ago  
Pretty much everyone I cared about on this site left way over a year ago, so I mean sure. It all started when I lost my homie Peritwinkle :( I don't know why i still come on tbh 1 year ago  
I'd take Hitler over this trash 1 year ago  
lol at least my little brains understands what a hyperbole is 1 year ago  
lol Obama faked his birth certificate? Who gave Iran nukes? Iran doesn't even have nukes. Trump never married a rapist. He IS the rapist. He raped his first wife. Strong accusation from someone who takes about "proof" 1 year ago  
I hope you end up the middle of a human centipede 1 year ago  
There's actually tonnes of circumstantial evidence and there's is the issue where he kinda raped his first wife. Literally everything his supporters attacked Hillary and Obama on Trump does and he does it more. The guy is a joke and everyone knows it. That's why Putin and work him like a puppet so easily. And fúck Bill. He was a neolib and not a very good president. Just a good orator 1 year ago  
Its more accurate to use a poll aggregator, since inherent bias exists with every individual pollster. RealClearPolitics is a good one https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/president_trump_job_approval-6179.html And good for Bill Clinton. Wow he had a consensual, albeit unethical, affair while in office. Trump likes sexually assaulting women and getting peed on 1 year ago  
Wow get off his díck already. The American people don't even like that sexual predator. He never won the popular vote in the general and now he's embarrassingly unpopular. He's just a dirty old man that wants to bang his daughter and get peed on by Russian prostitutes 1 year ago +2
Trump's aroused by three people: Himself, Ivanka, and Putin. You better believe he greases that pole and he swallows too 1 year ago +3
Thank god. If I'm already a tool now I'd hate to see what I'm like if I was a "veteran" 1 year ago  
99% of rrrather veterans are losers so who cares 1 year ago  
Not as long as the Trump Administration continues so suck Putin's penis 1 year ago +8
People who whine about "political correctness" for sh*t that aint even PC are super annoying 1 year ago  
Ew they're both a couple of weak ass centrists 1 year ago +2
My boi Terry was alright until he got really creepy near the end 1 year ago +1
As long as my daughter is happy then I'm happy 1 year ago  
Except they aren't authoritarian or oppressive by any metric, so clearly they don't. It just turns out strong unions and policies that protect workers and civil liberties work best 1 year ago  
So you're suggesting that countries like Iceland, Sweden, Canada, and Switzerland don't exist? All of those countries are left-wing and have some of the strongest democratic systems in the world. It is interesting to note that the "left" and "right" terms originated in French parliament where the "left" supported a republic and opposed the monarchy and the "right" supported the monarchy. By it's very origin he "left" supports democracy and the "right" supports authoritarianism. For what it's worth it's interesting to note. 1 year ago  
The most oppressive nations are left-wing you say? You'd be hard pressed to find someone that would call Iran or Afghanistan left-wing. When you focus on left/right ideology when dealing with oppressive countries like Iran, Syria, DPRK, etc. then you're missing the big picture. They don't have common ideologies, but they are all ruled by authoritarian regimes. That's the context that's important. If you look at the least oppressive countries you'll find they are quite democratic. You'll also find there's many left-wing nations there too, such as Canada, Iceland, Finland, etc. And yeah the Soviet government was a fraud that constantly lied to the people. And I don't believe that any ideology, whether left or right, could work if it is based on an authoritarian model. That's why democratic rights are extremely important and I am staunchly opposed to any form of voter suppression. You can call left-wing ideology a failure if you want, but your security and luxury is a product of socialism. The first responders and armed forces are socialist organizations. Yes, we're all brainwashed and angry and hate everyone. Even if it were true that argument is still fallacious by the mere fact it says nothing about the merits of the ideology itself. Just because something is founded due to malevolent motives doesn't make it inherently bad. 1 year ago  
Cool, it's called national socialism. Great deductive skills. It's called national socialism, because that's what they named themselves. I could easily establish a party called "National Libertarian Canadian Workers' Party", but that doesn't make me a libertarian. Hitler purged all of the actual left-wing members of his party out early in his reign. Also, the Soviet Union was never truly Marxist. The Soviet Union may have been far left in theory, but in practice it actually went right on many issues. They had poor to no civil liberties, workers rights, and democratic rights. It was also strongly nationalistic, authoritarian, and militaristic. The end goal of communism is the end of hierarchies. The Soviet Union existed to establish and maintain its own hierarchy. The Soviet Union, along with every "communist", nation that ever existed has never existed around the principle of egalitarianism, which is the core belief of left-wing ideology. Left-wing ideology is built around the idea that everyone deserves equal opportunity, key word being opportunity. 1 year ago  
lol "it says socialist in the title" yeah cute. Heard that one before. Left wing politics are built around the concept of egalitarianism and, depending how left you go, eventually the end of hierarchies. Considering the fascist ideology runs counter to both of those it wouldn't even be correct to call it left-wing never mind socialist. Alt-right shares many strikingly similar traits to fascists including nationalism, social hierarchies, and authoritarianism. Plus, point still stands. Alt-right is a sausage fest 1 year ago  
I'd make all the alt-right girls jealous... wait no I can't because there are no alt-right girls. That ideology is a huge sausage fest 1 year ago  
A is such a tool 1 year ago +2
Don't care as long as it's regular shipping. Rushed shipping is worse for the environment 1 year ago  
Wow turns out GOP hate freedom who knew? 1 year ago +1
^ truth 1 year ago +1
If you ignore a yearbook entry, a ban from a mall, multiple allegations that have received thorough vetting from the Washington Post, and his general reputation that was provided by a colleague and corroborated by multiple others. The guy is a sleaze bag and a pedophile. 1 year ago  
"No proof" yeah lol when you cover your eyes it turns out you cant see anything 1 year ago  
867-5309 1 year ago +1
Dwight Shrute 1 year ago  
Yeah, he's Third Way. I don't get what you're saying. I never said everything he supported was to the right of the mainstream Democratic party that proceeded him. 1 year ago  
Considering he was a Third Way liberal which is without question right of progressivism, the common ideology of the past, yeah I'd say so. Welfare reform, immigration reform, deregulation of the financial system, free trade. 1 year ago  
I'm not a fan of the Clintons, considering they played a major role in pushing the Democratic Party to the right, but the Pauls don't add anything of substance to the conversation 1 year ago  
lol that's the best you have? I'm not saying I'm surprised, but I've seen a lot better from a lot worse 1 year ago  
"look at me I'm an edgy snowflake that gets triggered by everything" 1 year ago +2
"You sound like you are immature and can't take opposing opinion." "You need to KYS you stupid, brainwashed, and dumb little boy." I really hope you see the irony in that 1 year ago +2
Nah, I'm more into 90's hiphop 1 year ago  
I get to work with like cute wittle animals 1 year ago  
The only things I ever end up reading on Twitter are Trump's tweets. Although I would agree they are trash, I do not blindly follow his statements. But who's lilpump? Any good? 1 year ago  
You needa go back to your lead tainted Caveman Paleo Formula from that snake oil salesman and leave the real thinking to the big boys 1 year ago  
Well A is pretty unsurprising when you consider they have conscription and they're being subsidized by the US. B just sounds like a load of sh*t 1 year ago  
You would never understand you soulless heretic. You have no morals 1 year ago  
Those heathens! They are the scum of the Earth. Look at Bill Nye and his corrosive rhetoric. Everyone knows the classic line: a family that prays together stays together. Atheists hate family values! Sad! 1 year ago +1
Im not sure what you're referring too since violent crime rates have been going down since the 90s. Violent crime rates are a functions of many things, only one of which is access to firearms. Reducing firearm related crime isn't even the only reason for gun control. There's also helps reduce suicide rates. 1 year ago  
Yeah, you are correct no one was armed enough. And they also weren't trained enough either. And no one will be armed enough, because its impractical to walk around with military grade weapons. Correlation doesn't mean causation. Gun control is generally a response to high crime not the other way around. No one brings in gun control when there's no issue with firearms. Socio-economic status on the other hand has a strong correlation with crime and that better explains why cities like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and Washington experience such high crime rates. Even then LA and NYC have much stricter gun control laws and also experience less firearms associated crime 1 year ago  
lol that's the stupidest sh*t I've ever heard in my life. All of those armed civilians did such a great job in Vegas. No, they tucked tail and ran because they realized they're just a bunch of dumb rednecks and they don't actually have the skill nor equipment for the situation. More guns leads to more firearm related crime. That's a statistical fact 1 year ago  
I don't see what's wrong with insuring someone has the mental capacity and proper training to operate a piece of equipment specifically designed to kill fast and efficiency before they are allowed to use it 1 year ago +3
I think the US's relationship wth Israel has more to do with their strategic position in the Middle East, but ok. Allies are few and far between over there 1 year ago  
People that get triggered by "SJWs" are such snowflakes 1 year ago  
I've seen a lot worse 1 year ago +1
Just another example of how the GOP hates freedom 1 year ago +2
lol ok snowflake. It's 2017, using the n-word doesn't make you cool or edgy; It just makes you an idiot. 1 year ago +3
Best PG and best SG (and player) of all time. Easy call 1 year ago  
Bunch of douche bags. Beverley is easily the worst out of the four, but I think Garnett is the best in the group and I love his overreactions to the most ordinary plays 1 year ago  
Im only a douche to other douches online, because like fùck them and anonymity 1 year ago  
Fùcked them so hard, eh? Must be so hard for you 1 year ago  
AI is a boss but him and Lebron would need the ball all the time. Even though I think the KD/Curry duo is worse individually I'll get more touches with a lineup of KD and Curry. 1 year ago  
Why would a choose to be a fat, ugly dumbass? 1 year ago  
People at TPUSA are so stupid and cringy 1 year ago  
Cuba has a much better healthcare system so obviously they'd have better results. And what's with B? You'd have to be a moron to actually believe that 1 year ago  
We need more countries not less. Superpowers have historically been detrimental to democracy 1 year ago +1
Wu-Tang Clan. Easy. Next 1 year ago  
lol the alt-reich gets so triggered by them its hilarious 1 year ago  
you selfish twat 1 year ago  
Loopholes are for weak people 1 year ago  
2kinky4me 1 year ago  
That's greasy and messed up 1 year ago  
Nah, a bit too angry and fallacious for me. I either go straight to the source or listen to Sam Seder, David Pakman, or Thom Hartmann for my American news 1 year ago  
Good for CNN. Only old people watch that sh*t 1 year ago  
More culturally Polish though 1 year ago  
I don't know who this is, but the other bro is involved in some cringy drama 1 year ago +1
lol that's a cute statement 1 year ago  
Rick C-137 cannot be killed 1 year ago +1
Those pictures are an example of false equivalence 1 year ago +1
I aint gettin no alien illness 1 year ago  
You can delete them all. If I really cared about this sh*t then I would only use one account 1 year ago  
Oh god what a tough choice. ExxonMobil were the sh*theads that figured out about climate change and tried to cover it up so fück them 1 year ago  
BP is ruining this planet. Still not as bad as ExxonMobil though 1 year ago  
Well Obama is an amazing orator and one of the best among world leaders of our time. Trump is just a moron 1 year ago +1
no. just no 1 year ago +2
I know right. Story of my life 1 year ago  
I bet you know a thing or two about raping boys at a very young age dont you ;) 1 year ago  
less of a pedo 1 year ago +1
Wow bro that comeback was so top notch. im shook 1 year ago  
He's less of a cuck 1 year ago  
So you want to go to an even worse system? Aren't you a smart one 1 year ago +1
Saves more lives as healthcare should 1 year ago +1
wow bro, you are salty af. no need for the racism though. that aint cool 1 year ago  
i've never witnessed more boring drama before 1 year ago +5
that sounds like rape 1 year ago  
poutine 1 year ago  
States' rights to allow slavery... 1 year ago  
Trump already is a racist douche 1 year ago  
He's wasn't the best for minorities, but he revolutionized worker's rights and brought new protections for the common American with the New Deal. Glass Steagall also helped prevent another major economic crash (until it was repealed under Clinton) 1 year ago  
Well what's worse: sabotaging peace talks in Vietnam in order to prolong the war so you gain an advantage in the upcoming election or promising to arm the Ayatollah, an enemy of the US, in exchange for them holding onto American hostages longer in order to win an election. Well they're both treason so yeah 1 year ago  
I'm not gonna fake it till I make it. I prefer to be ginuwine 1 year ago  
God forgive our soldiers try and prevent civilian casualties. I didn't realize wanting to prevent children from getting killed was so divisive 1 year ago  
Seems kind of weird to me since the CSA fought a war against the US. I don't see logic behind erecting monuments of the enemy. 1 year ago +1
Just out of curiosity, are you cool with a Loyalist statue? 1 year ago  
The general consensus in society is that it represents fascism. Everybody knows that. The middle finger is a hand sign that has taken on many meanings over time. The general consensus now is as an offensive gesture. You can pretend it means whatever you want, but don't play dumb when you flip someone off and they get angry 1 year ago  
I suppose it was more proto-fascist, but this is really just arguing semantics. If you really want to go there we can. The Roman salute, in the form that the Nazi's used, was not used in ancient Rome. It was used in artwork during the Enlightenment and then in American cinema. So to say "it's just the Roman salute which is 2,000 years old" is completely disingenuous. 1 year ago  
That's a quite misleading and fallacious. It's 2017. In modern society the salute has been used as a symbol of the Nazi party and fascism. Even then the Roman Empire itself was quite fascist. "Anyone that gets triggered by an ancient hand gesture is both ignorant of history and a pussy." Maybe you don't oppose fascism and authoritarianism, but many others do. 1 year ago  
And the dude that ran over people was a Nazi 1 year ago  
Less embarrassing. Plus, I have the ability to get the loose ball 1 year ago  
I meant Ryancare 1 year ago  
Seems hard to know that since pretty much no one has read it 1 year ago  
Those damn blackies using their first amendment rights 1 year ago  
But Rock Lee is so bae 2 years ago  
Generally a quite authoritarian policy. It also disproportionately punishes poorer citizens. Overpopulation isn't even a global issue. Developed countries are seeing falling birthrates and are in need of more people to prevent economic decline. A wealthier community and one with better access to healthcare and education will also have lower birthrates. If you want a reduced birthrate then the only logical way to do it while respecting human rights and limiting government control is to provide better access to healthcare and education and to further develop countries' economies. 2 years ago +1
He who controls the past controls the future. 2 years ago  
lol you're a cute one 2 years ago  
So be a stupid fascist or a psycho fascist. That's a hard one 2 years ago  
Sarah Palin is a moron. You'd have to be incredibly ignorant to ever cast a vote for her 2 years ago +1
Obviously... 2 years ago +1
Oh god I hate them both. I cant choose 2 years ago  
Right. You got some weak sauce weather down there 2 years ago  
I got that flu game 2 years ago  
because f*ck you climate change 2 years ago +1
lol keep dreaming 2 years ago +1
Not my ideal final, but I know someone who'd like it 2 years ago  
Honestly, none of them, but f*ck the Yankees 2 years ago +1
I guess some of us *cough* everyone who chose A *cough* are stupid, but for the most part every generation has been smarter than their parents and leagues smarter than humans before the 20th century. I'm sorry guys and gals but the stats don't lie. It takes some serious ignorance to choose A. 2 years ago  
Far less dangerous 2 years ago  
He's such a stud 2 years ago  
Wicked is kind of a subjective term 2 years ago  
No surprise Merkel voted against it 2 years ago +1
This isn't the 40s anymore... 2 years ago +1
B is such a loser 2 years ago +1
I pretty much do this every year anyway 2 years ago  
I think this is where geography plays a crucial war. Russia is a localized landmass while the British Empire spreads around the whole planet. There's no way the Soviets could have every stretched their troops out to invade every nation. 2 years ago  
What? Germany was already fighting on the Western front and Southern front before invading the USSR. Of course the US sped up the end of the war, but by no means would an absent US invasion lead to an easy Axis victory. The UK may have been hanging on to a thread, but even a takeover of Britain wouldn't have stopped them. They still had plenty of manpower all over the Empire, such as in India and Canada, that they could retreat to and rely on. 2 years ago  
The vikings are clearly the most barbaric and primitive and would be the least enjoyable to live under. 2 years ago  
Of course it is. If nothing is done about this this massive debt could very well collapse the economy in the future. 2 years ago +1
Oh stop your complaining 2 years ago  
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