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Would you play Russian Roulette one time with one bullet for $100,000,000? Yes or No, I'd rather not 1,470,827 votes 10,385 comments 119 likes
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On second thought I could walk into a bank and take all the money with the pause button or punch people who piss me off in the face  
I'd feel bad whenever I'd eat bacon  
I already speak 3  
You could probably still eject after maneuvering away from the crowd +2
I'm from RVA, not a bad town to begin with company would make it even better.  
Didn't say I couldn't be a lesbian!  
Killer Kilbain kicked me senseless everyday I hope that bastard is beneath a head of stone Where I'd dance upon his grave For all the madness I now crave While the scars that remain are still a curse  
I don't want kids anyway  
Whenever I have one, I don't have the other.  
Valhalla! +7
Depends who's playing or who I get to do the sene with. +1
Legalize MJ  
You play with a revolver. Otherwise, its kinda pointless  
You play against someone, and keep going until someone dies. Watch the movie The Deer Hunter  
A mod did  
I wonder why more guys would do it than girls.  
Yes one trigger pull. Not like The Deer Hunter.  
This question isn't biased at all  
What kind of a question s this?  
More people in the UK would rather watch baseball? They don't like their own sport?  
Sorry, but I'd rather kill people I've never met. Also how do you think we won WWII? What do you think happened at Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, Tokyo, and so many other cities? +1
I could start my own rec league with that much money & play on the weekends.  
I like hunting anyway  
My first time wasn't with a virgin or someone who was good sooooo...........  
I only drink red wine, but I love all beer styles.  
Only child  
What about wishing for more wishes?  
Hockey b*tches!  
The polar bear might eat me when it grows up  
Too late  
100 would give my hands a nasty cramp  
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