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    doesn't matter had sex 4 years ago  
    ME 4 years ago +1
    this question is retarded 4 years ago  
    work an easy ass job 4 years ago  
    i dont like big groups 4 years ago  
    men? 4 years ago  
    disapear 4 years ago  
    wolverine cant die 4 years ago  
    the ocean is the most powerful force on earth 4 years ago  
    Squidward 4 years ago +1
    debating is fun 4 years ago  
    crappy questions 4 years ago +1
    what is ra-ed? 4 years ago  
    Yes, David, no need to go on a rant because your friend has a better life than you. 4 years ago  
    no you aren't, you're ignorant 4 years ago  
    **TRY** 4 years ago +2
    i feel like op has a bias 4 years ago  
    freaking hospital would be terrible 4 years ago +1
    top ten retarded questions on RRather 4 years ago +1
    why the hell are you asking questions with names i do not even know 4 years ago +1
    potato power 4 years ago  
    BF, GTA, COD, AC, FarCry 4 years ago  
    all the movies marketing seemed to focus around elsa, ive never seen it 4 years ago  
    this question is too wordy, wtf 4 years ago +1
    obviously not overrated if iron man has more picks 4 years ago +2
    the guy in american sniper 4 years ago  
    chappie 4 years ago +1
    1v1 me club penguin 4 years ago  
    yeah but use of the weapon(s) depend on ammo 4 years ago  
    i change my choice, a lot of questions still suck 4 years ago  
    my crushes house ;) 4 years ago +2
    this should be deleted 4 years ago  
    authors comment is long and irrelevant. 4 years ago +1
    idk what this is 4 years ago  
    now you are spamming 4 years ago  
    spongebob is amazing 4 years ago  
    Omg spongebob is amazing 4 years ago  
    Browns are racist 4 years ago  
    what 4 years ago  
    Gienus 4 years ago  
    what are these 4 years ago  
    Cut your arms off and eventually technology will come out to make new arms 4 years ago  
    dont know who anna is 4 years ago  
    Cut the spider up, put some salt and pepper on it, fry it, put it on your pizza, cover your pizza with cheese. 4 years ago +2
    Too lazy to read 4 years ago +1
    yes 4 years ago  
    immortality, and being able to do whatever i want with no chance of death? Okay yeah 4 years ago  
    you would see the greatest sights ever 4 years ago  
    Time is money 4 years ago  
    7-1 4 years ago  
    latin 4 years ago  
    i feel like i would be in better shape 4 years ago  
    get paid 4 years ago  
    i thought telepathic was telekinesis when i first chose it, i change my answer 4 years ago  
    you need to keep your opinion to yourself too 4 years ago  
    Yeah like somalia, anyone see Black Hawk Down? They are seriously like that if not worse. At least in taliban run countries if you follow them you won't starve to death 4 years ago  
    Jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams. 4 years ago +1
    wtf is this 4 years ago  
    eh, sleep, eat, and sh*t 4 years ago  
    it isnt that we refuse, we just don't care. You are lying too, you still drive cars don't you? 4 years ago  
    wtf is this 4 years ago  
    it is unnatural to misspell things like unnatural and which. 4 years ago +1
    fire squad 4 years ago  
    omg prison break is amazing 4 years ago  
    my drug dealer does not dress like that 4 years ago  
    it is people like you who ruin this world 4 years ago  
    anyone who chose give it all away is a freaking liar. 4 years ago  
    wtf 4 years ago  
    MW2 was amazing, better than any halo around at the time. And it depends if i am at a lan with friends or by myself. 4 years ago +1
    not season 3 of breaking bad 4 years ago  
    magic is cool 4 years ago  
    world peace will save enough money to stop hunger 4 years ago  
    obese people are happy people 4 years ago  
    survival of the sexiest 4 years ago  
    wtf? 4 years ago  
    wtf sh*t is this? plants need co2 freaking retard 4 years ago  
    I wouldn't win American Idol 4 years ago  
    selena gomez is fat now 4 years ago  
    use my hotspot 4 years ago  
    I would be terrified being alone, unless of course we have servants. 4 years ago  
    could change my body 4 years ago  
    being a midget would be kind of funny 4 years ago  
    this question is stupid 4 years ago  
    People who chose the save the life are lying 4 years ago +1
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