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    Harry Potter would be fun but fame and wealth would be practical 5 months ago  
    There would be no need to rule in the world of no problems 6 months ago  
    I would make my living off of betting on games 6 months ago  
    I could care less about your political views (Republican or Democrat) 6 months ago  
    It would be awkward to have no one at your wedding, but if you're dead, what's the difference. 6 months ago  
    Draw myself a nice house, beautiful wife, and a time machine to hide until someone discovers and abuses it. 6 months ago  
    Have you ever heard of a computer or a landline phone? 6 months ago  
    A European sight-seeing vacation would be so much more fun. You get to experience different cultures, food and learn more about the people sharing this chaotic world with you. 6 months ago  
    If I can choose the people, I would go with my friends and family over a dice any day. 6 months ago  
    Surfing the internet is more entertaining 6 months ago  
    Bad people still deserve to live 6 months ago  
    Time always outweighs money 6 months ago  
    If you can't avoid the death, than knowing the date would allow you to live your life to the fullest. Plus, you can't die until that day so you won't have to worry, 6 months ago  
    True love is much more valuable than $10,000,000. You can live comfortably off a lot less than $10,000,000, especially if you're with your true love. 6 months ago  
    shag all the way 1 year ago  
    the second one is much more useful 1 year ago  
    You can stay alive with one or try to kill dead people with another. 1 year ago  
    I could just trip him. He is tall, so it would be a harder landing. 2 years ago  
    Butter tick is not useless. It helps distribute an even amount of butter all over the bread. 2 years ago  
    The more questions the better 2 years ago  
    I would say my famous last words and then die eating my favorite food and playing my favorite game. 2 years ago  
    Animals are dumb. Humans rule the world for a reason. 3 years ago  

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