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F*ck life in the ass

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    We all skipped?  
    Yeah I was jut going to comment that. Woah, that guy was so sick at the end pff.  
    Phandom is everywhere xD  
    I'm not going to wear a f*cking skirt....  
    Who are the hoes  
    Fck Donald Trump  
    I already am B so... I am not 100 yet  
    This is a homophobic question...  
    I'm always B  
    Brad is hotter  
    That's exactly what my parents do.  
    I have no siblings. Perfect.  
    I'd just talk to Gerard Way about comic book.  
    I'm a loser without friend  
    I'd have some hot lifeguard guy do mouth-to-mouth on me  
    58% are lying  
    I've never kissed anyone ...  
    No I can't sleep on my stomach. I've got boobs...  
    Does the Macbook air float like the picture  
    Screw love  
    It says your fave song.. not the What does the fox say- bullsh*t  
    This is a homophobic question...  
    I'm poor and miserable +1
    I've known about sex since I was 8...  
    Joke on the author I have neither  
    Screw marriage  
    I have social anxiety and my voice crack so texting is better  
    I'd pick Gandalf  
    Same c:  
    Have a threesome ;)  
    I'm ugly so it's an imrpovement  
    lol tru  
    Where can I download Outside  
    Hey if it's good music...  
    My family is homophobic and fatshames me making me starve myself and hate my sexual orientation. Do I look like I give two sh*ts?  
    Yeah. After we chose B...  
    Sometimes knowing everything means suffering. Like, what if there is really NO cure for cancer?  
    Meet my idol is way better than money tbh.  
    I feel like Mikey Way chose the second one.  
    I got a TV life complete  
    I don't know who is this relevant but I agree...  
    They spin a gun and shot whoever is in the range with a bullet. It's a luck game.  
    I have 3 Gigabytes of illegal music in my Itunes account xD  
    "Don't do to others what you wouldn't like to be done to you" We say here in Romania  
    You get bored if you live too long...  
    True love doesn't exist. Get over it.  
    This was a hard one tbh. But as you know, celebs date and marry and divorce and date and marry and divorce + My celeb crush has a child so...  
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