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    >Mermaids 1 year ago  
    Rip Steven Hawking 1 year ago  
    It is a game where you take a revolver and put one bullet into holes and then you spin it and put it back in the gun. You then point the gun at your head and pull the trigger. The aim is that the bullet is in the wrong slot and won't kill you.  
    Both would be scary. But you could just hide during the war in some neutral country, while zombies can always find you.  
    Because I really care little about third world countries. I could use that money for benefitting MY people.  
    Because you could prevent it.  
    This is not actually bad.... For a modern song  
    Both sound terrible and to me  
    I want to see europe +1
    Would be better than my current last name and I admire hitler so it would be alright and of course if I was not this way It is just a name  
    I saw the movie  
    Because most of the time people talk about bad places.  
    If I wasn't a capitalist I would be a socialist not a retarded communist.  
    Already won  
    Obama won 3 years ago  
    I am pro choice there are far worse things happening in the world that should have attention to them. Having something illegal such as abortion makes no logical sense. +1
    He had one job and he didn't bother to attempt it so case closed  
    The other picture is of Joseph Stalin so no  
    Vladimir is a soviet socialist he hates America and a homophobe  
    He is a one of the worst presidents that we have had you Moron.  
    I would make mothers and children laugh  
    I don't think call people b*tches helps your point kiddo that is uncooth behavior.- General Sam  
    Hahahah your an idiot no I'm just joking with ya man  
    AIDS is one disease cancer is many diseases. Do your research  
    So I could release my "glue" on people  
    The dark knight rises is a more entertaining movie. Hell at least the movie actually has memes after it. +2
    You are the only Jesus I like my friend  
    One is a governmental system and one is a country.  
    So shut the f$$k up  
    Extremeism is a horrible thing especially when it is religious  
    Hippo crit  
    It was saying that you would becomeTHEIR God meaning you would be the leader of humanity not whether or not you believe in gods.  
    Satan is my buddy so hell yeah  
    They are the same thing.  
    I have both so  
    They are both horrible abominations from Hollywood but I can manage  
    If you do research you would know that hitler actually loved chocolate and ate pounds of it just about everyday during his rule  
    Hail brother!  
    Much funnier  
    I love music  
    I hate babies  
    I'm a selfish bastard but hey I'm up for lightsabers  
    If I can drink whatever I want then of course!  
    I hate diarrhea. Period like I just put behind the word pieriod  
    Say it with me Darrrrrt Vader  
    Who ever picked internet is some sort of hypocrite eh what do I know  
    This is a easy question ..... NEITHER hehe just a kidding  
    I don't support hitler or anything and I love chocolate but hitler as a last name isn't bad  
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