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    i mean most of the crimes associated with kidnapping would still be illegal so they couldn't really do much to you legally 8 months ago  
    Needs more parentheses 8 months ago  
    On a meta-level: Because I didn't choose the other option, that means this one won't come true! 8 months ago  
    Doesn't specify what KIND of deal. "Trade you this pencil for eternal fame and fortune?" "Deal." 8 months ago  
    Do you respond this way to prompts about superpowers and magic? "I would choose the other one, because magic isn't real!!!" 8 months ago  
    Even if it was someone I completely hated, I'd do it to get out of going to the superbowl lol 8 months ago  
    I love how all the comments on this site are either "GOD is with you and HE loves you" or "I HATE GOD I HATE RELIGION AAAAH" 8 months ago +1
    *looks over shoulder* HOLY SHIT GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE 8 months ago  
    Assuming that the coma is like a nice dream or feels shorter than it is 8 months ago  
    wait i misread it 8 months ago  
    Dictatorship or anarchy? Nice question 8 months ago  
    >Him 8 months ago  
    Define heaven, and define forever. Is heaven my idea of paradise, or is it ruled by some dictator-like god? Will the Earth eventually be destroyed? Will humans like myself always exist on Earth? What about the inevitable heat death of the universe? Too many uncertainties to answer. 8 months ago  
    tfw people think abstinence is a law of nature 8 months ago  
    I wish for 100 billion dollars worth of cars 8 months ago  
    A horse with a stick on its head, big whoop. 8 months ago  
    The Holocaust is the morally correct choice. (...Don't quote that.) 8 months ago  
    I don't want to read minds, and teleportation makes flight obsolete 8 months ago  
    Instant conversation starter! 8 months ago  
    Time travel is a crapshoot 8 months ago  
    *Reads comments* Shit I chose the religious fanatic option didn't I 8 months ago  
    Who wants to live forever? 8 months ago  

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