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I love funny things, and I hope you enjoy my questions.

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seriously? 1 year ago  
Nope 1 year ago  
the popular crowd is full of a*sholes. not always, but usually. 1 year ago  
comedy gold 1 year ago  
f*ck debt. 1 year ago  
wut? 1 year ago  
CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
Wolves are flippin awesome! 2 years ago  
Thats a crap reason 2 years ago  
wait, sense this makes not.... 2 years ago  
LOOPHOLE: you never said all at once XP 2 years ago  
The guilt would kill me 2 years ago  
SKIP 2 years ago  
You can play console games on pc 2 years ago  
I would stand by my son, but I would never get over the fact that my wife never really loved me. 2 years ago  
my family would never be disappointed by that 2 years ago  
also, this is in a world where if you don't believe in Hell, you can still go there. forgot to mention that. LOL 2 years ago  
if you picked le five friends die for you, then that's just selfish. 2 years ago  
CHOCOLATE 2 years ago  
if i bring back someone, they will die later anyhow, but if I kill hitler, that's tons of lives saved! 2 years ago  
Hot brainiac, vs girl with extreme trauma? questions? nope. 2 years ago  
more money to the poor because less money used on war, can someone say, LOOP-HOLE!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
Oh what fun i will have 2 years ago  
I could watch that when i'm feeling down and feel awesome 2 years ago  
there's always room for improvement 2 years ago  
Imma stay what I am plz 2 years ago  
LOL 2 years ago  
LOL 2 years ago  
can I say both? 2 years ago  
OH THATS sooooooooooooo COO-OO-OO-OO-OOL 2 years ago  
even with a family my career path is possible. 2 years ago  
NEVER. 2 years ago  
THOSE ARE BOTH HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
there's a chance of seeing wildlife, there are stars, and there are campfires. 2 years ago  
better she says it to your face, even in front of friends, than over text. 2 years ago  
most book series are better than the movie series based on the book. 2 years ago  
not true. 2 years ago  
SIGN ME UP! 2 years ago  
uh, no 2 years ago  
No, just, just no. 2 years ago  
does it matter either way? 2 years ago  
well, your opinion makes no sense 2 years ago  
Bruh, let the people love whoever the heck they want, what do YOU have to lose? nothing. so why force someone else to love someone they don't really love and be miserable, when you can let them love whoever and let them be happy. see? it makes no sense not to vote yes. 2 years ago  
LOL 2 years ago  
can someone say, SNOW BOARD!! GIANT SNOWMAN!! HUGE SNOWBALL FIGHT!!! SLEDS!!!!!! only downside, freezing cold. 2 years ago  
either way there's no divorce, cause you could never marry, but marriage is cool, so, yeah 2 years ago  
REALLY 3 years ago  
hrmm, how about, NEITHER! 3 years ago  
NO!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
hmm, ones a murderer, the other is a bunch of baby drug addicts, how about.. NO 3 years ago  
that was a trick question. 3 years ago  
I love to show off 3 years ago  
mine craft period. 3 years ago  
WOLVES fOR LIFE, I want to be in DA SUN AND LIVE!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
I GOT A NEED FO SPEED 3 years ago  
it says TAKE UP 3 years ago  
I DON'T HAVE A FAVORITE SONG! HA, TWIST!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
I already am the oldest 3 years ago  
....... no comment .... 3 years ago  
both of those suck. and the pictures are weird too, but I would rather have, NEITHER! 3 years ago  

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