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Oh yeah makes sense, because i hate losing i must be a "coward". Im not gonna say anything else tho, you're probably to young to be on here anyway. Considering you dont even have an account. Do us all a favor buddy, and pce outta here  
Seriously? Next are you going to tell me you're voting for Hilary? and no I don't know "why". Il say whatever I want. Ever hear of the first amendment? No reason to get butthurt over someone saying "xmas"  
Your right bro. Having to push a baby out of your private area, having periods every month, and mood swings because of them, being pregnant, all the pressure society puts on women today. But your right, we don't know. Think. Maybe we don't know first hand but we can make a pretty damn good assumption  
Love football +120
Its whatever +5
LOL +1
I'm a guy so skip +10
it gros back +326
rather try to win the money alone +117
both good +1
lol Friday was so bad +33
already is  
I'm a guy +55
got to these days +10
id like this +2
Already am +1
I hate losing +14
Would like this  
Is pepsi okay? Should explain the votes l0l +1
Greed kills the world +1
Fame might get annoying +629
I do this anyway +916
Leader all the way +1
movie all the way +446
man is easier +94
no to camping +6
Warm +1
wtf is this  
No more gas $ lol +25
Hung? noway  
find someone  
if I'm makin millions sure +327
My dad wouldn't care l0l +268
take the risk +88
idrc +2
lolol id do that +1
Rather have that afterlife +3
have directv already +9
bigger the better ;) +21
id want to know +1
both good +14
work it out +1
rather have the house +292
don't watch tv lol +770
screw popularity +1108
LA baby +200
me myself and i +139
Not trying to get eaten by a shark +2
Don't wear jeans +353
xmas is always great +1349
I want to see the world  
Stubbing your toe hurts so bad +7
Love it +207
Snow day +1
Id rather be warm then cold +999
Mo money mo problems +1
This was the hardest question to answer that ive ever done on rrather +1
Id rather get that $ +2
Id rather relax +1
Don't even like chocolate hahaha +1
Clinton cant even satisfy her husband, and she thinks she gon satisfy the U.S.? smfh she trippin balls rnrn +5
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