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    if you have a chauffeur, you still have to pay for gas  
    i have met quite a few nice old ladies in m life. I would not mind making friends with all of the elderly  
    if I could control my dreams, they would not be very fun because nothing is more creative than the subconscious coming up with stories while you are sleeping. you can just daydream about something that you want to control  
    you are supposed to be yourself! if you turn into somebody else, you will just turn into a drone that cant think for yourself, because you lose any freedom to be yourself  
    i am ashamed of my answer  
    in my dream, I cant soothe myself with the fact that that it is not happening. but if I just see things that are not there, I cant just tell myself that they are not there  
    they already do this. oh and I have a little thing called integrity.  
    i would be scared if all of my dreams came true. nobody should get whatever they want as soon as they want it.  
    standing in line is a good time to just take a break in life and think. getting rid of bad drivers will save thousands of lives  
    a friend zone can change. and you are supposed to be good friends with your significant other anyway. but if your best friend fell in love with you would completely ruin the relationship.  
    both of these would be a burden! if you know everything, you know that everybody is wrong about so many things. and ruling everything would get exhausted with all that there is to rule  
    sadly, there would.  
    why is this a question?  
    for some reason, I think that there would be a lot of drama involving mermaid rights.  
    don't make me choose!!!  
    i think I would eventually think of it as a blessing.  
    i dont like chocolate  
    babies are humans! that baby could grow up to be your best friend if you don't kill it. but dogs are just going to die in a few years anyway. but I understand how most people would rather kill a child with everybody thinking that it is fine to kill babies through abortion anyways.  
    ok, not saying that I hate people, but in the culture that they are in, they would not know what to do with $10,000. they have not seen what you are supposed to do with all of that money and I don't want them spending it on drugs or something. so I would take the billion dollars and then use that money to sponsor like 1000 children from all over the world.  
    neither! these are both terrible fates!  
    it does not say that you will be ugly if you are smart. just that you are smart. you would just keep what you look like now  
    if I go in the future I am just going to be disappointed  
    I think that it would be really good to have all of your choices to be made by other people. you just have to ask a trusted person that you know will tell you the right choice that will be right for you. and you selfishness cant get in the way.  
    people can change. therefor I dont want to kill every person who has made a mistake that they regret.  
    i surf the internet every day. surfing the ocean would be a nice new thing to do.  
    I have been both poor and rich in my life so far, and I can say that money is really not something that makes you happy or fulfills your life in any way. but there is no equal to love. +1
    well that is randome  
    I am already immortal because I am going to heaven. That also means that this world has nothing great compared to where I would be going  
    i am not dating a 4 year old  
    i am already the oldest of 4 siblings, what's one more?  
    what is the rabbit clown thing? +1
    home schooled!  
    wing suit!  
    i am so selfish  
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