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    or sell the working lightsaber and use the money to feed hell of a lot more than 1 african kid  
    "I bet you can't lift up this feather" weakling +3
    Goldiggers +2
    Yeah i'm with you two bombs hit more than one  
    If you really had been in WW1 Mike tyson would be like a gift from good, they used all kind of tortue weapons you can imagine in WW1, Gas etc  
    She plays or at least played world of warcraft  
    Greedy americans  
    Los santos  
    If I choosed B at least we'd already figure out why it got stuck  
    Would be mean to those who has cancer to choose B besides bald is badass  
    Can't sing 4 sh*t  
    Couldn't see the beautiful water contrasts without color  
    Nightmare question  
    I would dress like a girl to get bieber to be my boyfriend so I can assassinate him in his sleep  
    Via a deal with satan, my turkish friend, don't bully him because he happen to have same name like the anti-god  
    Buy exensive cat food and it tastes like chicken  
    I wouldn't be able to ever have sex again even if I choosed A  
    This is hard if your not gay..  
    It's called closing your eyes behind a pillow  
    I am correct  
    With coke you mean cocaine right?  
    Visit france another year instead, what the hell does it matter  
    Dogs are smart and happy when you get home and sad when your gone, cats are braindead and wouldn't defend you for a sh*t if someone tried to kill you  
    You only live once, so don't fcking die, yet!  
    You'd get sick if you knew the dark side of the humans  
    I'm not really "for abortion" either, but if your not ready to take care of a baby, do this rather than abusing it. Now to the important stuff: USE CONDOMS KIDS!  
    Zombies only overrun the military in MOVIES, slow walking braindead humans with teeth and nails. what the hell can they do to a jet plane or a tank?  
    To be honest if you pick option B your being selfish,when you pick A for example you could wish human diseases never excisted or life back to some of the people you love  
    Wish the life back for some people, and wish for a mansion you sell and get rich anyways.  
    9-11 was terrible, but the people didn't die in vein. Americans was teached a lesson about humanity after that happened, we took more care of eachother.  
    You help animals either way  
    Neither of them. lol  
    Dude I know, I am one  
    I would feel very smart :D  
    Eminem understands me  
    It was children of germans ancestors who did this horrible thing, and it was ancestors of poland etc who where the victims. None of the excisting ones fault.  
    Neither of them, i'm just not the gay kind of guy  
    in 1994 stephen hawking built a paris hilton clone and banged her hard.  
    Rename american football to handball or why not Grab Balls you gay b*tches! No, but seriously I think american "football" is more exciting to watch.  
    Shouldn't these damn questions be in the Gay or Girl section ffs  
    Mila Kunis is Meg from Family Guy  
    I like reading I, Just not very into Harry Potter Okay? Stephen king for life  
    Make a wall to block the fire. then. EARTH SPIKE UP YO ASS  
    Sleeping in school playing at home  
    Rather stay like I look, but I don't wanna look like that tho  
    I am SOOO sorry grandma!  
    Ride the lion and use it to get out of the jungle +1
    The ones choosing cracula is afraid of Edward  
    Ronald McRaper +1
    I would team up with the dogs and kill the one that made me choose  
    I misread  
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