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What should I change my Twitter profile pic to? Keep it how it is or This 1 week ago 33 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Seize the means of production or Seize the memes of production 2 weeks ago 35 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat Frozen Mold or Plant soil 1 month ago 53 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Date a furry or Date a Brony 1 month ago 60 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Get beaned or Get gnomed 1 month ago 57 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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Subscribe to mine instead https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCtPADyEI7iQMSRWbqxwi4fw 1 week ago  
I guess this person has never heard of Bee Movie 1 week ago  
I’ll get both 1 week ago  
We’re going through an ant infestation at my house right now so I don’t even want to think about Option A 1 week ago +1
I hate spiders 1 week ago +1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U06jlgpMtQs 2 weeks ago  
I’m going to Kermit suicide 2 weeks ago +5
0, anime turned my best friend into a weeb/edgelord and almost everything he says or does includes a my hero academia or a naruto reference. 3 weeks ago  
This is the most British question I’ve seen on this site 4 weeks ago +1
Yeah but I still hate humanity 4 weeks ago  
It is 4 weeks ago  
Honestly same here I’m 14 and I’m a complete social outcast and I actually like it that way, in public I’ll try to at least kinda act like everyone else but in private I’m really stoic and Im really cynical, I know the reality of things and I know I probably won’t be able to change any of it, so I’m stuck in a society filled with complete idiots hoping some kind of Armageddon will come along and erase it all. 4 weeks ago  
The US is the worst country in the world 4 weeks ago  
It depends what you mean by being politically correct there’s today’s kind of politically correct and then there’s the Soviet version of being politically correct which means your a communist and not any other ideology. 4 weeks ago  
But I like socialism 4 weeks ago  
I was a good Arthur Morgan, but a very bad John Marston 1 month ago  
I hate humanity enough to be fine with living in a world where humanity has obliterated itself 1 month ago  
I already live in a quiet town full of miserable people and it isn’t too bad 1 month ago  
Guarding the Mojave makes me wish for a nuclear winter 1 month ago +1
I’ll pick the option that, based off of current political climate, will likely happen in the near future anyways 1 month ago  
It was dead but it’s been resurrected as Ugandan Chungus 1 month ago +2
Stalin is so much better than Obama 1 month ago  
If you picked B actually kill yourself Mountain Dew is the best beverage ever created 1 month ago  
I’ll fight in the war that didn’t cause 80 million deaths 1 month ago +1
Hmm, mostly harmless people or someone shutdown the government to get 5.7 billion dollars to build a wall to stop immigrants from crossing over the border? 1 month ago  
I type very neatly so not a problem 1 month ago  
If your gonna cut some of it off might as well cut the rest 1 month ago  
Both are great 1 month ago  
Croatia beat England last year 1 month ago  
I’m not even gay and I’ll still go for squidward 1 month ago  
I’m not gay so why would I watch gay fetish movies especially around my grandmother or girlfriend? 1 month ago  
Can there please be an alternative for straight guys? 1 month ago +4
Can there please be an a 1 month ago  
Alex Jones is annoying in a funny way 1 month ago  
Marry neither because I’m a boy 1 month ago  
What’s sex? 1 month ago  
Neither, not gay 1 month ago  
Who’s dart Vader 1 month ago  
No clue what this show is 1 month ago  
As I am someone from the south I would do option b anyways 1 month ago  
Either way your ded 1 month ago  
All of the Teletubbies? 1 month ago  
Picked A because that’s already who I am 1 month ago  
Canada because it doesn’t have massive spiders 1 month ago  
I don’t like baseball 1 month ago  
2019 anyone? 1 month ago  
Both are irrelevant now 1 month ago  
If this question were asked today I’m sure the results would be be very different 1 month ago  
Neither these songs are over 6 years old 1 month ago  
Skip 1 month ago  
Neither because it’s 2019 and there are much better options now 1 month ago  
Who else is seeing this in 2019 when there is only one blockbuster left? 1 month ago  
I don’t think minute to win it even airs anymore 1 month ago  
Сука блять 1 month ago  
Neither I don’t do my homework 1 month ago  
Chances are I’m probably gonna end up being an arms dealer anyways 1 month ago  
Neither, not a girl, not gay 1 month ago  
Not a girl, not gay, skip 1 month ago  
Just thinking of that game makes me frustrated 1 month ago  
I was hesitant to choose a at first (If you’ve played Detroit become human you’ll know why) but it’s better than being in a relationship with a vegetable. 1 month ago  
I’m in school but I picked B because I would then be paid and not have to go to school 1 month ago  
Who’s reading this in 2019 and is reminiscing about the good old days? 1 month ago  
One I’m to mature and old to do the other I don’t like because I’m incredibly anti-social 1 month ago  
My hometown only has 91 people living in it so I’m not gonna be very popular if it’s named after me 1 month ago  
I don’t like to be talked about 1 month ago  
What if your dad is dead? 1 month ago  
Doesn’t say how strong the smell is 1 month ago  
I’m pretty sure that if you were the totalitarian dictator of the world a transition to democracy would be quite messy and difficult 1 month ago  
I’m not going to date a 4 year old 1 month ago  
Don’t do drugs kids 1 month ago  
I hate questions like these 1 month ago  
Console master race 1 month ago  
I gagged when I saw this question 1 month ago  
Doesn’t matter this was 5 years ago 1 month ago  
I want to die 1 month ago  
So many possibilities 1 month ago  
Jokes on you I don’t have a computer 1 month ago  
Gadafi* 1 month ago  
Allahu Akbar 1 month ago  
This is the hardest question I’ve ever had to answer in my life 1 month ago  
So basically your choosing between America and North Korea. 1 month ago  
Both are evil, one is necessary. 1 month ago  
As I am a communist the obvious choice is the nude scene. 1 month ago  
I’m already disabled, smart, able, and stupid. 1 month ago  
I’m already a miserable genius 1 month ago  
ALL SODA IS GOOD!!! 1 month ago  
Either I get 100,000 thousand dollars or I die, either is fine 1 month ago  
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