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Do you prefer Drum solos or Guitar solos 6 years ago 296 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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Parents are Agnostic and I'm Atheist... 6 years ago  
Fcking love Game Grumps :D 6 years ago  
D: I just don't know. It's one of the worlds unsolved mysteries 6 years ago  
Yea :( Depression meds 6 years ago +5
Rose Tyler, I..... 6 years ago +4
Never played Hotel 626. At least I know what to expect with Amnesia 6 years ago  
Esports? :D 6 years ago  
Then I shall become a rich badass villian 6 years ago +1
Haven't seen any of Star Wars so I'm not interested 6 years ago  
In Australia thong means flip flop so if she wants to wear just one she can go ahead 6 years ago +6
Just leave the toilet seat however it was when you where in there. It takes a second to change so who cares? 6 years ago  
Just google it yourself 6 years ago +1
The Amelia Earhart mystery's been solved 6 years ago +4
So basically, would you rather experience giving birth or swallow an axe 6 years ago +6
Potentially Dumbledore could be more powerful but since he refuses to use 'dark' magic Voldemort is 6 years ago +8
No 6 years ago +1
But, you can gamble at 18..? 6 years ago +1
Hide in churches and wait for people to turn up. Muahuahua 6 years ago +11
Could I think of the future/past and go there? 6 years ago  
Haven't seen either 6 years ago +2
Waiting for AC3 and Dishonored :) 6 years ago  
Gale is also from The Hunger Games... 6 years ago  
Free car 6 years ago +2
So... pregnant? 6 years ago +1
Go back and give Edison a swift kick to the crotch 6 years ago +3
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