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    BACON!!!!!! 6 years ago  
    watch tv on ur computer!!! DUUUUHHHH!!! 6 years ago  
    Wigs!!!! 6 years ago  
    I had sex! YESSS! 6 years ago  
    I'll put a tent in the hotel! 6 years ago  
    I'm a girl 6 years ago  
    On a boat!!! 6 years ago  
    I am a great singer! 6 years ago  
    two liters...I can drink them whenever I want! 6 years ago  
    I'll go blind when I die! 6 years ago  
    I'm a girl, so whatever! 6 years ago  
    In the morning because I sometimes sweat in my sleep. 6 years ago  
    I'd look at them and then continue where I was after they were gone. 6 years ago  
    I love gaga! 6 years ago  
    Hey! That's mt grandma! 6 years ago  
    Wilson! 6 years ago  
    Fear the fluffy! Fear it!!! 6 years ago  
    I'll adopt! 6 years ago  
    I'm lazy! 6 years ago  
    I'M A GIRL 6 years ago  
    I watched the movie "Devil" 6 years ago  
    I watched the movie "Devil" 6 years ago  
    I'm pro at pretending to be ninja!!!! 6 years ago  
    "Luke, I am Your Father." 6 years ago  
    I can always move! 6 years ago  
    I'd wish I could wish for money! That's right B*cthes! 6 years ago  
    Hiding is the funnest! 6 years ago  
    I'm finally resting in Peace! MotherF***ers finally listen! WTF! 6 years ago  
    I love MOnkeys!!!! 6 years ago  
    I know how to swim 6 years ago  
    Ultrasound so I can be prepared for a name. 6 years ago  
    Jimi Hendrix is dead...btw. 6 years ago  
    I'll be on Facebook and Twitter the whole time! 6 years ago  
    I'd date Ryan Renolds....before he got married to Blake Lively. 6 years ago  
    I'll find True love with a person that has $10,000,000 6 years ago  
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