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I'm a little weirdo who goes on this site, and only made an account so the "MAKE AN ACCOUNT TO SAVE YOUR ANSWERS HURHURHUR" thing would stop showing up C: I'm also in love with Steven Universe, Undertale, and Gravity Falls

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Would you rather be fat or extremely underweight 3 years ago 132 votes 20 comments 0 likes

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Euthanizing means killing something. God, stop voting on it. 2 years ago  
no 2 years ago  
Time to marry my box of almonds. 2 years ago  
Where's my money? 2 years ago +1
get a lot of money, quit when you're rich then do what you love 2 years ago  
at least i dont get cancer cus im normal 2 years ago  
a kid wrote this. 2 years ago  
And who cares? Oh look, no one. 2 years ago  
i mean, i already live in a desert but not death valley wtf 2 years ago  
donald trump 2 years ago  
well, here in arizona, it's just option b so i'll go for a little change 2 years ago  
my state and nm right in between the two 2 years ago  
ice bear 2 years ago  
just get new ones... 2 years ago  
give me the 50k 2 years ago +1
you must be a blonde because you spelled 'person' wrong. 2 years ago  
this comment makes me wanna change my answer 2 years ago  
just move to a paradise island with your loved ones. 2 years ago  
I'm underweight. 2 years ago  
not to mention giant rocks with nothing on them 2 years ago  
asshole 2 years ago  
dude, the majority of the kids who say "haha i love classical music because today's music sucks im special because im only like 12" have only scratched the surface of today's music. there's more than the annoying pop singers, dubstep, and all that. try actually looking for good music in places other than the radio and popular videos on youtube. 2 years ago  
will try it 2 years ago  
snow would be WAY too cold be me, i'm used to living in 90 degrees in arizona 2 years ago  
that's not everyone bruh. 2 years ago  
I've been trying to gain weight for the past four years. I'm usually never hungry but I still weigh around 80 pounds. 3 years ago  
Exactly :I 3 years ago  
You wouldn't lose a FEW pounds choosing this. You'd lose A LOT more than that. 3 years ago  
How much do you weigh..? 3 years ago +1
sounds like that one character from Matilda 3 years ago  
sick doesn't mean cancer e_e 3 years ago  
not lying oops 3 years ago  
I'm underweight. 3 years ago  
what the f*ck 3 years ago  
IM A TIMELORD 3 years ago  
where i live, i dont get snow. ive never seen snow :C 3 years ago  
id really rather get salmonella than eat f**cking maggots 3 years ago  
Today's music isn't only Skrillex and stuff, there's tons of music released today that's great. 3 years ago  
חרוזייייים 3 years ago  
success kid is still just a kid, bad luck brian is still much older than him. 3 years ago  
I imagine dragons eating the unicorns, not fighting them.... 3 years ago  
less to learn in history class 3 years ago  
i dont like most meats-- 3 years ago +1
If they don't believe me, it's their fault they're gonna die, and they'll die with me laughing at them. 3 years ago  
The answer was love. 3 years ago  
i'd suffer more if i was in the cold, but i think thats because i live in az 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
50 3 years ago  
If no one showed up to your funeral, that means no one cares that you died, and they're probably happy that you're dead. 3 years ago  
I already don't have a cell phone, all I need is the internet c; 3 years ago  
Water feels good on my skin, but I agree with you 3 years ago  
i loved courage and i still kinda do 3 years ago  
root beer ._. 3 years ago  
im short and underweight C: 3 years ago  

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Best questions 2 questions 0 votes 3 years ago