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    No they are not, dumbledore doesn't have a staff, he has smoke, you retard  
    The one in the right in option B is actually THOR  
    I get money for going to school, cause I'm Batman!  
    Spain won the last one  
    I'm Batman, Batmobile ACTIVATE!  
    She, you retard  
    Uhh... you have to buy all the equipment  
    I will show of my 6 pack  
    None, Batphone  
    I wouldn't die, I'm Batman  
    Read the author's note. I did, because I'm Batman!  
    Only a second  
    or shadow?  
    You got that right  
    Why? He has sex with Peach every game  
    I gave up my life savings for Philipines so shut up  
    I'm Batman!  
    Less HP fans that I expected  
    Chuck Norris died, but he is ok now  
    I've seen an experiment where they analyzed the rocks they brought back, they were real  
    Not true, that's me  
    I'll track him down with my batphone  
    I'm Batman, I eat Batcookies!  
    I'm Batman!  
    I'm Batman so... Batcave!  
    Mario to the end  
    So... patrick  
    I think he is the werewolf from Twilight (He went out with Taylor Swift, nickname: Taylor  
    WTH!! I'm Batman!!!  
    cut it  
    Same, cause I'm batman!  
    NO!!! I'm Batman!!!  
    Sorry, no twilight  
    Sell and get Batmovil  
    My favorite celebrity is the president  
    I've dropped my samsung 5 times in 1 day. Still new, because I'm Batman!  
    Got 75% of girls checking me out and I'm the second option  
    I don't like JB but my sister is a fan and it's not that bad. They won't start singing or anything  
    Got that right. I'm Batman  
    I'm Batman!  
    Just like Emma Watson  
    Titanic, mmhhh...  
    America... wouldn't have even independed from the british if it wasn't for Spain, France and Germany  
    My dream is to love the person of my dreams because I'm Batman!  
    I heard once that 75% of the girls in my grade are checking me out. It was cool indeed. And now I'm Batman!  
    I'm batman so...  
    look at the author's note. I did, because I'm batman  
    I'm with you dude, and by the way when you're a kid you think babies come from space so.. I'm Batman!  
    Harry Potter forever! 'cause I'm Batman!  
    I'm a guy so..., I'm Batman!  
    If you don't stop war more world hunger will be made, because I'm batman!  
    because I'm batman!  
    I'm batman!  
    Agreed, because I'm batman!  
    I'll start batman & co., because I'm batman!  
    I'm batman, so I had no parents  
    That's me soo... I'm batman!  
    I'm batman sooo  
    I'm at  
    I'll see all my movies, because I'm batman!  
    In the beach, being barman!  
    no school and I'm batman  
    Don't care, because I'm batman  
    Get great chef, sell his food in restaurant, become millionaire, buy your favorite car, eat food, buy a chauffeur, eat more food, end (this deserves front page), because I'm batman  
    buy another one, because I'm batman  
    I don't ever have to wait in line because I'm batman  
    rebecca black has a bad song, doesn't mean she's bad  
    play minecraft outside  
    It doesn't say you have to die  
    hahaha, the same  
    johny depp  
    really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really small tattoo  
    What does the fox say?  
    Nice thinking +1
    Watch tom and jerry  
    read a book  
    wish for great paying job  
    no compentition  
    Other people R stupid  
    I would only take 1cent and then give it back. I just didn't want to be a beggar  
    Has anyone seen a westy  
    If I knew that I wasn't gonna die, yeah! Harry Potter Forever!  
    you're right  
    Then you're gay or lesbian  
    Celebrity is my crush  
    The girl in picture A is about to crash  
    The one that has chosen A are sick minded!  
    Who would choose Twilight? +2
    much cooler  
    It's so cool!  
    got confused  
    you took the words right out of my mouth  
    If they don't show up for wedding, maybe it's because of the other person and not you  
    depends what monkey  
    Or be inmortally poor  
    apocalypse=end of the world  
    What the HELL!!!!  
    air bullet  
    I live in the place of my dream vacation  
    Just ask the other person to write what they wanted to say and watch a movie with subtitles  
    I'm not that fat  
    WHAT! Humanity is going down  
    I thought it said half weight  
    You start with nothing else, but with time you can get everything  
    maybe she will tell me she loves me back  
    teleport faster than speed  
    i'm a guy  
    not gay  
    Watch in youtube: expectations vs reality (nigahiga) +1
    don't know how  
    Funny the pic  
    never age at 20  
    to lazy  
    Ask my crush out and if i get rejected change  
    That's me in the picture  
    easier +1
    I would like to be like Caine (Gone, Michael Grant)  
    Use less money  
    It only took me two seconds to decide ._____.  
    Percy jackson or Harry potter  
    I'm good with this +1
    I's a cycle, no beginning  
    Electric guitar  
    If that's my daughter of course! (she's older than me)  
    Stay in my house :)  
    I'm scared of dinosaurs, not aliens, Duh!  
    New computer  
    well, a little. But my brothers are more  
    girls mature faster  
    The ones that are alive may not be relatives  
    Loks cooler  
    It's hotter (bikinis)  
    Haven't watched any, PLL more sexy :)  
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