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    wat if ur veggie im not but still  
    heard of sign language writing notes  
    the guys beard will piss me off  
    i guess man because it is similar to martian  
    what is the difference im an alien help please  
    i live for moves like jagger  
    we might even end up being Batman  
    no problems means no ruler infinite money infinite houses world peace  
    who wants to go to a terrorists hideout and ur christian  
    they both suck  
    feel sorry for people realted to HenryVIII  
    alone at a wedding finally sex in peace  
    i wouldnt do this but wat if ur in love but ur 100 and u have no life change to an ugly 1 year old adopted by them  
    have u heard of 4g  
    I would have a haribo  
    no wifi in the carribbean no phone no pc no xbox i would die of boredom  
    be the main religion  
    who ever theory is right will  
    egyptians had better technology than yahoo  
    hello xbox ps  
    windows op  
    blackberry's are sad they have like one app on black berry world  
    using google chrome have gmail on google drive  
    dang i pressed the apple +1
    galaxy baby i wouldnt want ihpone 5 or 6 +1
    who the f is gaddafi  
    going to kiss ur girlfriend oh wait it was an ugly man  
    my toungue is fine after btten  
    i dont want my body burnt  
    wtf is a grolar bear plus what ever it is it is hurt  
    Girls r kool hotel room u didnt pay for they call it heaven  
    without getting tired :P  
    No sleep means more tv time yay!  
    what if some demented guy is thinking of penis in a blender ewww  
    like this comment if watching in 21 BC!  
    giant snowman plus no school digging ur way through or #making my way downtown#  
    being warm and listening to music AND playing with all the buttons  
    Nissan every day of the freaking year  
    cricket is the just as bad as golf and thats saying something  
    golf should be a school subject cos like school it is boring  
    Reds are my favourite colour lol  
    rugby is boring american football worse  
    what about a shark attack falling off  
    snow is kool  
    my dumb keyboard again cos imagine someone filming u eating sh*t chocy pudding always  
    MAYONAISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i  
    mayonaise smelling butt or bloody but  
    i clicked the wrong one stupid sensitive keyboard  
    neither they both suck lol plus im a boy  
    video games plus hearing a person sing every day will drive me nuts but russia sounds kool  
    living forever would suck especially alone in ur 1 bedroom apartment if there is war and ur country gets bobmed ur the only one alive with one arm being a slave  
    im nnot gay but my sister choose lucas  
    i would have mcdonalds love is in the food  
    sex doesnt matter just kiss the dang person  
    10000000 but no life and ugly or maybe u have a life and the sexiest girl u can find hmmmmmm like for true love  
    money but no life yay or chance to have a life plus a kool gurl hard decision  
    i chose light saber but it makes me feel bad  
    guys double intelligence or quadruple knowledge intelligence right like if you agree  
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