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    It's easy, the 2nd, because: 1 when you're dead... you're dead, so you don't care if you get eaten 2 eating other people is disgusting, yes, i know, but it's like eating animals, am i wrong? :) Anyway, if you choosed the 1st, think about the Health, you can't eat only vegetables and soy...  
    People don't understand what being immortal means, then i'll explain you: see everything, probabily being the smartest person in the world, can do everything, etc. It doesn't mean you are sad, because if you can live so much, then you can think a lot too, the sadness is just a result of stupidity and narrowness.  
    obvious, console for retards.  
    who voted Rich is an idiot.  
    Fame is a torture.  
    if she's your wife she can't be lesbian. xD  
    i live in Italy and i'll stay in Italy, i don't like traveling.  
    it would be awesome.  
    and if i'm a man? xD  
    sharks are creepy, lions are cute! :3 And i'd prefer to die and take panic on ground than in water.  
    I'd love to live an experience like that, even if i lose memory of it, i mean, terrorists are humans, i see them every days; aliens are aliens! I can meet another life form never discovered before!  
    i don't want children, so.  
    i hate farts, why people think they are funny? it's just gas expelled by an ass...  
    i hate groups  
    i'm atheist, so. xD  
    This means i'll be more intelligent when younger and can have another chance for don't mistake.  
    Are you stupid or what?  
    Gifts only for the surprise, i love opening presents. xD  
    Friends can be replaced, computer cannot.  
    friends can be replaced, computers cannot.  
    In a coma you can dream, and in a dream you can do everything, if you are paralyzed you can't move but you compulsory must see and listen, it's a torture.  
    Who clicked on 2nd is already able and stupid, so don't worry.  
    Friends? What's a friend? xD  
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