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    Crap! I meant to click Lust! >. 2 years ago +4
    I AM Bi! XD So, I'm 50% Straight and 50% Gay! 2 years ago  
    So you would Bail on your FRIEND? Because that is what you picked. 2 years ago +1
    You got your opinion, and I got mine. 2 years ago  
    And you are mean. 72% pick COD. 2 years ago  
    I love my Mom. 2 years ago  
    I don't even know you... 2 years ago  
    Me too! 2 years ago  
    Who? 2 years ago  
    Dirty* 2 years ago +2
    Anime!!! I love Anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    Bros before Hoes! (I am a Girl and I say that XD) 2 years ago +1
    I don't want incest or to fudged my dog. 2 years ago  
    I don't want to love my Crush!!! He's mean and a bully!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    Yes, I do. 2 years ago  
    I can learn to Love. 2 years ago  
    I can't swim... So..., yeah I can't save either! 2 years ago  
    What the heck, Guest Illinois United States? 2 years ago  
    Wow, the Questioner hates the Vampire... 2 years ago  
    You innocent soul... 2 years ago  
    Just don't date. 2 years ago  
    My crush know that I like him. So..., Easy. 2 years ago  
    I'm BI! So I'm both! 50% Straight and 50% Lesbian! 2 years ago  
    I can sneeze on the People I hate! 2 years ago  
    The one that is my other is cheating with didn't do anything! 2 years ago  
    That is happening to me now... I know he hates me! 2 years ago  
    I don't know either of those. 2 years ago  
    I can yell all I want and blast my music with my friends! 2 years ago  
    I am a Shipper and I am Bi. Most of my ships are GAY. 2 years ago +1
    WHY?! THEY ARE DATING EACH OTHER! 2 years ago  
    I can talk to Zayn while Harry will always be crowded. I hate them both. 2 years ago  
    I'm NOT cheating. 2 years ago  
    Everyone should know I have a Crush on him! I mean it obvious and even he knows it! 2 years ago  
    And they go to jail!! 2 years ago  
    I am Bi! So... yeah! I'm fine with that! 2 years ago  
    I would most likely the one be pregnant! XD 2 years ago  
    We can teach each other our Languages! We can tease each other in our language!! 2 years ago  
    I do this, because I know I'll get rejected. 2 years ago  
    That is called a Crush. 2 years ago  
    I only know one of them... 2 years ago  
    I can just kill her/him. 2 years ago  
    Who said I loved? No one. 2 years ago  
    I can just Kill them both. Mess with me, You better run. >:) 2 years ago  
    ...Sure...., Why not...? 2 years ago  
    I'm going to die in Love! Plus, I'll just haunt him/her! 2 years ago  
    My mom is beautiful... 2 years ago  
    All the Love I need is from My friends! ^-^ 2 years ago  
    I can live without Chocolate! Plus, why would you pick Hitler? You can marry someone and take Their last name!! 2 years ago  

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