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It's insulin, boss. I'm diabetic. 4 years ago  
No, science always demands to find answers to all questions. But, yes, I am atheist. 4 years ago  
One of the few Pokemon that doesn't say its name 4 years ago  
Maiq is my boi 4 years ago  
Bayonetta powers or insta-kill mind powers? Gimme the mind powers 4 years ago  
#prolife 4 years ago +2
Cuss words vary by culture. 4 years ago  
My HM b!tch, derpdoof! 4 years ago There are different sub-species of Khajiit. But, I will relent on what you said about the Bosmer. Still, they're kinda kooky. 4 years ago  
No 4 years ago  
Black Marsh is the sewer of Tamriel, you n'wahs. It's a terrible place for non-Argonians. But you can get high off Hist Sap. In Morrowind, there's some recognizable civilization. Plus, you can dance on the Tribunal's graves. 4 years ago  
Sup, Tom 4 years ago 4 years ago  
Hahahaha! Seriously?? Sorry, but Divergent is absolutely horrible. That's Twilight level movie making right there. 4 years ago +1
Just always bet that more people would agree with your argument, but it's all so trivial so... 4 years ago  
Both kinda suck, but the Khajiit are fun to talk to, even if their other cat races are way uncivilized and might try to kill me. The Wood Elves are all cannibals and serve only meat and would kill me if I ate anything else. Plus, they might try to get me drunk on that milk and steal my stuff. 4 years ago +1
Are you Sirius? 4 years ago +3
I hate Elves and their superiority. Human supremacy ftw. 4 years ago  
Ballsy choice for the anime. Your movie should've been Requiem for a Dream to really hammer home the insanity. 4 years ago +1
School Rumble would be laidback and fun. 4 years ago +1
More fun 4 years ago  
Co-directed 4 years ago  
Prime numbers for life 4 years ago  
It's a totally different song! 4 years ago  
That's kinda how humanity's history is, in a nutshell 4 years ago +2
Better try not to cry too much, then 4 years ago  
You give your existence a purpose. If you need inspiration from others to find your calling, so be it, but never forget that you define yourself; others don't define you. 4 years ago +2
Herp derp 4 years ago +1
K/D boost 4 years ago  
Lmao! This explains your earlier question. 4 years ago  
Shhhh.... 4 years ago  
We'll all find out eventually 4 years ago  
That's not how you say it, it's FREEDOM!!! *bald eagle flies overhead* 4 years ago  
Won't feel a thing sleeping. 4 years ago  
Lol this was clever 4 years ago  
Just alter the tempo ever so slightly, maybe drop everything half a note, maybe add a couple notes at the end, and BAM now you have a different song from the original. 4 years ago  
Just physical items, huh? So, electronic money and cloud data don't disappear? 4 years ago  
Yummy 4 years ago  
Duct Tape and WD-40 solve everything. 4 years ago  
Which one is less deadly? Whatever. Snake makes a cooler story 4 years ago  
Break me off a piece 4 years ago +1
I get to keep my family and I only have to hunt down 1 man. 4 years ago  
I'm not qualified to answer that, but I'm gonna guess once a day, maybe? 4 years ago  
Ditto 4 years ago  
Yeah, Abel :) thanks for reminding me 4 years ago  
Yeah! I'd keep that dude company. Or the honorable Deity Class guy that only ever befriended one guard that managed to stop him from rampaging. He'd probably kill me, though. Haven't been to that site in a while. 4 years ago  
Have some fascinating conversations and learn a lot from dead folk. 4 years ago  
What kinda fairy are we talking about? Like the Fair Folk? 4 years ago  
Who wants to be a muggle? 4 years ago +1
I'd get drunk first, eat it, then drink even more. Hopefully, the alcohol will kill the bacteria and this horrible memory 4 years ago +1
2'10" > 8'10" plus, I'd live longer, since my heart doesn't have to work as hard and I have reduced chance of cancer just from having literally less biomass. 4 years ago  
Damn. I wanna change my answer now. I don't wanna learn about Scientology. 4 years ago  
No Yuno for me 4 years ago  
Perfect Blue! Satoshi Kon was an amazing man. 4 years ago  
At least you get a nice view 4 years ago  
You really don't need to waste your time getting a degree in "Creative Writing..." Biology is infinitely more useful, and you can learn to write by practicing and reading books and various media until you find your own style. Also, what kinda gymnast are we talking about? Someone who stretches more and is more lithe or someone who does more lifting and is more toned? 4 years ago  
Pee is sterile 4 years ago +1
Masturbation helps prevent prostate cancer, but everything in moderation. 4 years ago +1
I'll rent it from Blockbuster 4 years ago +1
The US is just way too big of a country, and some of the states do absolutely sh!t jobs of making and enforcing sensible laws. We don't have long-term treatment for the mentally ill. We let drug cartels make their business here. 4 years ago  
Yeah, they defend themselves mostly and cover each others' backs. Even when they do something completely unethical, they just get paid suspension. Ridiculous. 4 years ago  
Robin Williams 4 years ago  
Woo! More like this! 4 years ago +3
Human sexuality and emotional empathy is a wide spectrum. 4 years ago +2
Which SCP was the dude that randomly teleports dimensions? Can't I just hang out with him? 4 years ago  
God bless America 4 years ago  
Chaotic neutral to Neutral Evil, depending on the situation. 4 years ago  
Doom 4 years ago +1
Idc 4 years ago  
8-legged freaks 4 years ago  
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, dude! Gene Wilder is awesome! 4 years ago  
Not worthwhile, unless you mean preserving the mind via a digital copy. Even if we could repair the telomeres and prevent aging, cancer will always exist for humans. 4 years ago  
Preferably, French girls 4 years ago  
I prefer child workers 4 years ago  
Superman would never kill Goku, so he'd just keep getting stronger until Goku could treat Superman like a training dummy 4 years ago  
5 years for murder?? That's amazing! Hell yes! 4 years ago  
I stick with fortune cookies 4 years ago +1
Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. 4 years ago +1
SSJ4 Gogeta's Big Bang Kamehameha has him say, "Let's see you survive this one!" 4 years ago +1
I can still hear the voices after all these years 4 years ago  
I spit on the camels 4 years ago +1
I think just challenging him to a D-bag contest would make you the bigger d-bag 4 years ago +1
B is probably easier and leaves you more sane 4 years ago  
Don't see how there won't be any excitement. At the very, very least, the sun will blow in 5 billion years. Should spice things up. 4 years ago  
Commenting on this question *_* 4 years ago  
Let there be life! 4 years ago +2
Isn't A incest? 4 years ago  
Let the hate flow through you! 4 years ago  
Opposite here 4 years ago  
Ah hee hee! 4 years ago +1
:( I can't vote? 4 years ago  
I can't see any American criminal organizations on the street that have the level of firepower that would require a military response. 4 years ago +1
So, then I'd just fall to the center of the Earth and die? And if everything I touched burned, how would I even survive? Wait, does that mean that when I breathe, liquid CO2 and O2 would fill my lungs and freeze me from inside out?? 4 years ago  
Especially if they have light eyes. So gorgeous... But Asians are really cute. 4 years ago  
NK doesn't do anything, and can't do anything. WASWAS can hurt other people. 4 years ago  
Let's go to Europa and live under the sea 4 years ago +1
I'm not reading all that, but I will be a fruit. 4 years ago +2
No needy feelings over here 4 years ago  
Figuratively 4 years ago +1
Does getting KO'd count as fighting? 4 years ago  
Holy Christ! Who would want HIV? Is Magic Johnson on here? 4 years ago  
Can I come back after I get to know some politicians and world and corporate leaders? 4 years ago  
Whatcha gonna do with that big, ugly fist, loser? 4 years ago  
Well, I wouldn't rather be an atheist. I'd rather know there is some special thing that happens to my consciousness after death, but I'm not convinced of it yet. Believing something is true isn't really a matter of choice... 4 years ago  
Probably has more power 4 years ago  
This would be funny to watch 4 years ago  
Bunnies can't even think or be useful, anyway. 4 years ago  
Get bored 4 years ago  
I don't know which species is worse. You don't see them trying to screw each other over for a goddamned percentage! 4 years ago  
Game over, man! Game over! 4 years ago  
We're on the express elevator to hell! 4 years ago  
He has muscular dystrophy, so he can move much at all. 4 years ago  
Uh, is Leafeon a meme? I thought not. 4 years ago  
Does Krillin ever hit anything with B? Yeah... 4 years ago +2
Yeah, I guess. Seems a little bit like slow, methodical self-mutilation. It's bizarre. 4 years ago  
Citizen Kane(movie). Shadow Rising(book). Monster(anime). Mass Effect(video game). The White Album(The Beatles). 4 years ago  
Especially if that person is very uninteresting 4 years ago +1
I prefer the single life, so... 4 years ago  
Ah, darn. I shoulda chosen B since it would've done A, too 4 years ago  
Accursedfarms. After he left Machinima, he lost a lot of his audience that watched Freeman's Mind even thougb it's a great series and he still makes quality content. 4 years ago  
Can we have this, please? 4 years ago  
Let's call it a Despotism 4 years ago  
Don't we already? 4 years ago  
Man.. we're so screwed.... 4 years ago +1
Gobble gobble gobble? 4 years ago +2
Is this a serious question? 4 years ago +1
Who cares about the animals?? 4 years ago  
God bless America 4 years ago  
He's a great dude with an awesome voice. 4 years ago  
I'd be playing the triangle with the band. 4 years ago  
Tru dat 4 years ago  
You know most "tastes" are actually smells? Your tongue only tastes salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami. 4 years ago +1
Should be impossible to survive, but worth it nonetheless 4 years ago  
Infidels! 4 years ago  
I'm on a horse. 4 years ago  
Kaka-carrot cake! 4 years ago  
More applicable to life 4 years ago  
What is love? Baby, don't hurt me 4 years ago  
Time to sleep! Or take a buncha drugs! Or both! 4 years ago +1
Min is best waifu, though. 4 years ago +1
Eww 4 years ago  
OJ Simpson, though I can't imagine why. 4 years ago +2
It depends. Sometimes the VA is really great in English. 4 years ago +1
A couple of Krabby patties will end those games permanently 4 years ago +2
Ma boi Kaka-Kristen Stewart! 4 years ago  
This is sad.... God bless America 4 years ago  
God bless America 4 years ago +1
LOL EA is fücking evil!!! 4 years ago +1
Zettai ryouiki 4 years ago  
I don't understanding the questions 4 years ago +2
Why do people get those ridiculous disc things and then create a huge gaping hole in their ear? Isn't that just stupid? I don't get it... 4 years ago  
She can kick ass. 4 years ago  
Time to move again *sigh* 4 years ago  
:3 4 years ago  
No. No, it wasn't. I'm sorry 4 years ago  
I second that! 4 years ago  
God bless America 4 years ago +3
He can talk! 4 years ago  
Rick Gastly can't lose 4 years ago +1
Zubat used Supersonic! 4 years ago  
Why can't we move? How could I live being confined to, what, a hospital bed? 4 years ago  
God bless America 4 years ago  
Dares are fun 4 years ago  
An eccentric inventor or an idea stealing sociopath? I know who I'm voting for. 4 years ago +1
Chamone! Ah hee hee! 4 years ago +1
Life as a Stormtrooper ain't bad 4 years ago  
Surprised you didn't mention the sexism. It wouldn't be too bad, even with the physical pain and menopause, without the rampant sexism. 4 years ago  
At first, I was kinda confused but then I saw the examples and thought, "I know what those are!" and I figured it out :) 4 years ago +2
It's the south, of course you can drink and drive and bang your sister/wife and be a total racist and be congratulated for it 4 years ago +1
Sorry gays 4 years ago  
No 4 years ago  
ümlaüt 4 years ago  
Oink oink 4 years ago  
Women more so than men. Some men can be real cute, though. 4 years ago  
JOHN CENA!!! *horns blaring* 4 years ago +4
Go futa! 4 years ago  
This ain't a restaurant 4 years ago +2
Jesse, James 4 years ago +1
She saved China, people! 4 years ago  
She fine 4 years ago  
Never get pregnant 4 years ago +2
It's not about the money. It's about sending a message 4 years ago +1
Generally more OP 4 years ago  
If by kinda you mean brutally 4 years ago  
Uh, magic? *drops mic* 4 years ago  
I would watch a fight between chibi Deadpool and chibi Spiderman 4 years ago  
MISTER PICCOLO!!!! 4 years ago  
Never tell me the odds 4 years ago  
As long as people get to watch me struggle in vain 4 years ago  
Whenever you talk to a Canadian about hockey, always ask, "Do you mean Ice Hockey?" 4 years ago  
I like to take things nice and slow 4 years ago  
:3 4 years ago +1
My man Kaka-carrot cake always wins 4 years ago +1
Better despite the deus ex machina 4 years ago  
Honest heretics 4 years ago +2
What the English are you saying? 4 years ago  
He is divine 4 years ago  
I'd rather have a risque power than a risky one 4 years ago +1
As long as it's freshwater, I can end every drought ever. 4 years ago +1
Minestrone 4 years ago  
You had me at "very" 4 years ago  
I wanna hear a classical piece about all that 4 years ago +7
It really isn't, but I'm pretty lazy 4 years ago  
Both wouldn't have much impact on the solar system, but this would make people butthurt 4 years ago  
They had their chance when they were young 4 years ago  
I get to trigger the second coming 4 years ago +1
Then you can write it out as 1 x 10^x! 4 years ago  
Could probably derive some vaccines from my blood after enough research. Also, naked mole rats never get cancer. 4 years ago  
The zombie dude doesn't get badass until he goes crazy. Levi is always badass. 4 years ago +2
You had me at CTF 4 years ago  
7/11 was a part-time job 4 years ago +3
It just says you never die. Doesn't say you don't get Alzheimer's or can go comatose, suffer other extensive brain damage or something. 4 years ago  
They called me Mr. Glass 4 years ago  
Bow chicka bow wow 4 years ago  
The Sangheli will side with us and we'll expose their lies! 4 years ago  
I got them my first year of highschool 4 years ago +1
We'll take some of em out 4 years ago +1
I wanna see just how far the rabbit hole goes 4 years ago +3
Preach it, girlfriend! 4 years ago  
I'm writing your biography. Tell me an event that you think sums up your life right now. 4 years ago  
Who's ready to start a flame war? 4 years ago  
Not if I have a hockey mask on! 4 years ago  
I can be a really, REALLY terrible defense. 4 years ago +1
So, this Velma r34 over here... 4 years ago  
I can roll when I land. Imma cat. 4 years ago +1
This wastes taxpayers' money. 4 years ago  
Hahahaha! My morning routine just got better! 4 years ago  
This is America. Our public education is almost as good as our healthcare. It's sh!t. 4 years ago +3
I played up to Silver, and then they started all this crazy bullsh!t 4 years ago  
Then I'd get the shakes, and Denzel Washington would come to my house and kill me while spouting out Bible verses. 4 years ago  
If I can access imaginative lands, I could pull ANYTHING out of that doorway, man 4 years ago  
I'd find them online and tell them my life story so they know who that corpse belongs to. 4 years ago +2
Bring your own 4 years ago  
Pfft, my survival is guaranteed if I'm the one doing the shooting :) and I leave before police arrive, that too 4 years ago  
I rock multiple choice 4 years ago  
And then they don't comment 4 years ago  
That was sh*tty to say of me, but every group has a sense of identity that they claim are expressed only by certain traits or characteristics. I shoulda just said that first instead of being an asshole. 4 years ago  
Snatch that burger and run. He's fat, so he'll chase you, but he won't get very far. 4 years ago  
Jokes on you, nobody loves me! 4 years ago  
This is way easier as a job. 4 years ago +1
Unlike my mom, he can take a punch. 4 years ago  
Fanservice, heavy metal, zombies and hyperviolence? This was made for teen boys. 4 years ago  
Just from memory, this one was more ruthless and not too abstract so you didn't know how messed up the show might be. 4 years ago +1
That sounds badass. 4 years ago  
I'd choose option A, but unless you include Jews and Gypsies and other traditionally ostracized races, it sounds kinda racist, especially since you only mentioned the n!ggers. 4 years ago  
So, either I'm pretty much guaranteed to lose my most precious item, or someone goes William Tell on me? No prob 4 years ago  
No contest 4 years ago  
Then, I would binge and mark the times I ate and add those names to a journal and remind myself how many have to die just so that may live. 4 years ago  
Yes 4 years ago  
I hated all my English classes. I learned more from reading and writing on my own than any of that worthless dribble. 4 years ago  
Like Milhouse said, "Nerds are smart." 4 years ago  
What time is cooler than being cool? 4 years ago  
I gotta admit, though, watching the SSJ3 transformation for Goku in the Buu Saga is fun to rewatch, especially with that music. 4 years ago  
You'll have to trust me. 4 years ago  
Oh. It's just a rather dark thought, so I'd presumed too much, it seems. Solipsism is believing that only you exist and everything else is a figment of your imagination; nihilism basically means you believe everything is absolutely meaningless. 4 years ago  
Rewatching this stuff nowadays makes me strongly realize how bad it is... But TFS made a good point and imma watch the movie in theatres anyway to promote anime releases in the US. 4 years ago  
Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. 4 years ago  
Lol, his movie recommendations? Yeah 4 years ago  
Are you Solipsistic or just really nihilistic? 4 years ago  
No one loves Avatar. James Cameron is wasting his time and talent and becoming George Lucas. 4 years ago  
Duh 4 years ago  
Who died and made you Truth? 4 years ago  
TK OP 4 years ago  
Jesus Christ, this is horrific. Tell me more 4 years ago  
I can do phone calls in the bath. 4 years ago  
:( 4 years ago +1
1 fight is easier 4 years ago +1
Telekinesis OP. Infinite free energy via turning turbines wherever, can make force fields, and if you can have the accuracy, you can destroy bacteria and viruses or repair the telomeres in your cells and prevent aging. Telekinesis OP. 4 years ago +1
Crashing the economy pretty quick with that other one. I can take over the world and never die with the first one. 4 years ago  
Isn't everyone in Touhou OP? 4 years ago  
Vikings were the best pirates. Happy Leif Ericson Day! 4 years ago +1
Chivalry was ridiculous. 4 years ago  
I think a lion might weigh more? But I'm going with the guy who can climb trees. 4 years ago  
I am honest, and I just skip over questions that I'd rather not answer--like a coward! 4 years ago  
The degree of empathy I could have people gain from the former might be more worthwhile, but I feel like I'd eventually go evil and wind up like a Captain Ginyu. This way, I can heal myself via transforming, I'm assuming. And I'm assuming it doesn't alter my fundamental personality traits or memories... Hmm... 4 years ago +1
Civilization? Yeah, definitely us. Life? Entropy and a long, long, ridiculously long time. 4 years ago  
I agree, fellow freedom supporter. 4 years ago  
I thought you might post that guy from Spongebob instead, "CHOCOLATE?? CHOCOLATE!! CHOCOLATE!!" 4 years ago +2
As a man, I can verify this. 4 years ago  
Do I get to keep my memories and personality? 4 years ago  
Show me the money. 4 years ago +1
It would be bright all the time if you could see all of the EM spectra. We have so many radio waves due to tech here on Earth, nevermind all the stretched out light from distant stars, that you'd wish you were blind. 4 years ago +2
More often than not. Btw, FemShep is AMAZING! :D 4 years ago +1
Try it sometime, you daredevil, and experience the thrill of being an outlaw. 4 years ago  
It's his now. 4 years ago  
At first, then it kinda goes meh when both of you just wanna go to sleep after work or have sh!t to do. 4 years ago  
Easier to manipulate and control. 4 years ago  
Less obnoxious. 4 years ago  
College kids actually care about their grades because they choose to be there. HS kids don't care. 4 years ago  
I voted for No Game No Life. I don't even remember the question, just the fanservice. 4 years ago  
Game of Thrones 4 years ago  
Ever heard of a bidet? I could take a shower, roo 4 years ago +1
Pyrrhic victory! 4 years ago  
Smoking pot makes you a criminal. Stealing a candybar makes you a criminal. Downloading an episode of GoT makes you a criminal. 4 years ago  
Privatized prisons make too much money either way 4 years ago  
With an aquatic monster 4 years ago +1
Make me famous! 4 years ago  
Paris sucks. Everyone there is a total ass. 4 years ago  
Bowling is boring as hell 4 years ago  
Latinas, man 4 years ago  
That Bat credit card, tho 4 years ago  
If Yellowstone goes, we all go 4 years ago  
If Carolina was pronounced properly, then I'd vote for that 4 years ago  
She's got more personality. Team Ninja can't make characters or a story... 4 years ago  
Wouldn't you die in that cave because of something in the air? I remember that thing was sealed off for some reason... 4 years ago  
Dayquil is my antidrug 4 years ago  
But tell us how you really feel... 4 years ago  
I've been using my left hand for everything but writing for the past 4 or 5 years 4 years ago  
He's the first member of the DK crew! Huh! 4 years ago +1
I'll join Prof. Oak and bang Ash's mom. Or, just give Pokemon to all the kids of any MILFs in town and tell them to go and be a Pokemon master! 4 years ago +1
Amen to that 4 years ago  
I prefer having nothing over a pittance. 4 years ago  
Love OP 4 years ago  
Is "brhibwg" a word? Then, I'm set 4 years ago  
Would inevitably be better 4 years ago +3
"Technically, when they're beyond our atmosphere they're called mete-" and then I get hit by a meteor and die due to semantics. 4 years ago +1
We can watch How To Train Your Dragon together! 4 years ago  
This is the most horrific question I've ever seen. This is Morton's Fork if I ever saw one. You should be ashamed of making anyone choose between the two. 4 years ago  
Get me some of that Blue Sky 4 years ago  
Somewhere over the rainbow 4 years ago +3
YEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!! 4 years ago  
I try to find a radio so that I can hear when enemies are nearby. Unfortunately, the fog is so thick, I have to move slowly and find mostly locked houses and shops. I waste too much time and, before I even realize it, it seems to be night. Frustrated by my circumstances, I rush into a seemingly rundown butcher's shop and arm myself with a meat cleaver. A gurgling roar in the distance makes me not think twice about entering a freezer and locking the heavy metal door behind me. As I peek around the cold slabs of hanging meat, I notice that one is moving. Upon closer inspection, I realize that it's a human body. I reel back in horror and press my back against the wall. Something starts pounding on the metal door. I rush to the end of the freezer and turn off my flashlight. The door crashes open, and I see the silhouette of a man with a pyramid head holding an enormous sword... I take the meat cleaver and several my own jugular and hope that I bleed out before he reaches me. 4 years ago  
Freaking deconstructed disaster movies and made them practically obsolete while also trailblazing the path for new comedies 4 years ago +1
The sky didn't have to be blue, but water (as water vapor is its gaseous state, and ice is its solid state) kinda has to be wet. 4 years ago  
Kinda, as long as it doesn't look like absolute sh!t, you're good. 4 years ago +1
Seriously, what's weed? 4 years ago  
What's "weed?" 4 years ago  
Live with Roosterteeth. 4 years ago  
Less Southern 4 years ago  
Doug Walker is the nicest man, too 4 years ago  
Does he have a coconut gun that can fire in spurts? 4 years ago  
I'll stop trolling you :/ Honestly, the only real great anime I can remember recently are Stein's;Gate and Shinsekai Yori, but those are 2012 or something. Although, I do love Watamote, but that's just for laughs. I'll admit that FSN/UBW was fun to watch. ufotable makes beautiful animation. 4 years ago  
Leave evidence for the next sapient race that stumbles upon our artifacts 4 years ago  
Time to cure climate change and save the planet 4 years ago  
Time to move to the South. 4 years ago  
Up 4 years ago  
Hang out with my boi, Kim 4 years ago  
A trick question: most are apathetic. 4 years ago +1
Alaska 4 years ago +2
Then laws become meaningless and we reconfigure the government 4 years ago +3
??? 4 years ago  
The candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long. 4 years ago  
You can't fool me. 4 years ago +1
It's like a coma with being comatose! 4 years ago  
Give me something to fear. 4 years ago  
Tolkein is way too verbose with crap that's really insignificant. I'm all for worldbuilding, but make it more dynamic, y'know? Besides, the LotR is more like a mythos with a vast history, and we only get a small story from these books; GoT has its slew of problems, but Tyrion and Arya are wonderful. 4 years ago  
Dimples are amazing 4 years ago  
It's a cultural thing, but I'm in favor of people choosing what to wear and having conventions like that be more niche than religious. 4 years ago  
I FIND this question to be rather revealing! 4 years ago  
Make them appreciate life 4 years ago  
What is "amine?" 4 years ago  
Cartoons have changed a lot since my time. 4 years ago  
I don't care to date a cartoon character. 4 years ago  
This cartoon style is strange and feels unAmerican. 4 years ago +2
I've never seen this cartoon before. Is it on Teen Nick? 4 years ago  
Is this from a cartoon? 4 years ago +1
^exactly 4 years ago  
At least no one will know what I did... 4 years ago  
What about proper nouns? If I just write, "A Wild John appeared," which John appears? Or is it like Death Note and I have to envision a John? Then, don't I have to envision everything I write? You can tell how bored I am :/ 4 years ago  
Government can't do sh!t anyway 4 years ago  
Does it default to first cousin? Cause I'm going with third cousin. 4 years ago  
The haunted house for me 4 years ago  
Are you just trying to get people to watch these movies? 4 years ago  
I know how I'm gonna spend the next three minutes of my immortal life. Somebody pass the popcorn. 4 years ago +1
Every day would be an adventure! 4 years ago  
Viggo Mortenson would buy me things. Or Daniel Radcliffe. Or Emma Stone. Or Bill Gates! Anybody but that child 4 years ago  
Did I guess right? Cause I can bring down the sky, then. 4 years ago  
Toilet etiquettous 13:37, "And Thou Shalt Have Thine Toilet Paper Rolled Over, Not Under, Lest Ye Face The Wrath Of An All-Knowing And Butthurt Lord!" 4 years ago  
How generally? If it's based on the description, does it interpret that based on the language choice and assume a dragon to be a winged creature simply because it's written in English? What if the same was written in Chinese? Would it be serpentine due to the cultural difference? How ridiculously vague can I be and still create something? 4 years ago  
Gods don't feel guilt over human lives. 4 years ago +1
Lmao! Are the people from A just going to pound the B, folk? BRING IT, VOTERS!!! 4 years ago  
A bad enough event will cause a "tremor in the Force" that I'll be able to detect and help avert thanks to the Jedi training I won't have. 4 years ago  
Tali and Shanoa. And Yakumo Tsukamoto. 4 years ago  
They're OP. Get enough and you can meet young Prof. Oak! 4 years ago  
I can actually comprehend how we'll do this. I don't know how to bring down the sky. Do we just use CFC's to destroy the ozone layer and let the Sun's light vaporize everything slowly? 4 years ago  
I don't need your blessings of luck, Ho-Oh! 4 years ago  
I can still be happy, just can't have fun 4 years ago  
You post some fun questions 4 years ago  
I have no goals on this website. I am dust in the wind. 4 years ago  
They're both easy, but I want to smugly state that math isn't hard. 4 years ago  
Finally, someone else who knows the truth :P 4 years ago  
Well, sounds like she's home schooled or deeply religious or might be under the Asexual umbrella. Or in denial, idk 4 years ago  
This is how it was in the Bible 4 years ago +2
What if you wrote the descriptions terribly? What happens then? "And then a super kewl draggon appaered and wuz my bestest friend and we have advenchurse together!!! XDXDXD" 4 years ago  
I dislike formal speech. It feels pretentious and unnecessary. The camaraderie I feel when speaking with those who share my dialect and linguistic aptitude makes me feel more like a genuine human being instead of a constructed image of how a human is "supposed" to act. 4 years ago  
I still have to catch up on Terry Pratchett 4 years ago  
My family will pass on eventually, this just ensures it'll be peaceful when they do. 4 years ago  
I want to look suffering in the eyes and carry that with me for the rest of my ungodly life 4 years ago  
You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family 4 years ago  
Either Six Degrees of elimination, or an Internet wipeout? Okay. 4 years ago  
Well. I made the choice before that edit so... 4 years ago  
Only at night! I'm not a monster. 4 years ago  
Slow deaths ftw! 4 years ago  
I don't understand your questions! Make them simpler!!! 4 years ago  
Dude, MEMEME is fantastic! It's deeper than Dye - Fantasy. And it shows off so much that animation can do so well that live action would have a b!tch of a time accomplishing. I have a freaking hour long version of that video that my friend made for me and it's so great to just put on. Love that vid, man. 4 years ago  
God Bless America! 4 years ago  
Man, who cares about US states? Only a few matter 4 years ago  
I would rape babies and eat livestock 4 years ago  
Well, with global communication so widespread, a reverse Babel would probably bring the world closer together and have it stay that way. 4 years ago  
Take chances! Make mistakes! 4 years ago  
Accio bum! Ah haw haw! 4 years ago  
9/11 isn't even a real thing 4 years ago  
Skirts are overrated 4 years ago  
Love that midriff 4 years ago  
My friend was in one for 7 years, and now he's living with her and they've been going strong for 11 years now? 4 years ago  
C'Mon, compared to Knuckles, he's bigger, faster, and stronger, too. 4 years ago +1
It's going straight to EBay! 4 years ago +2
My bed is my church 4 years ago  
I say shore when I'm being a presumptuous little sh!t 4 years ago  
It's way too cheesy for me, and I eat Cheetos 4 years ago  
Ash's Pikachu can kill the world. The thing is probably level 255 or 511 or 1023 or... 4 years ago +1
Weed is their antidrug 4 years ago  
I agree with the hideous freak! 4 years ago  
Coke, Sprite, Blue Water, BK, PlayStation, OJ, Jason, Street Fighter, Chocolate, 2pac, dogs, rain, fork, The Simpson's, Brunette, Pepper, Skittles, Fantasy, Shower, Comedy, Booty, Marvel, Green, Rock, Down, Left, Mexican food, Tiger, Star Wars, if I had to choose 4 years ago  
Through a tinted window? 4 years ago  
I can steal what I like when you ain't lookin', chumps 4 years ago  
Dem bones tho 4 years ago  
It's THE DOCTOR, not A DOCTOR! Where are the Brits? 4 years ago +1
At least I have a chance at joining a cartel if I have useful business skills 4 years ago  
Would you marry me?? 4 years ago  
North Korea's army would starve to death once they got off their poor, sh!tty butts. Yeah, their artillery would pound Seoul, but that's it. 4 years ago +1
I can lay down. 4 years ago +5
Yeah, if you're not black 4 years ago  
They don't even buy you dinner first. 4 years ago  
That's every country, but at least we keep all that pointless trash in the South 4 years ago  
Ah, that just means I want more people to see your post/comment. 4 years ago  
You give Aussies a bad name, madam 4 years ago  
We have a rich, racist, history, thank you very much! 4 years ago  
This question is too confusing 4 years ago  
I have nostalgia, yes 4 years ago +1
No contest 4 years ago +1
I think the drug war is fading away. It's not as volatile and crazy as it once was. 4 years ago  
I hope Canada wins 4 years ago  
Everyone knows that the French are f*cking assholes. 4 years ago  
Japan is probably better in regards to economy and technological development. But they have NEVER apologized for the atrocities they committed during WW2. Still give them points for being butthurt about atomic bombs and making tentacle porn 4 years ago  
And we're still number 1! Isn't that trippy?? 4 years ago  
If China didn't have a sh*tty government, then they'd be better than the US. 4 years ago  
I prefer the song 4 years ago  
The greatest, sh*tty country in the world. We have the KKK, Westboro Baptist Church, whiny Liberals, stupid Conservatives, a Congress that never agrees unless a coproration buys them out. I love this country. 4 years ago  
Square has basically tossed in the towel. They have nothing left. They should just do software work for other companies and contribute as much as they do for games like Bravely Default. They been dying since the movie flopped, man :/ 4 years ago  
No wonder they call it a hard drive 4 years ago  
Cue the music 4 years ago  
Bump 4 years ago  
I'm going to Flatland and becoming God 4 years ago  
C'mon 4 years ago  
Both are total fvcking a$$holes, but Putin is more sociopathic 4 years ago  
This way, I can probably have some MILFs and not just tweens 4 years ago  
Especially if it was Italian Spiderman 4 years ago  
Terrorists are jokes. Car crashes account for more fatalities in a day than those wily terrorists try to do in a year. 4 years ago  
Gimme that freedom! 4 years ago  
LMAO 4 years ago  
I like your username, and God Bless Murka 4 years ago  
Well, wtf would you do with a brain? You could chop it up to study it, but a heart can save someone's life, so... Market demand probably wants that 4 years ago  
This is a complicated question. 4 years ago  
Just rinse off the jelly and scoop up that peanut buttet 4 years ago  
Dyslexics untie! 4 years ago  
Your mom jokes just don't cut it anymore 4 years ago +3
Love? Way too subjective for me to call. You creatures and your love... 4 years ago  
Despite such diversities in culture, the Westernized way of living (with secularism and science and material wealth and mass production) is assimilating other cultures into a more globalized mindset. So, although there will still be some differencez between populations, most will wind up living pretty similarly as technology starts bridging the gaps and the internet and mass communication start making all of our mindsets homogeneous. That's just my opinion, though, no need to go spreading it around. 4 years ago  
People would get real sick of your riddles, and they wouldn't be much help in an emergency. Plus, you can freestyle rap with ease 4 years ago +1
You young'uns are too damned stupid for me! 4 years ago +1
Even if it was for Cowboy Bebop alone, yes. There's too many examples of anime that surpass Sturgeon's Law, as opposed to the way too simple cartoons in American history. I would miss Ren and Stimpy and the Animaniacs, though 4 years ago  
Didn't realize someone else already pointed out the obvious ^^" 4 years ago +1
Once you get to around 50, you're gonna lose a Lotta ppl to talk to... 4 years ago +1
Who needs sunlight? Sunny D is enough for me! 4 years ago  
What's this?? Eyewitness testimony and supposedly untampered photographs aren't reliable evidence to prove a living creature which should leave feces, a skeleton, something, exists? Say it ain't so! 4 years ago  
Hippo OP 4 years ago  
Hitler 4 years ago  
The devil, and dry skin, I think? 4 years ago +1
Depends on the species. Some animals' lives are pretty redundant in the ecosystem. I'd say a majority of Animalia (besides insects) are pretty worthless for the continued survival of the global ecosystem. 4 years ago  
And it doesn't imply a specific form of (or rather, lack of) government? Most people don't commit violent crimes because of their own moral values, not because of arbitrary laws. How often do people steal "trivial" items because they feel no one's getting hurt? Jaywalking is illegal, but who here jaywalks? 4 years ago  
I've gotta conquer my fears, man 4 years ago  
I wouldn't mind, if I got to see all their personal information as well. 4 years ago  
Too hipster for my mainstream tastes 4 years ago  
At least her psychological decay is realistic and fun. Isn't Divergent just a cheapened version of Hungary Games? 4 years ago  
Too mainstream for my hipster tastes 4 years ago  
How the hell would we still have wars with B? 4 years ago  
Katawa Shoujo 4 years ago +1
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