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Is there sufficient evidence to believe in a God? Yes, there is or No, there is not 627 votes 240 comments 0 likes

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Muslims say they have the Quran and a bunch of proven miracles. Hindus say they have the Bhagavad Gita and a bunch of proven miracles. So do tons of other current and passed religions. What makes them wrong and you correct? And do you have any proof that Leprechauns aren't real? That's not how you go about proving things. Learn up on the burden of proof and how it works. +4
These questions will stop being asked as soon as skepticism and standards of evidence are properly applied to god claims  
Give me evidence that the Hindu god Vishnu doesn't exist. Give me any bit of evidence that you have that Vishnu didn't create science  
That's not a good thing for the believer.... +4
And yet no one has written back to this comment producing any evidence. Sure seems like the other side just doesn't have any evidence  
How do you know this? +1
But as a matter of the nature of evidence and knowledge, faith doesn't justify anything. You can believe whatever you want, but just know that if you believe in something because of faith you aren't believing in it for any actual good reason at all. +1
I'm not trying to appear superior to anyone. It is a matter of fact that faith is not an actual justification for anything. It's a matter of the nature of evidence and epistemology +2
Repeating the claim doesn't answer my question. How do you know your conscience has anything to do with a god or holy spirit? +1
Or maybe it just is your conscience. How do you know it isn't just your conscience? +1
Faith isn't a justification for anyone for anything ever. It isn't a means of evidence. It isn't a way to get to the truth in any way +2
Someone is necessarily wrong. Simple logic. And how am I bashing believers by calling their beliefs into question? Would I be bashing people who think 9/11 is a conspiracy by pointing out flaws in their theories? +2
Faith is not a justification though. That's the problem. It's the excuse people give when they don't have real justification +2
Why the hell can't you just people off of what they believe? And atheists don't think they have the answer to everything. That's ironic actually. Because it's religious people who claim they have the answers to things that no one has the answer to +2
How exactly does the Holy Spirit guide you? Like what is the process? +1
So you throw out the Ten Commandments? Because those are in the Old Testament. And so you follow all the New Testament laws? Because there are bad and dumb ones listed throughout there too. Or do you follow your own secular view of morality and just pick and choose the Bible passages that fit it? I would bet a lot of money that that's what you do +2
Christians going strictly by the Bible will do all of those things. The Bible is pretty clear on many of those topics. +2
What makes the Bible correct but the Quran, Bhagavad-Gita, and all other "holy books" wrong? +5
It actually will affect me. That's the thing. Christians in the past would kill atheists. Nowadays they refuse rights to gay people, they deny life-saving medical service to children, they deny reality when setting public policy. The list goes on. +2
You should read the Bible and see how dumb it is. Seriously. Read it cover to cover  
It is ridiculous when people claim that faith justifies their belief. It does no such thing +3
So because we don't understand everything right now we can never be sure whether or not there is sufficient evidence to believe in a god? I don't follow your reasoning +1
Prosecuted? Being challenged on your beliefs is far from prosecution. And believing in false things can be harmful in many different ways +3
Any evidence that is actual evidence will appeal to me. Quit claiming it won't. It's getting ridiculous. Give me your best evidence that proves god exists or admit you don't have any. Anything other than providing me evidence is you admitting that you don't have any  
Faith is believing in things for no good reason whatsoever. It's synonymous with gullibility. You can believe in any crazy thing by claiming faith. It's ridiculous +2
Yes you can. Why can't you? +1
Faith is believing in things for no good reason whatsoever. It's synonymous with gullibility. You can believe in any crazy thing by claiming faith. It's ridiculous +4
Except that it does matter. And why wait until your life is over instead of solving these important matters? +2
Because that is a news article mentioning the results of the survey, not a presentation about its methods and validity to be peer-reviewed. It's methods are out there somewhere for you to find. Funny how we have this big long argument just because you won't accept the result of a survey confirming a fact that has been proven by many other surveys  
What the heck does that even mean?  
What does any of that have to do with the validity of a survey that NPR did? -_- +1
Wrong. If you refer to the three holy books of those three religions you will find that the three gods talked about in them are mutually exclusive. And let me change that example to make my point. Is the Bhagavad Gita proof that Vishnu exists? Why not? (I'm referring to Hinduism btw)  
What were the prerequisites of the study? And I've already answered that by saying that I'm not gonna do your dirty work for you. You can look at how the study was done to independently verify that it is in fact a credible study. It's not my job to do that for you  
Too bad the white house isn't a news source that does surveys. I don't get what your point is lol +1
I know. I think they despise it because they know we have the better points though lol  
No True Scotsman Fallacy. Look it up. You've committed it and it makes the point you are trying to make completely invalid +1
Didn't seek him for 10 years, I just believed in him for 10 years. Is the Quran also evidence for Allah? Does Allah exist?  
And I respect yours as well. I just think you are gravely mistaken. And I'm sure you think the same about me lol  
I don't get how you can deny this fact that has been proven time and time again. You dismiss the truth with ease and it's kind of troubling +1
It's not my job to prove to you that a credible source is credible. You can do that yourself, But you won't do it because you don't want to know the truth here and/or maybe you are too lazy to look that far into it +1
I think it is a book (like countless other religious books) that spawned out of humans always trying to put a human face on things, being naturally superstitious, and having a tendency to assert supernatural answers to things they don't have answers to  
Can't seek what doesn't exist. How about instead of assuming things about metal toughness and seeking you provide some tangible evidence for God's existence  
These questions should never stopped being asked. If in the future every single person is an atheist they should still all be asking and wondering these questions +4
Wow. Just wow +1
Dude, this is a credible survey that has been repeated by tons of other credible sources. Leave your little fantasy bubble for a second +1
You treat hearsay written 100 years after Jesus as proof? That's ridiculous +1
I will only say it's not proof if it truly isn't proof. And proof is not subjective. Proof is proof. Evidence is evidence. Just give me a piece of evidence that could proves God exists. This is getting kind of ridiculous  
I don't want to believe in things that do not exist, that is why I don't believe in God anymore. And fyi I believed in God for more than 10 years +1
None needed. I hope that one day you will look back on that comment and this conversation and understand why I literally laughed out loud at your comment there +3
Well you already believe that about his Muslim counterpart Muhammed so....... Why do you not think that the Quran proves that Allah and Muhammed exist? By the way, there is absolutely no historical evidence of Jesus. Ask your local Bible scholar +1
You should join the rest of us in reality +1
Irony. Sweet irony +2
Pretty sure they did a complete job. NPR is a credible source. Studies like this have been done a good amount and they always end up with the same answer. +3
But what makes you think a god exists in the first place?  
I will accept evidence as soon as it is presented to me, which you clearly aren't going to do because you clearly have no evidence otherwise you would have presented some by now  
You have to prove that God made the rules of science. Can you do that? Can you give me any evidence that such a being exists? Any? By the way, I believed in a god for the 10 plus years and never got any evidence to prove his existence during that time. So just give me any evidence that god exists. I will believe in anything that has sufficient evidence +1
Wow. You were pretty damn quick to just toss out that actual study. It's just a fact that atheists on average know the bible and religion better than believers do. It's ok for you to admit that +2
I always get a lot of comments on my questions lol  
Produce a single piece of evidence that magical invisible fairies don't exist. Checkmate. Looks like those exist too +1
Aka you presupposed that god was real and then looked for evidence to support that preconceived notion. God (if he exists) is subject to logic and reason like anything else. And you are still yet to give me a single piece of evidence that proves god exists. Just give me one. This isn't hard I feel like +1
I am willing to believe anything that has sufficient evidence. So give me the evidence.  
Or we can follow the evidence where it leads, which is to the conclusion that no god exists and there is no such thing as an afterlife +1 +3
None taken. I just feel like people really do care about these questions  
Studies show that the people who know the Bible best are more likely to be atheist. +3
I'm pretty sure most people care about this question and have a pretty large stake in its truth value  
I would only say there is no proof of god if there wasn't any proof of god. I am open to any proof. I want to believe what is true, so if god exists I would love to know this fact. And it's funny how you are yet to provide a single piece of evidence. You always dodge that part  
How do you figure? +1
You say "the proof is everywhere". Produce some of that proof then. Us non-believers would love to see it so that we aren't tortured for eternity.  
Say the same thing about fairies and then you are believing in them. You can't just presuppose something to exist and then come to the conclusion that it exists. You are doing logic wrong +3
I heard you're the other proselytizing non-believer on rrrather lol +2
Well I had no idea about other people asking it. +1
Awesome. Then what is your best piece of evidence that proves God's existence? Just the best one +1
Quit complaining guys. These are the questions that people should think most about in life. They are the most important +11
Then who created God...? #awkward  
I see what you did there ;). Atheism ftw  
If God caused the Big Bang, then who/what caused God? Put your logic right back on ya  
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