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    help future generations  
    we learned from the holocaust  
    not all germans were nazis anyways +1
    Stalin was a worse man  
    luv loony luna  
    I follow Karl Marx and true communism, Stalin ruined its image  
    Norris is overrated  
    Athiest Bastard  
    make them pay for mt pain  
    cut out their eyes  
    very true  
    you wont have lost a great thing  
    tranc dart them  
    i love being in solitary confinement  
    my favorite jeans already have grass stains  
    fu#k satan  
    embrace your power  
    sith code :)  
    kill them  
    popular kids are usually bad people, though not all  
    i learned from my memories  
    cnacer does not always kill  
    it would ruin my favorite song  
    terrifyd of crocodiles and alligators  
    a thousand dollars is not that much  
    best freind is a girl +1
    i love greece  
    i walk everywhere anyways  
    i am american, but i love european football.usa football is overrated  
    my heritage is native american  
    twilight ruined my image of vampires, plus i love elder scrolls  
    less gifts to buy  
    vaults from fallout  
    met my best freind online  
    very true, i troll them for that :)  
    follow in the footsteps of karl marx  
    i love communism  
    facebook has to much drama  
    superman is to op  
    put money in a bank and collect intrest  
    that is the point  
    abortion is wrong, at least put the kid in foster care don't muder them +1
    i dont need anyone  
    Americans were from Europe, plus america abandoned its morales  
    never said ph level  
    kill them  
    water is terrifying  
    skill over joy  
    racism is really bad, so is sexism, but my freind has been hurt through racism  
    i like to sit  
    books are really good, movies were ok  
    important does not mean happy  
    i am not old enough to drive  
    i do not need to be happy, just well off  
    i love germay and its people  
    i console game anyway  
    war boosts the economy  
    war can be good  
    Communism can work with the right leader, satlin was not the right leader  
    sword arm  
    i would know what im dealing with  
    knowledge is power  
    i would love to live alone  
    i could live alone  
    sharks scar the $hit out of me +1
    i have an immune system, my computer does not  
    jump them  
    i have already been lit on fire, twice aint bad  
    $100 is not that much  
    i love christianity  
    age ten- t and jeans, now- t and jeans  
    less noise than a crowded cinnima  
    find the remote easier  
    get more done  
    i would be in the asylum otherwise  
    i dont care for the attention  
    if my son was a junkie, i would kick him to rehab  
    dont care for either, shorter time  
    i get more into games than movies  
    lion would kill me faster  
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