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hey its zoe im back um i calll everyone babe love u guys

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Football seahawks vs. Cowboys Seattle Seahawks Max Unger or Dallas Cowboys Travis Fredrick 4 years ago 71 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be happy or Keep your miserable a$$ right over there 4 years ago 121 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Date a Nerd or Douchy Jock 4 years ago 231 votes 39 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Watch The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad 4 years ago 159 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat worms or eat unicorns 4 years ago 187 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be Matt Damon or A Cartoon or anime character 4 years ago 178 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be born at prom in a trash can or Be born under a bridge 4 years ago 165 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be like Isis frost or be the REAL you 4 years ago 4,559 votes 45 comments 0 likes

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oh wow 13 yr old cussing so scary. 3 years ago +1
look it up and stop trying to be cool. 3 years ago  
the definition of maturer 3 years ago  
just a reality check making fun of people is not mature. 3 years ago  
im obviously not in the mood for you twos attetion seeking ways. 3 years ago  
complete in natural growth or development, as plant and animal forms 3 years ago  
doubt it. 3 years ago  
actually it did obviously u need a insane asylum for your probs. 3 years ago  
smarter probs but maturer no i can be mature but not when some lil kid is trying to fing be an attention hoe 3 years ago  
well wow a 14 yr old trying to tell a 15 yr old off 3 years ago  
jjeeeeez kid do i have to spell it out for u? 3 years ago  
i know jeez does this kid no nothing???? 3 years ago +1
no thanks grade school is toooooo smart for me 3 years ago +1
yes yes i do duh i came out da cl;oset two years ago 3 years ago  
i figured ur hiding in the closet just come out already jezus 3 years ago  
i click at random so the answer depends on how random im feeling 3 years ago  
u know i dont like your attitude mr. 3 years ago  
bc i am not a very good clicker or answerer of ????? 3 years ago  
yes bout time 3 years ago +1
go sc 3 years ago +1
alright 3 years ago  
:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 4 years ago  
i shall be super woman and saves hydar woo hoooo 4 years ago +1
ur purple 4 years ago  
i thought u looked black so im sorry latino 4 years ago  
time machine hot tub 2 4 years ago  
let the people who struggled for years finally have there freedom. like the slaves 4 years ago  
i thought u were black. 4 years ago +1
in a way yes but i think some bisexual people like me dont like to think about it like that. 4 years ago  
im happy and thats all that matters 4 years ago  
neither 4 years ago  
fooney i wish i lived back then 4 years ago  
do what dey want like juan 4 years ago  
hmm depends on the killer 4 years ago  
way better dey fooney 4 years ago +1
im happy when jumping and being grumpy so either way im happy 4 years ago  
i know and i respect others opinions i mean not everyone is goin to agree with me and thats fine 4 years ago  
calm down crack okay 4 years ago  
eh relationships are difficult and sometimes complicated 4 years ago  
u my sis bc i trust you 4 years ago  
yes 4 years ago  
what about hippos? 4 years ago  
thank you for explaining it. 4 years ago  
isnt a otter a fish? 4 years ago  
lol suree.... 4 years ago  
lol weirdo 4 years ago  
its amazing 4 years ago  
live there 4 years ago  
lol they must be your favorite? 4 years ago  
yes. 4 years ago  
rogue 4 years ago  
i have i just think it was kinda gross 4 years ago  
1 is my rate 4 years ago  
a kangaroo is a pro kick boxer for its kind 4 years ago  
scared of hieghts 4 years ago  
sometimes horror movies are hilarious 4 years ago  
fishy fishy 4 years ago  
fall then winter then sledding 4 years ago  
i would 4 years ago  
does it taste good and what is it? 4 years ago  
i hit them sometimes like when theteel spider bit me so i punched her in the arm 4 years ago  
i cant do it the other way 4 years ago +1
harry and nude nuf said 4 years ago  
its not true i\hmm the internet must have moved me 4 years ago  
and why does it keep saying im from michigan????? 4 years ago  
i know and i have a giant d8ck 4 years ago +2
my mom would be peri dad dp bros Hydar, meatballhere, karel my sisters would be theteel, reogirl, May111 wow i have a family im surprised 4 years ago +2
are we talking about parking in the parking lots? 4 years ago  
who then? 4 years ago  
i like cake cookies 4 years ago  
ewww what type of cookies? 4 years ago  
u aint got no flirt game 4 years ago  
good i have two followers 4 years ago  
imma flirt 4 years ago  
hmm i must have special powers 4 years ago  
lol im going to just make this clear i shall give my followers weed and cookies plus whatever they want. 4 years ago  
me 4 years ago  
u are a princess 4 years ago  
bridge for life 4 years ago  
koalas 420 4 years ago  
narwhal enough said 4 years ago  
giraffes be hitin peeps with there necks 4 years ago  
he has a mask that is permenant enuf said 4 years ago  
otterrrrr 4 years ago  
my dog is vicious and i think the bear would be scared of him 4 years ago  
lets go 4 years ago  
privilage 4 years ago  
the question is too confusing 4 years ago  
id make a good leader free weed and cookies plus gooo bridges *kisses baby* im not obama thank you. 4 years ago  
thats what i thought 4 years ago  
u would never geuss a person 4 years ago  
they could spread there diseases 4 years ago  
i really want to meet him 4 years ago +1
neither yolo should be used properly and swag is not neccasarily a good word 4 years ago  
italian back ground 4 years ago  
do it il kick back 4 years ago +1
he could be a good leader 4 years ago +1
Robin!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
im more of a giver 4 years ago  
i make good pancakes 4 years ago +1
the hunger games movie is not as good as the giver 4 years ago  
lets do it lol nope 4 years ago  
piss on people you hate 4 years ago  
dp for sure he will make this place nicer 4 years ago  
hate red heads 4 years ago  
lightsaber dildos 4 years ago  
anything is better then two girls one cup and i mean anything 4 years ago +1
i think it decreases your number of brain cells then making u dumber 4 years ago  
no comp 4 years ago  
hes my bro 4 years ago +1
they probaly will 4 years ago  
exactly now how hot is she? 4 years ago  
the eyes tell the story of her life 4 years ago +1
eh 4 years ago  
starting 2 minutes ago i am in a relationships 4 years ago  
lets go ay did u know in north korea once u go in u cant come out 4 years ago  
its too confusing....420 4 years ago +1
i try new things 4 years ago  
the old fashioned way 4 years ago +2
i know where it all went meatballhere took it 4 years ago  
i do know brady is way better then ragers 4 years ago  
thank youuu 4 years ago  
im not saying you cant im just saying that is my opinion everyone can believe in a "god" if they want to 4 years ago +1
for sure seahawks for life!! 4 years ago  
i cant escape water ist everywhere 4 years ago  
yes sad isnt 4 years ago  
romo vs flacco in a game i dont think flacco has any competition there 4 years ago  
well so is manning i mean i have to say luck has had some great plays but i just think manning is better. 4 years ago  
very soon 4 years ago  
no competition 4 years ago +1
better then the santa 4 years ago  
brady over rogers any day 4 years ago +1
i think luck is worse then manning 4 years ago  
my defense when i was lil was very complicated 4 years ago  
thats because im going to be nice not just because u my bro 4 years ago  
because the nations could be poor and not afford the food for their nation 4 years ago  
its supposed to keep the other countries in line 4 years ago  
seems legit 4 years ago  
also easy fix they eat dirt 4 years ago  
hydar u my bro 4 years ago +1
are u trying to kill me? 4 years ago  
youv ruined air for me 4 years ago  
easy choice 4 years ago  
i love atmosphere its awesome but iv never heard those two songs il listen to them now 4 years ago  
aa ron wants to go to the club 4 years ago  
currently millie fell off the fire escape by atmosphere 4 years ago  
long dongs lol 4 years ago  
oh noo im going to have a panic attack 4 years ago  
ur right its horrifying 4 years ago  
im a 8 im evil 4 years ago  
meatballhere, American-jedi and i have to say hydar 4 years ago +2
single im a loner for life mofos 4 years ago  
kiss was my favorite but ac/dc second 4 years ago  
the beatles no offense but they are abug band that never seem to stop pissing me off 4 years ago  
have you had it turn on you? 4 years ago  
lets go 4 years ago  
too smart for me 4 years ago +1
i made cake cookies 4 years ago  
how did u manage that? 4 years ago  
key and peele never gets old 4 years ago +3
water is scary 4 years ago +1
neither do you 4 years ago +1
i have two to make up for the one with springs poking out 4 years ago  
ohhhh noooo i chose wrong f me i seen channing tatums name and chose wrong 4 years ago  
not fair i like both equally 4 years ago  
of course he did he planned it with obama 4 years ago +1
hehe tease the poor people 4 years ago +1
soo far down its a whisper 4 years ago  
panthersss 4 years ago  
because duh there is no god its just a myth 4 years ago +8
cinderella was always my fav 4 years ago  
prison seems horribly fun 4 years ago +3
u meany 4 years ago  
ur scary 4 years ago  
cooking meth is very dangerous and im clumsy soo yeah cant do that 4 years ago  
i know 0 things 4 years ago  
already am insane 4 years ago  
SEAHAWKS all the wayyy baby!!!!! 4 years ago +1
defs best band thanks to the song hotel cali 4 years ago  
obvi cutest with his big eyes 4 years ago +2
older brothers are protective and awesome 4 years ago +3
ooooh its 50/50 im a stripper lol 4 years ago  
because the rules are all too long 4 years ago  
bread is meat 4 years ago +1
liger 4 years ago  
i love flappy bird 4 years ago  
monoply or bingo both are confusing 4 years ago  
bro bridges offer me more 4 years ago +2
hmm mila kunis 4 years ago  
expect aceholes douchbags travis hes okay just dont annoy him hes got good comebacks 4 years ago  
dont be proud of swag 4 years ago  
cry 4 years ago  
lets go soldiers time to take a risk 4 years ago  
safer then screaming everytime you see a banana 4 years ago  
i do? and i dont have to hurt people? 4 years ago  
but i cant 4 years ago  
i have a crush 4 years ago  
i like my choices i say i tell u where to hurt people but im not going to watch u hurt them 4 years ago  
unicorns are people too 4 years ago  
hmmm i want to have weed and not hurt people 4 years ago  
hmmm i think i like b and a 4 years ago  
thats fn just mean 4 years ago  
uh oh what punishment do i get??/ 4 years ago  
i cant do that im too nice 4 years ago  
so i get to keep this? 4 years ago  
im in 4 years ago  
but how much do i get? because i think i get two whole bridges in the other army 4 years ago  
no i want more then that i want your share. 4 years ago  
il join you if i get the weed. 4 years ago  
please just a lil bit? 4 years ago  
and the weed? 4 years ago  
do i still get a cookie? 4 years ago  
i like the fire benders 4 years ago  
fine 4 years ago  
i would do this 4 years ago  
oh i know 4 years ago  
il get lots of ones 4 years ago  
i like this one better 4 years ago +1
look him up 4 years ago  
because itl make a good story 4 years ago +1
Matt Damon 4 years ago +1
in trash 4 years ago +1
i want my own 4 years ago  
no 4 years ago  
eh stripping is my next choice 4 years ago  
aww but i want a black kid meany i think i might choose dasavior 4 years ago  
barbie and ken 4 years ago  
oh you tricked me eh atleast this way we still be having business 4 years ago +1
good 4 years ago  
if my mom knows then i be working on the corner again 4 years ago  
cookies reallly? 4 years ago  
yeah okay if i get killed we will not tell gladiator we lost. 4 years ago  
either your side or dasaviors? 4 years ago  
it will not be told to my mom. 4 years ago  
im in the middle 4 years ago  
he funny 4 years ago  
come on i cant choose 4 years ago  
i did today it was pepsi 4 years ago  
lets do it 4 years ago  
doesnt melt 4 years ago +2
simply for the fact "what happens in vegas stays in vegas" 4 years ago +1
lol 4 years ago +1
excuseeee meee sorry for having a serious brain injury 4 years ago  
dont argue 4 years ago  
yes spanish say it spain-ish 4 years ago  
harry and naked no need to say more lol 4 years ago  
lies 4 years ago  
hmmm american or spanish 4 years ago  
lets go im proud to say i support it 4 years ago  
i will 4 years ago  
i am not sure i was very happy so thats why. im weird 4 years ago  
nope its my idea of a bad joke 4 years ago  
there are so many weird ppl 4 years ago  
sad 4 years ago  
a nyctophile is someone or something that rapes things at night. 4 years ago  
i geuss i am just dumb. 4 years ago  
no way. 4 years ago  
F8ck Valentines day 4 years ago +1
music i cant go without movies um we kinda have tv to replace that 4 years ago  
this question not only confused me but in a way creeped me out 4 years ago +3
do they really f*ck? 4 years ago  
hay hay hay okay why do u have to use fancy words???? 4 years ago  
haters gonna hate 4 years ago +1
yay wilma fred, pebbles, bam bam, barny 4 years ago  
who the heck are u? 4 years ago  
i say the personality really defines a girl. by the way if u seen this girl kiersten just by her looks just saying even i would do her. 4 years ago  
ay this person is from russia 4 years ago +1
il do it but how much am i getting paid if i do? 4 years ago  
there both very annoying but i find it more annoying when B happens 4 years ago +1
i already do B 4 years ago  
wait wait wait wait two questions 1 did u just say autumn? and how many months is that? 4 years ago  
cant have meat 4 years ago  
i dont think any one knows but id say you anyways cause maybe you do have a catchphrase 4 years ago  
dragah 4 years ago  
i know 4 years ago +1
so i want you to leave me did you know you dont have the right to your body? 4 years ago +1
leave me alone please. 4 years ago +1
they scare me 4 years ago  
Let's go imma get my crew u get yours 4 years ago  
If you be hating I will love to show u the exit 4 years ago +1
I have three 4 years ago  
Cause what I call good music is now stripper music 4 years ago  
U picked wrong side 4 years ago  
I will give you ice cream 4 years ago  
Was beth 4 years ago  
The walking dead 4 years ago  
I got this *misses* frick I got the next one 4 years ago  
He could do my homework and tell me what to do 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
Kid but I love you??? 4 years ago  
I mean nerds in good way 4 years ago +1
no u dont get any 4 years ago  
exactly 4 years ago  
u may think its funny but i was a squirrel barely surviving 4 years ago  
ur a meany 4 years ago  
if i get negative i get scary 4 years ago  
witty no ur ignorant 4 years ago  
i can sing but i dont wanna dance like mattk2 4 years ago  
i like dis song i sang this once walking into class an it was hilarious 4 years ago  
u always mean 4 years ago  
yo i fought for right reasons 4 years ago +1
i love italy an im italian soo cant ever go wrong woth grandmas cooking 4 years ago  
god doesnt exist 4 years ago  
lets do it 4 years ago  
il talk normally to impress them 4 years ago  
they bi*ch non stopp 4 years ago +4
do it i dare you 4 years ago +1
yeah lol at the time i thought it tasted good 4 years ago  
no im a squirrel 4 years ago +1
Homophobia is just people who are scared of homos get over it damn i mean everyone should be taken seriously an be treated equally 4 years ago +1
i got this dan is black an i just now know this???? 4 years ago  
i wish i could tell you but alts are taking over 4 years ago  
no not the water 4 years ago  
i used to eat acorns an i dont know why 4 years ago  
idk 4 years ago  
want one? 4 years ago  
well now there mine 4 years ago  
yes donuts donuts are very good 4 years ago  
she can do that even though i love that person i would want my best friend and love of my life to be happy 4 years ago +1
im the sensei soo its my turn 4 years ago  
call people all da time 4 years ago +1
you are i thought it was my turn? 4 years ago  
im still beginer level 4 years ago  
I'm not the only one by Sam Smith or Fall Out Boy sugar were going down 4 years ago +3
i love flying 4 years ago  
if ur black u need to run fast like anthony or rylen 4 years ago  
i know too 4 years ago  
no one is perfect 4 years ago  
bape 4 years ago  
i am a ninja 4 years ago +2
id rather not live with the guilt and i wanna show people i can do that on my own 4 years ago +1
*blows up the milky way* 4 years ago +1
oh not them nukes oooh the very latest nukes 4 years ago +1
uh oh its chinese get the nukes 4 years ago +1
hmmm how about a dat=dog and cat 4 years ago  
flying fish 4 years ago +2
a mix i want a liger 4 years ago  
no i just dont want any thing dirty on here thank you 4 years ago +1
at least i have a happy life 4 years ago +1
am i a cat??? 4 years ago  
il be like flash 4 years ago  
old chat works perfectly 24/7 4 years ago +5
witty no sassy no if u going to be sayin stuff like that do it on pm or something damn 4 years ago +1
soo i wish i could do B but whos going to pay for B? 4 years ago +1
hahaha nerd 4 years ago  
shed be my party buddy 4 years ago  
Italian mafias are very angry people you owe them money an no pay them they kill u 4 years ago  
yay sounds nausiating 4 years ago  
u nasty man lol well am i dead? 4 years ago  
*grows another head* 4 years ago  
*grows new mouth* 4 years ago  
yes! 4 years ago  
yes 4 years ago  
do it see me hate you 4 years ago +1
good cause nerds are cute an awesome in a good way 4 years ago +1
let it go let it gooo 4 years ago  
its okay its not in bad way 4 years ago +1
i need ppl 4 years ago  
ikr 4 years ago  
u american hater 4 years ago  
sure i geuss 4 years ago  
already athiest 4 years ago  
do it 4 years ago  
hehehe bite there head off first 4 years ago +2
well i hope i can do this some day maybe 4 years ago  
i hate cats i love kittens 4 years ago  
my lil brother is like a big bro just in a 8yr olds body and mind 4 years ago  
i need a friend a true friend 4 years ago  
hancock was an awesome movie i have the movie still 4 years ago  
who needs douchy rich guy when u can find unconditional love 4 years ago +1
lol 4 years ago  
that view doe if i slipped an fell off i would enjoy the quick death 4 years ago  
im athiest but i cant make a fedora work 4 years ago  
umm i think i like Ice cream more 4 years ago +4
it depends sometimes its both an sometimes its one ot the other 4 years ago +4
there are some mean ppl out there 4 years ago  
iv got a life 4 years ago  
i have them thoughts every day too 4 years ago  
*ignores hi* 4 years ago  
*looks at him* hmm nobodyu is here 4 years ago  
hey did anyone see that? 4 years ago  
im going to ignore u 4 years ago  
noo im a female an i think that women have equal rights 4 years ago +1
they have enough rights 4 years ago  
imma mad at you now 4 years ago  
make that face again i dare u 4 years ago  
noo shes a beach 4 years ago  
oh shes changed sense then she just nags all the tie an does nothing but yell 4 years ago  
there was a robbery? 4 years ago +3
nope she was like looks like uv got a phone now an i was just laughing 4 years ago  
i have well water but it tastes pretty good 4 years ago +1
oh after the year i found it broken under my couch that was like my 10th phone that year 4 years ago  
peace tea snoberry ummm monster all of them an slushies thats water i dont drink pop anymore 4 years ago  
oh foock imma kill it give me the shovel i hate snakes 4 years ago  
im not good at making friends with lots of people i would probaly be scared to ever go back 4 years ago  
no i lost the at home dude i lost a bright pink phone before i lost it for a year 4 years ago  
lol my friend had bacon in class today an was eating it 4 years ago +2
how did i loose them? 4 years ago  
i liked the glasses then i lost the an i cryed an my mom cryed bc they were expensive 4 years ago  
i like drake a bit more 4 years ago  
i listen to it on accasion 4 years ago  
when i was younger i had a pair of spongebob glasses an i got made fun of but i didnt caree 4 years ago +4
oh my nightmare is more modern an scarier 4 years ago  
nipple peircing 4 years ago  
freddy killing me in my sleep like he does with all his victims 4 years ago  
i loved it soo im good 4 years ago  
like he was almost the color black 4 years ago  
a jamaican nfl player came to my school an he was super black an he was being racist he said "the yellow on the flag stands for sun the green is marijuana an the black is for the people" 4 years ago  
lol look at his leg 4 years ago  
awww i love both doeee 4 years ago  
i hate coca cola 4 years ago +1
im athiest 4 years ago +1
unicornnnsss!!!!! an ninja 4 years ago +1
all of u are hating on my fav drink 4 years ago  
my mother is very scsary 4 years ago  
thank you 4 years ago  
i lazy 4 years ago  
whats a chupacabra? 4 years ago  
i make lists in class an lists of pros an cons then lists of haters 4 years ago +1
wed have less fights i respect peoples opinions 4 years ago  
i cry alot mostly bc of my mother she scares me 4 years ago  
are they dirty cause if soo ima stab them in the hand or arm 4 years ago  
all my fingers iv actually broken my knuckles once 4 years ago  
im ready lets go 4 years ago  
i love silly string i hate getting it in my hair doe 4 years ago +1
i dont share my partner dey mine an only mine 4 years ago  
im not an retard i just not good at math ace hole 4 years ago  
lol its spongebob with dif face 4 years ago +1
std free 4 years ago +6
yes 4 years ago +1
i think its dumb 4 years ago  
sure 4 years ago  
when u become a better ninja 4 years ago  
hahaha 4 years ago  
im a ninja 4 years ago  
no it didnt 4 years ago  
no eat dont even 4 years ago  
i fight with my partners bc some times its just neccasary especially when im right 4 years ago +2
damn u ppl 4 years ago  
awww loli made it 50-50 then u guys ruin it 4 years ago +2
id fn know 4 years ago  
ur excused 4 years ago  
dude its same 4 years ago +2
you nasty woman/man 4 years ago  
oh wrong one choclate is the only thing i need for my pms 4 years ago  
im glad you have spoke your opinion 4 years ago  
did i ask your opinion? no but im accepting an not going to yell 4 years ago +2
oh really then why did i find ur underwear in my closet/ 4 years ago +2
f swedes 4 years ago +2
im athiest but hmm imma vote an way 4 years ago  
im athieest u religiost= religion racist 4 years ago  
eh she can come at me all she wants first swing an shes down 4 years ago  
cool i didnt know that 4 years ago  
really 4 years ago  
u nasty 4 years ago  
bc im superwoman ninja 4 years ago  
idk u act like i like batman 4 years ago  
no she wasnt 4 years ago  
i meant cerial 4 years ago  
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