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    Photo here man! 1 year ago  
    Meet 100000000000 women 1 year ago  
    FRESH FLESHHHH 1 year ago  
    KISS BOTH!! 1 year ago  
    chocolate or poop better 1 year ago  
    To the game now 1 year ago  
    Thank you for the apple bro. You rule 1 year ago  
    Fruit suffers too 1 year ago  
    ZZZzzzZZzzZZZZzzzz 1 year ago  
    If there is grass... the game must be played! 1 year ago  
    Ubuntu 4ever 1 year ago  
    What is Star Strek?? 1 year ago  
    Yeaaaah! Party, Yacht, rregaeton and bitc*es! 1 year ago  
    Friend? 1 year ago  
    What is Apple! 1 year ago  
    Perfext Military parades. 1 year ago  
    Leave me alone mf! 1 year ago  
    I'm taking the hobits to Isengard! 1 year ago  
    Well... What can I do? 1 year ago  
    Love HALITOSISSSSSSSS 1 year ago  
    Italy 12 points 1 year ago  
    Tests better than some teachers speaking 1 year ago  
    LAAAAAAAAAAZZZzyyyyyyy 1 year ago  
    WHAT IS TMBLR!!!!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    nananannanana BOLDMAAAAAAN 1 year ago  
    One minute is not enough 1 year ago  
    So beauty 1 year ago  
    So lazy to hunt... 1 year ago  
    The other one contains Venom, believe me! I have read it. 1 year ago  
    If there is grass... The game must be played! 1 year ago  
    It is not Bancerlona FOR SURE 1 year ago  
    Toco tuku tuku 1 year ago  
    Party every day 1 year ago  
    Mono Chrome could be a good browser in fact 1 year ago  
    CAN YOU HEAR MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    give me my money bit*h!! 1 year ago +1
    HALITOSISSSSSS 1 year ago  
    AWESOOOOOME 1 year ago  
    the complete bottel 1 year ago  
    just sing for me 1 year ago  
    what is porto?? 1 year ago  
    bery much whiskey 1 year ago  
    The real FREEDOM 1 year ago  
    Do you prefer, in men, a big one or a small one? this question is not offensive? for sure you will say YES but in fact you think NO 1 year ago  
    OOOHHH YEAH I'm loving it 1 year ago  
    Well.... prefer prefer... 1 year ago  
    Sounds cool but nibody has drunk it ever 1 year ago  
    Mix them 1 year ago  
    Sounds of flamenco 1 year ago  
    Coke is a copy & pasrte of pepsi 1 year ago  
    WTF LOVE??!!! 1 year ago  
    give me my money mf! 1 year ago  
    shut up bit*h! 1 year ago  
    movies better than books always, the other way is false. 1 year ago  
    Macho macho man 1 year ago  
    5 stars camping! 1 year ago  
    better lo ├▒ogo, no sturbucks 1 year ago  
    insteuctions are done by people didn't read it 1 year ago  
    The same 1 year ago  
    bad people rule 1 year ago  
    rattatattatatataaattttatatattatata 1 year ago  
    Love lights 1 year ago  
    Die bit*h 1 year ago  
    Yeaaaaah Da Vinci border liner? xD 1 year ago  
    the higher the better. always 1 year ago  
    Die with pain bit*h 1 year ago  
    kill my enemies darling!! 1 year ago  
    Brainwashing for stupids 1 year ago +1
    Falsardo Da Vinci 1 year ago  
    I love kids?! 1 year ago  
    WHAT IS YOUTUBEEEEEEEE???!!!?? 1 year ago  
    I prefer yeah baby. Yeah baby 1 year ago  
    poop and pee 1 year ago  
    yeeeeeah dance for me 1 year ago  
    with blood 1 year ago  
    Parapapapaaaaam I'm loving it. McDeath 1 year ago +1
    What about the droid attack on the Wookies? 1 year ago +1
    naked in a conferenceeeeeew 1 year ago  
    and I divide it by Zero. KABOOOOOM 1 year ago  
    just now.. 1 year ago  
    FAAAAAAAAAAAT 1 year ago  
    10 $ 1 year ago  
    72 hours 1 year ago  
    BREAK THE SYSTEM 1 year ago  
    You are lying. No one wants to talk woth you 1 year ago  
    YEAAAAAH parapapapaaaaam I'm loving it. McPoop 1 year ago  
    what was the first option? 1 year ago +4
    And die 1 year ago  
    you are lying. ALL YOUUUUUU 1 year ago  
    EVERY MOMEEEEEENT 1 year ago  
    MAGIC IS FAAAAAAALSE maybe tricks 1 year ago +1
    Yeeeeeap, I would eat all hamburgers I can 1 year ago +1
    WE MUST BREAK THE SYSTEM!!!! 1 year ago  
    I am a coward 1 year ago +1
    mmmmmmmm parapapapaaaam I'm loving it. McPoop 1 year ago  
    everyone to hell, we are all satans 1 year ago +1
    shut up and leave me alone bit*h 1 year ago +1
    WHAT IS NETFLIIIIIIIIIX?????? 1 year ago  
    Don't need breathing 1 year ago  
    Google is a drug, don't use it 1 year ago  
    And the second part too 1 year ago  
    Love silicone. I'm mad 1 year ago  
    Shut up and leave alone bi*ch 1 year ago  
    mmmmm parapappaaaaam I'm loving it. McShit 1 year ago  
    SLAVE OR DIEEEEE! 1 year ago  
    Not enough space in my memmory 1 year ago  
    You all have a fu**ing hole in the stomach!! No animal in the world! you are sick 1 year ago  
    YEEEEEEEAP. more than her MOOOOOORE 1 year ago  
    every moment when I close my eyes 1 year ago  
    WHAT IS GOOOOOOOOGLE??????? 1 year ago  
    just reading the question I have just heard of it 1 year ago +1
    I love drinking pee and pou on a used water :-P 1 year ago  
    You are missing the good life 1 year ago  
    I know all the group 1 year ago  
    DUUUUUUUUMB 1 year ago  
    you all men have a hole in the stomach! you are going to die! 1 year ago  
    happiness is false. 1 year ago  
    FAAAAAAAAAAAAT! 1 year ago  
    always being different 1 year ago  
    Forever alone. 1 year ago  
    Anyone could have any other place in mind?!?!? yihaaaa 1 year ago  
    oh yeah sleeping everyday 1 year ago  
    FAAAAAAAAAT 1 year ago  
    infinite 1 year ago +1
    never my watch!!!! 1 year ago  
    and eat them too 1 year ago  
    and the second part 9th ocean 1 year ago  
    and the second edition: loose change third edition. 1 year ago +1
    BE REAL 1 year ago  
    everything is invented 1 year ago +2
    and the second part: face 1 year ago  
    forever alone. 1 year ago  
    and the second part. 8 days a week 1 year ago +1
    I had to search "google" using my bing because I did not know what was it. 1 year ago  
    F*ck me I'm famous 1 year ago  
    infinite 1 year ago  
    the first one is a very MAN toilet 1 year ago  
    Something real vs invented world 1 year ago  
    Infinite 1 year ago +1
    Pollution means humanity is in evolution. 1 year ago +1
    Anyone except me. 1 year ago +1
    Chrome! What the hell is Chrome? 1 year ago  
    God will punish you all!!!! 1 year ago  
    I had to search "google" in bing because I really didn't know what was... 1 year ago  
    Life is something you must not play with! 1 year ago +3
    And always smiling :) 1 year ago  
    Never give up Scotty! 1 year ago +1
    WHAT THE HECK IS YOUTUBEEEEE????????? 1 year ago  
    Pederastssss!!!! 1 year ago  
    tanananannaaaaa DUSTMAAAAN!! 1 year ago  
    No but I want to be 1 year ago  
    or any other 1 year ago +1
    or worse 1 year ago  
    It allows you to watch any video 1 year ago  
    Give up! Default searcher 1 year ago  
    I'm loving it! McPoop 1 year ago  
    So hemble 1 year ago  
    always being different 1 year ago  
    mmmm acid. 1 year ago  
    being always dofferent 1 year ago  
    all or nothing! 1 year ago  
    3 cups 1 year ago  
    of course 1 year ago  
    Onion 1 year ago  
    or another, doesn't matter 1 year ago  
    or more with tongue 1 year ago  
    Always, til morning to night everyday 1 year ago  
    Always being different. 1 year ago  
    In God we trust... 1 year ago  
    89 or elder 1 year ago  
    So humble... 1 year ago  
    of course, loving being different 1 year ago  
    systen su##s 1 year ago  
    F**k salami. 1 year ago  
    with pain. 1 year ago  
    mmmmm... with smell. 1 year ago +1
    Got 89 lol. 1 year ago  
    Wothout movements or feelings please. 1 year ago  
    With pain please. 1 year ago +5
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