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    'bout right  
    kill self  
    harder to make than legs and more costly +5
    u go to wonderland and it becomes true?  
    a dead nude person, idiot  
    wave at tubble space telescope. astronomy class suddenly becomes u know what  
    please do  
    u mean the bat from Sonic Advneture?  
    all of these would lose to the cast of sonic adventure 2 alone  
    actually 2 litres = 3 minutes ;)  
    i hate gays AND fat people...;( +1
    nice +11
    two people on opposite sides with same comment...  
    dont be so harsh. it's not his fault he had no childhood..  
    she's not annoying  
    screw this  
    i flipped it for me  
    i hope he would.  
    when they are about to die painfully and slowly at the natural end of their life. cheating is fun  
    incl you? +3
    my crush has same base religion. starting point.  
    therefore click buton with have everything  
    MOST : not family 2 freinds and crush/gf/wife!!  
    wanna swap? my crush dosent hate me yet, so it's not completly off?  
    too late... +1
    exactly (well emotional/phisical death, more like)  
    me too +5
    good work my apprentice +1
    i am male  
    im living it so far +107
    hey daddy, some kid at school is bugging me... +277
    GET them, riiiiight?  
    what have you been eating?  
    and TAKEN. :(  
    how about cream?  
    same here +8
    and WE get to be immortal...  
    R u angry? oh right its just the language...  
    go get three inches of lead in your head +1
    dancing ninja hobbits!  
    no, they clicked before they looked +4
    no we're not. At least we can spell. you can't even spell half a word right. its "faggot". means bundle of sticks, as in the stuff that you throw in the fire. idiot.  
    Plunder that scurvy landlubber!!! +2
    aka both at once, right? trolling level : millionare!!  
    bring 1 freind +1
    not me +7
    i'll hlp  
    a soul is a soul  
    best show ever  
    found the other already  
    well, there is minecraft and game piracy...  
    already found...  
    too true...  
    1 min now = 2 hours +1
    nup. laptop. sorry freind +3
    the pic not the other crap  
    the author is ------  
    But you can live in an apartment,speak to polite people and still eat your beloved bacon. and there are good places and game shops  
    not only america...  
    veyron SS  
    i chose after twenty hours of straight contemplation  
    two sabers? otherwise im changing  
    no longer 47!!  
    play halo onstage  
    Halo 4  
    correction = great  
    not locked?  
    no it isnt  
    nope. im christian, but fitting greek into genesis' place for it  
    Breath, why?  
    mee too  
    so infinite luck. oops  
    no Fudge cant spell Stalin  
    yea! the hell are people thinking!  
    best show in universe  
    what kind of slave, oh well, ESCAPE TME  
    no idea  
    im a firebender, so yea...  
    yup. my dad is camo'd into the wall  
    not the only survivor, idiot  
    i survived 32 zom apocalipses using only sports equipment, and im a gamer. BRING IT  
    i just left my talking skull date too close to the furnace...  
    as in..?  
    Dosent matter, i have halo 4 binary rifle noscoping to do  
    would you rather have God at your control or a kitten?  
    i might have some ideas...  
    oops, really?  
    once it has lots of blood from a head wound i'll click that  
    me too  
    i've met a vampire who often does both at the same time  
    up until shadow joined, then the entire mario cast is @#$!ed  
    MARIO CANT EVEN KILL BOWSER WITHOUT DYING LOTS AND AT LEAST 100 STARS. sonic gets more powerful with only seven gems  
    VERY high. 1.2 bil/yr  
    oh. damn.  
    i already beat norris thrice  
    the hell are these?  
    didn't say they couldn't grow up pretty/whatever girls say about boys  
    the innocent sentenced to death created a murderer that would then go free  
    i met him. vote pokemon  
    IOS NOOB!!!  
    im an airbender. does that break the rules??  
    it's called english! HEARD OF IT!!!!!!  
    umm... whats this centipede thing??  
    we can think  
    milkshakes, blended stuff  
    cant go wrong with the classics  
    bad reason. the pic is a means to an end  
    VEYRON!!!. Also it's actually worth about 1000 Camaros, at least here (postage and handling, all that jazz)  
    Sonic Adventure 2.  
    My photo? who put this here? wait no, wrong badass.  
    the hell!?  
    he's creepy, and beiber is probably the gay idol or something  
    dumbass gay vs. creepy guy. im not gay or stupid so i'll pass  
    and i could let it grow back  
    happens anyway  
    i see now.  
    50:50. :)  
    use hogwarts magic to apparate into Narnia. I DEFY YOU QUESTION!!!  
    pic on right more accurate  
    i dont like parites. and i can go on xbl or a chatsite and communicate  
    Climbing requires more effort  
    well, actually  
    well, actually,...  
    im not answering  
    spliter order. join me instead. i have cookies too. and video games.  
    neither. CHOCOLATE! BREAD! PORK!  
    42% DUMB! android menus are incompreshensible  
    come on, like this guy!  
    I agree my master  
    less now  
    stupid non-force-sensitives  
    sony + universal make movies  
    the hell you sick bastard  
    i thought the governments fixed that ages ago. i clicked man accidentally  
    record maker vs. liar. I SAY OBAMA  
    thats better. the other guy i replied to thinks we're fat  
    i use my fingers.  
    blue people movie was VERY bad. havent seen adaptation, but the katniss in my head was hotter. still...  
    can we possibly show a crush our reflection, with them added? nope? damn  
    small stuff or big stuff. uber simplified  
    get girl + 100 billion dollars. need nothing else  
    me too  
    nup. thats why it's the "other". girl you like that dosent really like u back  
    comment first. see totals  
    i'll get you a postcard. and a head.  
    romantic dinner. lol  
    i do live here  
    one second!! it dont say how long  
    i like my legs not bitten off too  
    hunger games. coming second.  
    emma made Hermione hot. still, i prefer the books  
    my phone, which does not exist  
    hate both  
    or i the one starting the fires??  
    i did it in 6. and made my story in the 20th games  
    ... :) also pirates hack pc games. console is always better. controls  
    Yes Master. Or try to take over the world  
    me too  
    sorry mate, no longer. we win  
    nor did they say the terrorists were mean  
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