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LEIK, ERMERGERD!!!!111!!!11

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Would you rather Have your last name be Shadow or Have your last name be Forest 4 years ago 222 votes 18 comments 0 likes

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Who needs math? 3 years ago  
F**k phones I have an iPad 3 years ago  
Slice apart the government of Africa and then sell the Lightsaber to save lives 3 years ago  
song A: Some crack addicted b**** Song B: Taylor Swift's "Most popular song" 3 years ago +1
Is this a dude question? 3 years ago  
Take it to the extreme 3 years ago  
Leik if u cri evryteim :,( 3 years ago  
A is getting old, no one seems to really make a big deal out of it when they get it anymore 3 years ago  
They don't give out any popcorn at the stadium 3 years ago  
Duh 3 years ago  
B is a hybrid of a reindeer, dog, fox, human, and cat. 3 years ago  
http://cdn.tasteofawesome.com/2012/3/9/tasteofawesome.com_217434_1331846261.jpg 3 years ago  
I dont see whats wrong 3 years ago  
What if my favorite food was sh*t? 3 years ago +3
All these stupid obvious questions want to make me hunt down the maker and go super yandere on 'em 3 years ago +65
On my ass 3 years ago  
Tough and gnarled ain't dat bad, I can block bullets with my tough ass hands 3 years ago  
I used to think candle wax tastes like vanilla, still kinda do 3 years ago  
But I have to ask something...if we are all unique, then there IS no normal. But then, normal would be the new unique, wouldn't it? 3 years ago +1
YouTube copiers 3 years ago  
Yahoo is only for emails!....oh wait, now everyone uses Gmail... 3 years ago  
Innys are hot damn 3 years ago  
90% clean?? D: I'd rather haev garbeg then only 90% clean!! >:[ 3 years ago  
Genius of happiness 3 years ago  
I'm so rich 3 years ago  
Oh sure. Try to figure it out. It's impossible. 4 years ago  
Questions where both options are the same aren't good questions. Be original. 4 years ago  
This time, A won. Unless if this question doesn't count. 4 years ago  
Well why should I care. This is a very dumb question. 4 years ago  
Life could be better, but I feel like I should complete this one first. 4 years ago +2
I cannot stand being controlled by somebody. If I have no will of my own, then time for a new life anyways. 4 years ago +1
Are there feathers at the bottom? 4 years ago +1
I just stared at it and was like ''What the hell is wrong with that guys face, this sucks'' 4 years ago +1
Potato chips 4 years ago  
Dumb question. 4 years ago  
Ok whatever 4 years ago  
Epic name, cool look 4 years ago +1
Probably never will. 4 years ago  
Both 4 years ago  
dat face 4 years ago  
Nice. 4 years ago  
Well....do you have bad internet connection? 4 years ago  
Can I sleep? 4 years ago  
Well, It's pure 50-50 anyways, so it doesn't matter. 4 years ago  
Alienware 4 years ago  
It sounds kinda badass 4 years ago  
''No 100% for you'' 4 years ago  
Both 4 years ago  
And come back to life as a water demon. 4 years ago  
You live in America you know 4 years ago  
Good thing I brought my machine gun, bazooka, and a dozen sticky grenades. 4 years ago  
With the resources, you could make a knife or sword or bow & arrow, so then you can kill the killer. 4 years ago  
We must not lose the creator 4 years ago +1
What if you hate dating, don't have a crush, don't care about hot people, and don't like celebrity? 4 years ago  
Antarctica is a tundra desert. 4 years ago  
I have an iPad, but no Cell Phone. 4 years ago  
More badass 4 years ago  
I like grapes 4 years ago  
In A, How are they my best friend then???? 4 years ago +161
I'll the the new Albert Einstein 4 years ago  
Zombies are stupider and easier to kill 4 years ago +1
I'll be an independent dog. If they force me to do anything I don't want to do I'll bite them. 4 years ago  
I'll never go to a fast food place again... 4 years ago  
Are you trying to be sexist or what? Just because this is a fact doesn't mean it about all women. 4 years ago +6
Screw One Direction 4 years ago +1
They are also very good computer brands 4 years ago  
But I think Asus and Windows 7 are also very good. 4 years ago  
Yeah, Alienware is also one of the best and fastest computer brands. Not everyone can afford it, though. 4 years ago  
You should buy Alienware.....if you have over $2000, that is. 4 years ago  
Haters gonna hate 4 years ago  
None 4 years ago  
I watched 5 seconds and already was like WTF???? 4 years ago  
If I wear something that I like but nobody else does, it's my choice and not their choice. They're gonna have to DEAL WITH IT. 4 years ago  
Even if he does become a slave, then he might die before he does, because of the sickness. 4 years ago  
What a stupid question 4 years ago  
Hey, that looks just like my little dog :D 4 years ago  
Screw them, the world doesn't have room for douches 4 years ago  
That skull is the background of my computer 4 years ago  
Dogs are my fav 4 years ago  
Looks cool 4 years ago  
Thanks 4 years ago  
Even though you might feel bad for letting patient 6 die, you'll still feel good that you saved 5 lives. Plus, if your a very skilled doctor, you might have been there a long time and might have done the same thing a few times already. 4 years ago +1
None 4 years ago  
Cheese Pizza 4 years ago  
WAFFLES FTW 4 years ago  
Breadsticks are really good, but donuts are my fav 4 years ago  
Over seven billion people on earth, and elephants are endangered. 4 years ago +4
If they try to kill me, I'll be like ''COME AT ME BRO'' 4 years ago +2
Cool looking pug 4 years ago  
I'd change it to Shadow. 4 years ago  
Earth is a sad, sad place. Tons of freedom on another planet is my idea of fun because there will be no more sexism, racism, or anything abusive or just plain @$$hole-like people that should have never been born that Earth has. I might take a few friends with me on the planet, too. 4 years ago +1
Jumping from high places is my favorite hobby 4 years ago  
Cookies are very good and I never really had burgers on my favorite list. 4 years ago +1
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