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    Sick Question.  
    Love Is Way Better Than Fame And I Like My Privacy!  
    I Stick Out My Tongue While Doing Physics BIATCH!  
    Using Window Since I Was 5 LOL.  
    I'm never noticed even if I'm behind someone poking them O_O  
    I'd Like To Try Gelato Or Pasta Instead Of Eating It From A Box :D  
    BRO FIST!!! :DDDDD  
    Who's Ms. Sirois? Either Way I'd Play Video Games  
    I Don't Like Wearing Dressing But I Don't Like Showing Off My Body Either :S  
    I Don't Watch Soccer But I've Heard About Barcelona At Least.  
    I Never Saw A Whale, But Toco Toucans Are Cool To :3  
    Natalie Tran And Jenna I Both Enjoy Equally But I Just Chose... :/  
    Sarah Doesn't Look That Bad Though :3  
    I Really Hope To Get Into Harvard!!! :D  
    I Don't Call Atheist Idiots Or Any Rude Names, I Believe In MY Religion In Which I CHOOSE To Believe. I Respect All Religions But I Respect Mine, Too. We Aren't Nuts Either. +3
    Cancer Has Killed Many People But Lots Have Survived, People Choose To Get Aids By Choosing To Have ALOT Of Sexual Activity.  
    I Don't Drink  
    I Don't Drink :/ But Smirnoff Seems Popular :3  
    We Already Live In A World Of Greed :(  
    Isn't This The Same Thing? Well Wealth Because I'd Be Rich With Privacy (I Hope)  
    I Love Movies But Books More, Mostly Anime Comics! :D  
    Oops Wrong One, I Meant Man, Because Then I Wouldn't Have Periods!!! D:  
    Am I The Only One That Picked It Because He Was So Cute? :D  
    Jacob . But I Am Not A Fan Of This Twligiht  
    I already do :3  
    Trees are alive because PLANTS are living things! :0  
    RESPECT is more better than being LIKED, I'm not really liked anyway.. :3  
    I always get caught singing anyways.  
    I'd rather break my own heart than see others in pain :(  
    Even Though I'm A Girl, I Love Mila Kunis Mostly In TED! :D  
    Horrible Question..  
    No Star-Bucks Stunts My Growth :3  
    Lose Weight. Simple As That.  
    Well, You Can Learn About Your Ancestors.  
    Save, It's Better To Pay Now Than Later.  
    Potter Fan :D  
    I Love Maroon 5, I've Heard Moves Like Jagger More Than 5,000 Times!  
    I Don't Like Mah Periods So Yah. :3  
    Can It Be A Intelligent Spouse?  
    I Will Stick In Believing God  
    I Really Don't Like Pranks :/  
    Life's Moments Cannot Be Forgotten. So I'd Rather Watch Itt.  
    My Asian Mother Loved This Question, Doctor Or Lawyer Is Fine.  
    Bless The 2 Firefighters Who Died In The Fire :(  
    it didn't say how many friends and i don't have the best friends... :3  
    i already do, :3  
    You may lose the 1,000,000 by wasting it.  
    I Don't Have Any Siblings But If I Could, I Would Save Them.  
    Retirement Homes Are Friendly And Don't Keep You In That Chain Jacket, I Would Hate To EVER Be In A Mental Institution. :*  
    It's like a book, you imagine it. I'd do that too.  
    That Picture Made Me Cry, Those Poor Children Starving While Others Only Think For Themselves I Wish The World Wasn't So Cruel  
    You Still Have Money.  
    At Least There Is No Violence And Harshness The World Is Way Too Harsh :(  
    Most Rich People Are Greedy Anyway And Don't Understand That They Can Help People In Need Such As A Homeless Person. :( Not All Rich People Are Greedy, Just Saying =/  
    is this actually A QUESTION?! :O  
    i can't decide i love both their beards :3  
    There is only 1 You.  
    mum already read my internet, diary, and other personal stuff. But i am Asian :P  
    did you see what THAT MONKEY DO TO THAT LADY'S FACE!!?!?!?! :O  
    I mean Harry Potter's world got AMAZING STUFF. I luv their books :D  
    you can hug Big dogs easier and Small dogs BARK ALL THE TIME... >-< SHUT UP ALREADY No Offense.  
    If i didn't OWN a PC i couldn't play the Sims 3 I'm not sure they have it on Mac.  
    I Am A Potter Fan :3 No A Twilight Fan  
    Pretty And Smart = Hermoine Granger !!! ;  
    Hermoine, I  
    knowledge is better :/  
    i'd be comfy at least :3  
    i don't like starbucks :P  
    Babies drank from their mothers breast, not all did but still it wouldn't be that bad and whats the difference? :3  
    I want privacy more than fame!  
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