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    I'll pick an owner who likes anime and who wants to be a millionaire so I can watch with them 18 hours ago  
    anime girls don't exist though 18 hours ago +3
    Me since I'm about 60% sure I've already had it so I'll have antibodies 18 hours ago  
    I'd really like to visit at some point 18 hours ago  
    I'd probably be concerned that I'm developing some sort of mental illness. 18 hours ago  
    Neither really lead anywhere for the most part 18 hours ago  
    You won’t remember me, I’m not even on the same account anymore but I remember seeing you around 1 day ago +1
    It’s been a nice spring so far 1 day ago  
    Less likely to cause a scene 1 day ago +1
    Tough, I wouldn’t be particularly happy about ripping my clothes but I can’t even get through an episode of Steven universe 1 day ago  
    I've never seen purple grapes look that dark though, those look way more blue than regular ones 1 day ago +1
    I almost got B a few months ago, went for a conch instead. Almost got A too but decided on a rook. 1 day ago  
    Nail clippers, nail polish 3 days ago  
    Sometimes I forget but I do quite a lot of the time. British weather's really unpredictable 5 days ago  
    I don’t remember anything from it so it’d be nice to experience what it was like again 5 days ago  
    I’ll get a tiny little dot 5 days ago  
    Maybe a 5 or 6. I’m by no means a trendy person and I won’t plan out outfits or anything like that but I do enjoy shopping 5 days ago  
    considering the amount of complaining I do about mine I suppose I can't really do B 6 days ago  
    I've never tried either, they don't exist here but I'm assuming A is near enough the same as wotsits so I'll go with that 6 days ago  
    I wouldn't mind trying one 6 days ago  
    I haven't had either before but I'm pretty sure there aren't any chipotle's near me 6 days ago +1
    I'd probably just give them an eye roll or something 6 days ago  
    Post corona, I can have a picnic whenever. I wouldn't have many chances to do A 1 week ago  
    10 years ago would be a bit too far back, I wouldn't be able to take it all in properly. I'd have more to gain from B. Ask her what to avoid, what my regrets are, what lottery numbers to use and that kind of thing. 1 week ago  
    I don't see any reason to switch 1 week ago  
    I think it'd begin with A and progress more into B 1 week ago +1
    Either? I suppose it depends on their gender and sexuality 1 week ago  
    A's a bit of a mouthful 1 week ago  
    I love ice cream 1 week ago +1
    What's with this same question showing up every other day? 1 week ago  
    No waifu, no laifu 1 week ago  
    He can have a bit but half's too much 1 week ago  
    Even with the win, I would've probably have still lost money depending on the amount I spent on buying the ticket 1 week ago  
    I saw Ariana and chose the other one 1 week ago  
    I really don't get the Sasuke hype 1 week ago  
    Congrats! 1 week ago +1
    Kids are smart. They’ll find out in a few years anyway so there’s no point in lying 1 week ago  
    I’m sure it has its benefits 1 week ago +1
    I’ll change my appearance a bit, maybe use a false name and go and live somewhere quiet 1 week ago  
    I'm at least an hour and a half away from a coast 2 weeks ago  
    I don't have a clue 2 weeks ago  
    We're all teenagers and adults here. I doubt anybody watches paw patrol 2 weeks ago +5
    It'd be sunny and warm most days, every now and again I'd have it rain 2 weeks ago +1
    I'm really picky with pizza but I love just about every kind of chicken nugget 2 weeks ago  
    I had one on my team on the first Pokémon game I ever played 2 weeks ago  
    It's probably my favourite one overall 2 weeks ago  
    Morals aside, it might taste alright 2 weeks ago  
    more interesting 2 weeks ago +1
    There's usually no need since I don't pass many people 2 weeks ago  
    I've been close to it before but I've never completely passed out 2 weeks ago  
    I’ll know for sure it’s definitely true that way 2 weeks ago +1
    They look like nice biscuits but the off brand versions 2 weeks ago  
    I do both but most of the time it's B 2 weeks ago  
    Misclick, A's asking such a thought provoking question there's no way it could be stupid 2 weeks ago +2
    It's a combination of reasons but mainly because there are too many contradictions and holes in holy books and I don't like the way God is presented. Also religion just doesn't really fit in with my views. 2 weeks ago  
    I'll play a louder song over the top or something 3 weeks ago  
    I'm not going to do A when I don't believe in the majority of Christianity myself. Hopefully the angry muslim's somewhat open to hearing my stance on B. Some of them are. 3 weeks ago +2
    It looks like it's facing away from the sun so I'm sure it would be cooler than A 3 weeks ago  
    Much more fun and useful 3 weeks ago +1
    Depends on if there's any additional problems going on and what their predicted grades are. I'd encourage them to push the bar high as they can but I wouldn't necessarily view it as a serious issue unless it's lower than their usual standards. 3 weeks ago  
    Definitely but I think I’ll wait a little bit before I do. I still need to get more use out of my PS4 and switch first. I’ve been bitter towards Xbox’s since my 360 broke and I just prefer the overall design and layout on PlayStation. 3 weeks ago +1
    I’ll take either one, both are delicious 3 weeks ago +1
    Not much change besides a gender swap 3 weeks ago  
    I didn't even know there was a new one 3 weeks ago  
    I wouldn't have much use for B 3 weeks ago  
    Cooler design and more useful in combat 3 weeks ago  
    I don't care enough about either of these people 3 weeks ago +1
    I see no downside 3 weeks ago  
    Tough but Margot just about wins for me 3 weeks ago  
    I've never had A, I'm not even sure if it exists in the uk but I do really enjoy getting krispy kreme 3 weeks ago  
    definitely 3 weeks ago +1
    Both aren't great but if I had to choose, I'd go for A. The tories continue to show time and time again how incompetent they are, especially with how they've handled the pandemic. 3 weeks ago  
    Himawari took him down in one blow so I'll take my chances 3 weeks ago  
    It doesn't get to the right temperature right away so I'd probably burn myself if I did B 3 weeks ago  
    better design 3 weeks ago  
    less random 3 weeks ago +1
    I'm sure it must've already happened to me at some point besides, I could probably debunk it. 3 weeks ago  
    It'd be quite useful and it'd be nice to use on good smells. I'd just end up becoming an even pickier eater with A and it'd probably put me off eating. 3 weeks ago  
    Not because I wouldn't want to, more so because I think I'd really struggle to 3 weeks ago  
    Tough choice, both are great. 3 weeks ago  
    B's really useless 3 weeks ago +1
    whichever is easier to get rid of 3 weeks ago +1
    It's disgusting. I've accidently bought it before thinking it was the normal one and I could've thrown up after unknowingly taking a sip. I love still water but I'm convinced sparkling water comes from Satan himself. 3 weeks ago +2
    I really enjoyed having one on my team the last time I played pokemon yellow 3 weeks ago  
    I don't like snow unless I'm just looking out the window. It's basically cold rain that makes the ground difficult to walk on especially when it turns icy afterwards. 4 weeks ago  
    I'd be happy with either but I'm more used to B happening. It means I can look forward to new episodes and get into a nice schedule too. 4 weeks ago  
    What won? I hope it was subway surfers or Crossy road 1 month ago  
    love them 1 month ago  
    Since I have a few piercings myself, I wouldn't mind 1 month ago  
    It'd be really helpful for tests and in classes 1 month ago +1
    L was such an interesting and unique character. If Ash actually got some consistent character development, maybe I would’ve liked him more than I did 1 month ago +1
    Most likely not unless there’s a massive turn around. Cinemas will probably be one of the last things to open up again. 1 month ago  
    Charlotte01. I was either 10 or 11 when I made mine too but it’s that embarrassing to look back at that there was no way I was willing to use it again. 1 month ago  
    A would probably end up killing me or something 1 month ago +1
    Eh, I dunno. They almost look the same 1 month ago  
    I don't find Ariana attractive at all personally 1 month ago +2
    On my old account, some of my questions don't show up but for the most part, they do 1 month ago  
    It depends who it is and if I feel like replying or not 1 month ago +1
    my favourite 1 month ago  
    It's a bit like fanta but it's slightly less sweet and has a bit more of a kick to it 1 month ago  
    I wouldn't want the follow up questions due to various reasons and besides, I'm quite a private person anyway 1 month ago  
    why don't you make a new one? 1 month ago  
    I'm pretty paranoid when it comes to viruses so it'd be good to be able to use sketchy looking sites without needing to be concerned over getting them 1 month ago  
    I'd like it in the afterlife but not right now 1 month ago  
    It probably wouldn't even work just like most of the other features on this site 1 month ago +2
    There's no point in me having super speed if I'll barely be able to use it 1 month ago  
    I'm tired of getting adverts for it 1 month ago +1
    Regular bananas taste horrible so never mind the ones with spots on 1 month ago +1
    China’s been too shady with the whole thing for my liking and I’ve been wanting to go to Italy at some point anyway 1 month ago +3
    The conditions were much better so as long as I manage not to die, I’d go for B 1 month ago +1
    Hmm I dunno, probably not. It’d alter history way too much and I don’t like the uncertainty of how things would change 1 month ago  
    I’d really love both but A would be such a great experience 1 month ago +3
    Oh I remember Shane talking about this and no it's strange looking 1 month ago  
    Already am for the most part 1 month ago +1
    My regular schedule was stressful enough. A would be horrible and would probably really bother me for a long time but I think I'd probably end up failing school and getting ill with B 1 month ago +1
    Yeah, the women here don't exist really despite what the pink female icon next to our names may suggest 1 month ago +4
    I saw the wasp and instantly chose the other one 1 month ago +2
    I know it's not quite the same but you could always get a paddling pool 1 month ago  
    5 1 month ago  
    usually 1 month ago  
    I'd rather just ignore then both 1 month ago  
    To be honest, it's still bad but I don't hate it as much as I did when it came out 1 month ago +1
    You've made some questions that aren't about ascending or girls being hot so that automatically puts you to at least a 6 1 month ago  
    Oh yeah, that's a good point. You'd probably have to wear goggles every time 1 month ago +1
    We don't have all that much to go off yet since a lot of albums have been pushed back because of corona and since we're only 4 months into the decade 1 month ago  
    I don't like hot drinks anyway 1 month ago  
    At night you just turn the brightness down 1 month ago +1
    I didn’t eat it to begin with 1 month ago  
    I don’t think I was in the first 10 but if you add more, I’d love to be in it 1 month ago  
    I’m not doing it, I’m just waiting for college to start now 1 month ago  
    I don't get why people like dark mode so much. Light mode's much easier on the eyes and more pleasant to look at 1 month ago +1
    He's Perry, Perry the platypus 1 month ago +1
    With my acting skills, I’d ruin the film 1 month ago +1
    I haven’t watched it in ages but I used to enjoy watching it every now and again 1 month ago  
    probably teleportation 1 month ago +1
    No, you have to work at things. You can't be flat out bad at everything with zero room to improve. If you're initially bad and it doesn't come naturally to you then usually you just need to put a lot more effort in and actually do something to change it. 1 month ago +1
    Even if you don't have a lot of natural talent, you can still get good at a lot of things if you work at them 1 month ago +1
    whoops, misclick. I've never been anywhere where I've had to do it naked if that's what you mean but I always shower in a swimming costume if I've been to a public pool without any issues so 0 1 month ago +1
    It'd be a pain to have to carry around ID everywhere and it'd probably be difficult to date since you still look like a child at 14. 1 month ago +1
    I'd probably like some aspects of the job 1 month ago  
    After 20 years, I probably wouldn't feel as strongly and there might've been a decent reason behind my parents being against it. Besides, if I'm with someone else, I'd want to stay committed to them. 1 month ago +3
    I'm going to throw you a bone here and assume it's either you in the photo or that you had completely innocent, Christian intentions when you used the word cute. 1 month ago +3
    Just to let you know, the reply button exists. 1 month ago  
    Actually, I'd probably go for B. I have enough trouble posting to my youtube regularly as it is 1 month ago  
    No idea. I was a regular under a different account back when this site was good but I left for a few years and missed the part where everyone else left too 1 month ago  
    As long as it's somewhere without many tourists 1 month ago +1
    seems quite retro yet modern at the same time 1 month ago  
    neither, kpop is trash 1 month ago +3
    She's really pretty in both 1 month ago  
    more useful and I'm probably less likely to get hurt 1 month ago  
    A looks like it'd run off with me and leave me stranded somewhere 1 month ago +1
    Can I get a caravan? 1 month ago +1
    I'm not selfish enough to do that, they would no doubt have other commitments and people in their lives on earth who would be devastated 1 month ago  
    You can generally tell if people don't like a question by looking at the comments. 1 month ago  
    Questions get looked at and approved after a few days anyway so B would be pretty useless. Up and down votes on questions would be a nice feature to have though 1 month ago  
    Both are bad but A's a bit more accurate 1 month ago  
    He can use a landline, I don't have a clue about anything else though 1 month ago  
    I don't even mind the quarantine. It's been relaxing, I've got to catch up on and try out new things and the days go really fast 1 month ago +1
    I enjoy learning languages and I'm hoping to learn more in the future anyway 1 month ago  
    It doesn't exist anymore 1 month ago  
    sounds delicious 1 month ago +1
    I bite my tongue far too much for A, I'd probably end up bleeding to death within a week 1 month ago +1
    I just won't throw it that hard 1 month ago  
    What's the difference? 2 months ago +2
    I don't see why there's such a big demand for B, you may as well just get an ipad. Smaller phones are more practical and easier to carry. 2 months ago  
    I haven't watched any of bleach but as far as Naruto goes, it was my favourite arc from the show 2 months ago  
    Maybe I should try watching it again sometime but I haven't liked what I've seen of it. 2 months ago  
    misclick, I was an only child for a really long time so of course I was 2 months ago  
    I agree. I got really into Nujabes' music after watching the show 2 months ago  
    hates the minorities 2 months ago +2
    he seems nice 2 months ago  
    wasn't it from someone eating a bat and animals being kept in poor conditions though 2 months ago +1
    whoever makes the boxing questions and the film questions. Dunno what I'd be resetting in B. 2 months ago +1
    5 or 6. Had to leave my final year of school a few months early,I can't do my exams which is quite a change and a big family event's been cancelled too but that's as far as it really goes. Not being able to go out much and not being able to get takeaways is annoying but it isn't a major problem realistically 2 months ago  
    my fingers can't even bend the right way to do B 2 months ago  
    kitchen roll it is 2 months ago  
    Don't you just wash everywhere in the shower? 2 months ago  
    I must get adverts for it at least 3 times a day and it makes me not want to download it 2 months ago  
    That's not to say the world should go vegan but yes, we probably wouldn't have this pandemic if we were 2 months ago  
    Of course, not eating bats would've been a good start but the bigger issue was with how the Chinese government dealt with it. If they didn't censor information about it and put travel bans in place quickly then I don't think we'd all be sat in quarantine on the other side of the world 2 months ago  
    Why? Don't I just have to cross my arms and grab my sides? 2 months ago  
    I'll just hug myself instead, problem solved 2 months ago  
    It depends completely on the circumstances. 2 months ago  
    easy choice 2 months ago  
    Now you've made me really want a brownie 2 months ago  
    We don’t exist really 2 months ago  
    You must be a year 11 too then. Well, I hope you don't still want to die now that they have been and I hope you enjoyed your last day yesterday 2 months ago  
    Oh then I still choose A 2 months ago +1
    wow sounds wild. What do they stream on, twitch? 2 months ago  
    Oh they stream? I feel so out the loop here 2 months ago  
    If I picked 1990 for example, does that mean I'd be stuck in 1990 forever or would time continue on into 1991 and so on with me just needing to relive every year again? 2 months ago +1
    I'm sure it'd feel like a bee sting considering how little they are 2 months ago +1
    Is that you and him in pic A 2 months ago  
    Considering it's most of what our body's made up and what we drink to survive, I'm glad 2 months ago  
    I don't have any real preference though. For most of these I've voted on which picture has the more attractive guy in it and most of them have been tough choices 2 months ago  
    That would be my choice too, great minds think alike 2 months ago  
    I only ever use A if I've searched something into google and somehow end up there for the answer 2 months ago  
    I wouldn't trust it, it doesn't sound safe enough 2 months ago  
    Can we stop the coronavirus questions? They're getting annoying now 2 months ago +3
    Maybe like on my hair or at the end of my fingernail 2 months ago  
    mining away 2 months ago  
    I'm just annoyed about the government not doing things sooner and my GCSE's getting cancelled. I was really hoping to up my grades in them 2 months ago  
    It's a combination of both 2 months ago  
    How do you get a black eye from a trampoline? 2 months ago  
    No change 2 months ago +1
    Might be subjective. There are plenty of people in history where it's debated if the person and their choices were generally bad or good 2 months ago  
    I haven't really used either very much though 2 months ago  
    only because we see A far too much 2 months ago  
    There must be something that you can't buy but you van probably get the vast majority of things 2 months ago  
    I like it, wish I could play the piano that well 2 months ago +1
    If I had to do it full time then B but if it was just for an on the side thing then A 2 months ago +1
    I've possibly already had it but since the NHS is barely testing anyone, I doubt I'll find out 2 months ago  
    I know it would've been impractical but if we didn't let anyone in and out of any countries for a month or so while the initial outbreak happened, I think the problem would be much smaller now and most of it would still be in China 2 months ago  
    It doesn't matter if I get it really. If anything, I'm more worried about not being able to buy toilet roll, having things get cancelled and my GCSE's and long summer being thrown off because of it 2 months ago +1
    Haha, I wish I were a hot model. I like my appearance but it's probably just because I live with myself 24/7 and it grew on me after a while. I'm sure the rest of the world would rate me 4 or 5 tops but I might do a face reveal one day just for fun. 2 months ago  
    I agree, especially when you know they're expecting you to consolidate them and tell them how great they look. 2 months ago  
    I mean, there are a few things I'd tweak if I had the option but it's nothing I can't live with and for the most part, I do quite like my appearance. I'm definitely a lot less insecure about my looks than a lot of people are, that's for sure. 2 months ago  
    16 2 months ago  
    Really good question. I see: ilovefreedom being the bully, Riley, guests and actualfrisk being the annoying ones who get bullied, usmac being popular one, gtc26 being the funny one, whoever makes the boxing questions being the nonce, me being the shy one, asthomasa, silverhawk and onex being the somewhat quiet but generally well-likes ones, shadow quincy, Robert and elisae being the smart ones. 2 months ago +1
    Economic gain and fame for the most part 2 months ago  
    I don't have a clue about him but he'd probably be a tory so no 2 months ago +1
    Please can we go back to making real questions rather than whatever this kind of thing is that keeps appearing 2 months ago +4
    That seems pretty pointless then but hey, at least you got the day off 2 months ago  
    Only because Clyde looks a bit like young Justin Bieber 2 months ago  
    Frankie looks chill 2 months ago +1
    I suppose it was bound to happen. Do you know when they'll be letting you back? 2 months ago  
    I actually have a bit of a thing for people with the emo appearance. Chavs on the other hand, I'm definitely not interested in 2 months ago  
    Cringey. Seems like something which belongs in 2009 and should've stayed there 2 months ago  
    What would you suggest they do? 2 months ago  
    My passport’s out of date anyway 2 months ago +1
    mine too 2 months ago  
    Yes but that doesn't mean I found the site in 2019. I had an account before this one, left for a few years and re-joined on this one. I didn't want to continue using Charlotte01 since I was a lot younger back then so the account's a bit cringe worthy. Because I had been gone for a while and I'm a bit older now, starting again just seemed fitting. 2 months ago  
    Around 5 or 6 years ago 2 months ago  
    People put “neither” in the comments anyway 2 months ago  
    I already do accept both of them as much as I can 2 months ago  
    Steven universe is terrible and the fan base is just as bad 2 months ago  
    Is that you with in the photo with etika? 2 months ago  
    I’ve had one or two given to me for birthday gifts but I don’t drink hot drinks so there’s no point in having an entire collection 2 months ago  
    I liked some lady gagas songs but I grew up being a fan of Katy Perry and I’ve listened to much more of her music 3 months ago  
    From what I've seen he seems popular but I don't really know much about American politics to say for sure 3 months ago  
    I think it's more just a personality and situational thing than a whole new gender 3 months ago  
    Bananas are actually one of the worst things I’ve ever tried 3 months ago  
    I’ll do it on a non school uniform day and go in a dress 3 months ago +2
    Whoops, my mistake, I meant to put B 3 months ago  
    It's like they don't realise that saying "no loopholes" won't stop people from doing it regardless 3 months ago +1
    The medical field would become way too oversaturated with people looking for a quick job and people who are actually passionate about it would struggle to find work. I think it'd make it easier for people to obtain medication they don't necessarily need too. 3 months ago +2
    get a restraining order 3 months ago  
    Hopefully she'd do the same for me in return 3 months ago +1
    Either wouldn't be that bad. No one would search my name anyway but there won't be much to look at in my photos and I don't have anything bad in my history. For B, I could always just use a laptop, mp3 and tablet to do what I do on my phone and a landline if I need to make calls 3 months ago  
    Both happen to me from time to time 3 months ago  
    Doing something different might be nice instead of doing B all day like usual 3 months ago  
    I haven’t heard anything from A bit I really like B 3 months ago  
    easy choice 3 months ago  
    I have singles on my lobes, 2 helix a rook and a conch 3 months ago  
    Only as a child, it's not something anybody should be doing as an adult or teen though 3 months ago  
    B sounds like he could be a bit of a prick 3 months ago  
    I don’t particularly like them either to be honest 3 months ago +1
    The way it’s suppose to be 3 months ago +1
    Do I get to decide where on me the weight goes? 3 months ago  
    I don't remember a great deal from 2008, only bits and pieces 3 months ago  
    She's a bit hit and miss for me but I've always hated Taylor Swift 3 months ago  
    My mind's always blank in the shower, never mind thinking about arguments 3 months ago  
    No, not to my knowledge but I haven’t been on this site in 3 or 4 years. Why, has something kicked off between you two? 3 months ago +1
    Du-reaction but B’s close enough. I used to say A though 3 months ago  
    Start an only fans 3 months ago  
    harass minority groups 3 months ago +3
    That's kind of the point I was trying to make, I probably just didn't word it very well. A lot of the time, people's minds go right to discrimination or hate when the word racism is brought up and people sometimes overlook things a lot of us do like joking or associating things with different races which is why I think a lot of people voted for disagree. Most people are racist but it's usually nothing too serious. 3 months ago  
    What am I suppose to do with B? 3 months ago  
    I think most people are but in a lot of cases, it’s innocent and extremely minimal mostly either being jokes or stemming from what we’re viewing in society rather than coming from a place of hatred. 3 months ago  
    To an extent, depends on the circumstances 3 months ago  
    Tough choice 3 months ago  
    Slightly less rain for the most part 3 months ago  
    I’ll probably just did in an even worse way if I choose B 3 months ago  
    Thanks, cheers, nice one, much appreciated, ta, arigato, gracias 3 months ago  
    I don’t even know him but I’ll take it over A 3 months ago  
    I love this show and it seems like it’d be so much more fun 3 months ago  
    I’m sure it’s probably more profitable 3 months ago  
    More important 3 months ago  
    I like both but right at this moment in time, I can’t be bothered to do anything too taxing 3 months ago  
    I’ll pick my appendix or a tonsil since I don’t need them 3 months ago  
    For the majority of the time I get decent marks so it wouldn’t happen as frequently as A 3 months ago  
    It’s a grade/score 3 months ago +2
    Isn't this question already on the homepage? 3 months ago +1
    Easier to get rid of through surgery 3 months ago  
    No, my thighs are massive 3 months ago  
    Small cliff with a harness on and onto a trampoline 3 months ago  
    It's still apart of Europe 3 months ago +2
    It’s everything else that comes with winter though. Shorter days, snow turning to ice, illness, winter blues, not being able to go out so much 3 months ago  
    I feel like a bad person but I like jewellery too much 3 months ago +1
    I like spring because It's just starting to get warm again and you can put away your gloves and thick winter clothes. Longer days, feeling well and everything being in bloom 3 months ago  
    I don’t understand how anyone could prefer winter 3 months ago  
    Not everything would need to be salty, there are plenty of other flavours 3 months ago  
    I have chapped lips for the majority of the year anyway 3 months ago +1
    That’s alright, I don’t mind warm water instead 3 months ago +4
    I can walk decently fast and besides, it'd mean I wouldn't get motion sick as easily 3 months ago  
    I think we ALL would rather Victoria Justice 3 months ago  
    Then I just won't attend any 3 months ago  
    It'd look like something out of a cartoon and I don't think a butterflies would be as likely to attack me. 3 months ago  
    It’s no good being strong if I don’t have my hands free to lift anything with 3 months ago  
    Bouncy 3 months ago  
    Bungee jumping 3 months ago  
    You can tell a guy who doesn’t have much knowledge when it comes to women made the question considering how sexist both options come across 3 months ago  
    A would freak me out too much. I think I could get used to tinnitus though since it doesn’t bother me too much when I get ear ringing from colds or illnesses 3 months ago  
    I’ll just hold it in 3 months ago  
    I actually don’t know, I work so hard in a lot of cases but I’m also probably the laziest person I know at the same time 3 months ago  
    I’ll probably get heat stroke or something but wet socks would be horrible 3 months ago  
    Misclick, it’ll be easier to get back home again with B 3 months ago  
    Depends what I’m lying about or what I’m crying about 3 months ago  
    Well since storm Dennis is suppose to be happening, it’s not great 3 months ago  
    Omg don’t make me choose 3 months ago +1
    It's been the best year I've had in a while and so far, 2020's letting me down 3 months ago  
    1,2,3,4, I declare a thumb war 3 months ago  
    fun 3 months ago  
    Both are iconic quotes here but you see A on other sites more than B 3 months ago +1
    Bisexual but I suppose I'm slightly closer to the gay end so I'll vote B 3 months ago  
    Whoops, misclick. It’d be much easier to take a genuine interest in A 3 months ago +1
    No. Even though it’s dying, I quite like this site 3 months ago +2
    Never had B but I love kfc 3 months ago  
    Looks more fun 3 months ago  
    Obviously. Who does A? 3 months ago  
    I actually use them both interchangeably but I think I say you more 3 months ago  
    Since I don’t have one, I wouldn’t know but probably B 3 months ago  
    fish and chips 3 months ago  
    It's kind of like A just a lot smaller. You join and post in different communities like you would a sub reddits. 3 months ago  
    No contest. It’d make my entire week 3 months ago  
    I’m so afraid of A happening if I ever need surgery 3 months ago +1
    I was thinking more along the lines of WW3 but sure, climate change works 3 months ago  
    Oh I’ve never called it that, I didn’t even realise it was the same game 3 months ago +1
    well what do you call it then? 3 months ago  
    Only because the world might not even last 1,000 more years 3 months ago +1
    5 or a 6. For the most part, I’m nice to everyone but I can be short tempered if I’m in a bad mood or I’m dealing with someone who’s being problematic 3 months ago  
    *sh*t tier 3 months ago +3
    Crown? 3 months ago  
    That’d cost a bomb after a few days since you’d need to start replacing the clothes you’ve cut 3 months ago  
    Why not? It isn’t toilet roll but it’d still work. 3 months ago  
    Yeah that's true but unless I'm at some sort of exotic bird sanctuary, I think the most dangerous thing that'll be around me is a crow. I'll just carry some bird seed and chuck it in the other direction to get them away if I think I'll be in major danger 3 months ago  
    No, I’m sure it isn’t pleasant but I’ve never hear about anyone being killed by pigeons before 3 months ago  
    Well you don’t ever really keep completely still anyway and besides, the sun’s never out 3 months ago  
    Seems slightly less dangerous 3 months ago  
    Just use kitchen roll or fold it up 3 months ago  
    Maple syrup would probably get on my clothes and feel uncomfortable 3 months ago  
    what crush? 3 months ago  
    I see stories like that come up way to often, the selfishness of some people is astonishing 3 months ago  
    Both are nice but I like the new one a bit more 3 months ago +1
    They both sound like great career options 3 months ago  
    I don't hate it as much as I used to 3 months ago  
    I don't know if I'd be able to pull them away because they'd probably try to resist but I suppose I'd try to 3 months ago +1
    I think I'll pass, I'm happy with zero two being my pic 3 months ago  
    If I knew I would be getting paid for it, I think I could easily get through a few hundred jumping jacks a day. B would be too difficult 3 months ago  
    An opera would be boring to me bot a sports event could be quite enjoyable 3 months ago  
    2003 3 months ago  
    Neither. 3 months ago +1
    Only chavs smoke weed where I am 3 months ago  
    I haven’t tried either so I don’t have a clue 3 months ago  
    How does one speak Muslim? 3 months ago  
    As an on the side thing to whatever else I’m doing 3 months ago  
    It irritates me so much when I get the same advert more than twice 3 months ago  
    The person I have in mind was the one who tried to groom me and get me to send nudes on my old account when I was like 11 but I’m sure he isn’t here anymore 3 months ago  
    Definitely, the questions don’t show up on the newest page as quickly as they used to either so it’s quite annoying when a new one pops up and it’s “who’s the hottest girl” or questions dumb like that 3 months ago +1
    If YouTube got deleted then something new would be created quite quickly 3 months ago +1
    The spelling on B doesn't look right 3 months ago  
    :( 3 months ago +1
    Haha I know you’re not, I meant North Carolina. It just sounds like such a strange case. 3 months ago  
    wait, what? That's actually real? 3 months ago  
    ;( 3 months ago  
    Obviously. 3 months ago  
    The photo for B is so fitting 3 months ago +4
    boys don't HAVE to participate in nnn 3 months ago  
    It's not like I'll be going to space any time soon to test out A 3 months ago  
    16 3 months ago  
    there isn't a great deal of difference 3 months ago  
    A would take days to do and I assume it includes eyelashes, eyebrows and the hair on my head so I'll go with B 3 months ago  
    Greg’s so iconic and unique 3 months ago +1
    I really like Degrassi but I've never been able to get into Glee 3 months ago  
    What’s so special about him? I imagine he’s near enough the same as bear grylls 4 months ago  
    Neither really. I don’t even know who B is but he looks outdoorsy and I’m not too keen on that kind of thing 4 months ago  
    It does my head in being around overly needy people so I wouldn’t want to be one 4 months ago  
    What an underrated mad lad 4 months ago  
    Much quicker and can be painless if it’s done correctly 4 months ago  
    Less dangerous 4 months ago +1
    You’d die faster 4 months ago +3
    Nearly everyone does it to some extent, it’s not a big deal for the most part 4 months ago  
    What is it anyway? Is it like Chuck E cheese or something? 4 months ago  
    Misclick, I’ll use kitchen roll 4 months ago  
    Curse you perry the platypus! 4 months ago  
    I yawn and have my eyes water from it way more than I do B 4 months ago  
    I cant stand B, it's nearly as bad as friends 4 months ago  
    B would be really useful, A I wouldn't want 4 months ago  
    ill keep my eyes closed as much as I can 4 months ago  
    Can you ask a proper question? 4 months ago +1
    Both are boring 4 months ago  
    with the switch, you can have both! 4 months ago  
    I'm not too open when it comes to sexuality so B would be a nightmare 4 months ago  
    Watch anime, gaming, doing puzzle books 4 months ago  
    Even though you made the question, you’re still going to have to evaluate both options and form an opinion the way any other voter would. Therefore, unless you purely want to see the outcome and other people’s opinions without your vote being included in the percentage, I don’t think it matters too much if a creator to vote on their own question 4 months ago  
    You had me confused when I read it the first time, I assumed it was how Americans say it or something 4 months ago  
    Pih-rah-mid 4 months ago  
    I haven’t had either 4 months ago  
    I don’t necessarily mind B but with A, clicking on a video that’s got nothing to do with what you expect is flat out annoying 4 months ago +1
    I don't care about other people's disagreements or defending my country enough to die for it. Besides, I'm positive I wouldn't even get through basic training 4 months ago  
    Well 10 years ago I was still in primary school.10 years from now, I’ll be 26 so I want to be in a decent job I suppose 4 months ago  
    Both sound cool but you have so many different options and things you can experience with B 4 months ago  
    If it wasn’t so painful I’d pick B but for now, I’m more than happy to switch to A 4 months ago  
    I just want to see a bit more variety in the newest page again and to have actual questions to vote on again rather than a rigged contest between mostly inactive users and people who I haven’t really heard of filling the page 24/7 5 months ago +2
    I’m gonna place my bets on the 2040’s 5 months ago  
    That's a really tough one 5 months ago  
    Is B still around? 5 months ago  
    hmm, I suppose so 5 months ago  
    Nope, just the cover art for a brilliant album 5 months ago +2
    I only use dailymotion if I want to watch something that isn’t on YouTube for copyright 5 months ago +2
    I can’t deal with spice at all 5 months ago  
    Misclick. I know it’s hard to prove someone did it or someone is lying about it but if you can completely prove she made it up then her sentence should be just as long as what it would be for an actual rapist 5 months ago  
    I’m not observant enough to even notice B 5 months ago  
    Travel sized 5 months ago  
    Vegetarian I can understand but Vegan? No. Just seems like a reason to put your health at risk and starve your body of certain nutrients 6 months ago  
    There’s no point in even going if you don’t learn anything 6 months ago  
    You’d still get to daydream and control your thoughts 6 months ago  
    Time to find a sugar daddy 6 months ago  
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