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Is florida a nice state yes or no 6 years ago 266 votes 33 comments 0 likes
Which one of these images looks cooler? This one or This one 6 years ago 283 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be A dumb anti-racist or A smart racist 6 years ago 234 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Which are more annoying People who think they're better than you or Stupid people acting like they're smart 6 years ago 251 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date a White Girl or Black Girl 6 years ago 574 votes 49 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in Iran or North Korea 6 years ago 191 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Inferiority Complex or Superiority Complex 6 years ago 208 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do you live in USA or Rest of the world 6 years ago 254 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Do you like Lil Wayne? Yes or No 6 years ago 217 votes 9 comments 0 likes

_____ has posted the following comments:

Shut up. 6 years ago  
Black. 6 years ago +1
I got suspended from school because I got up and left the classroom mid-class so my parents took my damn Xbox away. Don't care, have the f*cking computer. 6 years ago  
China would be so much better without those f*cking commies. 6 years ago  
Lil Wayne is a good guy! 6 years ago +1
F*ck! Wish I could change name. 6 years ago  
F*ck school! 6 years ago  
>Implying funmaster is any better 6 years ago +1
Assume moar, fat boy. Who has a default windows picture as his avatar. LOL. 6 years ago  
Yes they are 6 years ago  
I don't know, I was born in 2001. 6 years ago  
Who? 6 years ago  
I want anyone who chose option B to reply to this comment why, bring it on. 6 years ago  
*facepalm* 6 years ago +5
Yummy 6 years ago  
trdg 6 years ago  
Lucky you :) 6 years ago +1
How old are you? 6 years ago  
Stop commenting, please. 6 years ago  
Sod = Grass. Dumbass. 6 years ago  
What are you talking about? 6 years ago  
I thought South Florida was more latino? Here in North Florida, it's 90% white. 6 years ago  
I am not aware of this term known as a"Troll". May you explain it to me? 6 years ago  
He obviously means CP. Dumbass. 6 years ago  
Incorrect. A 4 year old can break you. 6 years ago  
Damn mighty fine! 6 years ago  
I hate talking to other humans. 6 years ago  
Wow how original. Shoot yourself pathetic guest. 6 years ago  
Yeah, I've seen lots of cunts before. Why? 6 years ago +3
You are a broken crayon. 6 years ago  
Racists make valid points, non-racists just say we're all equal even though that is untrue and assumption. 6 years ago  
If I choose option A, i'm going to end up being a serial killer. 6 years ago +15
ROFL. 6 years ago  
Have you never played BO2? It's totally different than any other CoD. 6 years ago +1
Honestly, 5. You'd be outside having fun exploring places and not giving a damn about drama because in Elementary school you don't have that. Plus the work was easy, even with that mindset I still got A's. Hell, for half of the day in Kindergarten all you do is draw/color. Life was better then. You have nothing to worry about. 6 years ago +1
I hate other people. 6 years ago  
You're going to get some serious injuries either way, so that sucks dicks. 6 years ago  
Who's that? 6 years ago  
I don't get how people camp. Whenever I hide in a corner someone always runs in and kills me. 6 years ago  
Easy kills. Damn right. 6 years ago  
Nothing to be ashamed about, you'll get better. I used to get 1 kill 20 deaths in MW3 now I'm getting it the other way around. 6 years ago  
Nothing wrong with it, it's just a preference. Don't listen to a lot of people on the internet, so many are stupid. :/ 6 years ago  
I'm 11. 6 years ago  
Imagine if I was related to Hitler. 6 years ago +2
What? 6 years ago  
You're screwed either way. 6 years ago  
I tell the truth, don't like it? DEAL WITH IT. I love my pic. 6 years ago  
It's called Yellow Fever. Look it up. 6 years ago +1
With no head you wouldn't feel nearly as much sensitivity. Would suck. 6 years ago  
Who the hell is Honey Boo Boo? 6 years ago  
I'm telling the damn truth. 6 years ago  
I would never touch a black girl. I'm on your side this time, bro. 6 years ago  
Yeah you do. You know deep down you do. 6 years ago +1
I'm racist too. Would just be another similarity between us. 6 years ago +3
As far as I'm concerned, he's a perfectly normal human being asking a fairly good question. 6 years ago +2
Who cares? 6 years ago +3
Well that would suck. 6 years ago  
Who the hell doesn't? 6 years ago  
Black girls are so underrated. All they want are white whores. Most haven't probably even dated a black girl before. 6 years ago +4
I'm sure being racist means you hate a race. 6 years ago  
How does this make me racist at all? 6 years ago  
Warning : You can't leave Best Korea. 6 years ago +4
Wait for the one "I'm an atheist" comment. 6 years ago +2
Clay models? Really? 6 years ago  
Napking. Lol. 6 years ago +1
Who cares about sandwiches. 6 years ago  
Don't argue with me then, make truce, and maybe I'll begin to like you as a person. 6 years ago  
I don't see what the problem is if the government is used for good. inb4 roryg trying to troll me 6 years ago  
It's honestly a smarter choice, since you can purchase better things with larger amounts of money. 6 years ago  
Turning my own insults on me once again. Now I'm sure you aren't even smart enough to create your own material. Thus making you less intelligent then the majority of the human race. 6 years ago  
I would do option A any day. 6 years ago  
God, who knows where that could end up... 6 years ago +2
Wow, you're so smart. Why did you respond to my comment knowing you're looking retarded? You can't even come up with an insult, so you have to turn mine on me. Get a life, kid. 6 years ago  
People are so retarded. 6 years ago  
I have fun with trolls, they are great people. 6 years ago  
Inferiors pollute this intrnet, dammit. 6 years ago  
kid are you that butthurt you have to follow me 6 years ago  
idiots pollute the interweb 6 years ago  
kangaroos is that australian dollar/ 6 years ago +1
who said its gold 6 years ago +1
you too 6 years ago  
shut up its the internet 6 years ago  
i dont wanna 6 years ago  
I find it funny you can't come up with a counterargument so you have to result to correcting my grammar and spelling mistakes which I did on purpose just to laugh at you. 6 years ago  
its the internet bich not english class 6 years ago  
beautiful 6 years ago +2
i hate guests 6 years ago  
I only get homework in 2 classes anyway, and 1 is extremely easy. The other, not so much. But imagine what you can do with a half day, you get 3 more hours of freedom. 6 years ago +1
must be hard for girls 6 years ago +1
yea 6 years ago  
life is awesome 6 years ago  
gold is worth more 6 years ago  
poptarts are so good 6 years ago +1
depends 6 years ago +3
great idea man 6 years ago  
sucks people get told so early i found out at 11 6 years ago  
sux for you no magic christmas's like i had until 10 6 years ago  
my friend is the same haha hes atheist 6 years ago  
bo2 6 years ago  
the feeling of peeing after holding it in for minutes 6 years ago +5
guys just replace man with girl 6 years ago  
she has bigger boobies 6 years ago +3
lol both 6 years ago +1
how bout be insivable when i want 6 years ago +1
its not gay if 2 guys are fcking a girl 6 years ago  
lol breaking a finger can easily be fixed 6 years ago  
stupid since no one else can see them move 6 years ago  
dam im not gay but i want to vote on every question 6 years ago +1
ficking sucks 6 years ago  
cartoon 6 years ago  
but ive never seen a girl wear dat before 6 years ago  
it looks like she has dots over her nipples on both pictures haha 6 years ago  
i didnt want to read the authors comment 6 years ago +3
lol people would get pissed at me 6 years ago +1
wat are you saying 6 years ago  
sometimes i skip the question then pick the choice that has less votes 6 years ago  
does music count 6 years ago +4
42 votes not much people vote 6 years ago  
ill be rich 6 years ago +1
quiet any day 6 years ago +1
i liked B's picture better 6 years ago +1
picture A looked cooler 6 years ago +1
dam finland and their in the pacific ocean hes gonna have to go far lol 6 years ago  
yes it is 6 years ago  
i do that 6 years ago  
damn wish i could change my choice 6 years ago  
so dam many 6 years ago  
i like cartoons 6 years ago  
screw everyone else 6 years ago  
thats weird 6 years ago  
chrystals are minerals 6 years ago +3
dam that sucks 6 years ago  
i dont know 6 years ago  
their video game character 6 years ago  
whats the difference 6 years ago  
harder to build 6 years ago +1
what am i going to with a gold toilet 6 years ago  
why hatee 6 years ago  
wat the guy below said 6 years ago +2
stuuuipid 6 years ago +4
im not gay 6 years ago  
dam 6 years ago +2
easy 6 years ago +2
kkk 6 years ago  
no 6 years ago  
kn d 6 years ago  
Get embarrassed or the the hardest erection of my life? Hmm.. 6 years ago +2
Can't say the same for you. I hate it when people put numbers in their name. 6 years ago  
Damn..Thought it said "Animal Fighting be Illegal". I must read more carefully next time to ensure I don't vote wrong again. 6 years ago +2
Zombies aren't very fast (in Black Ops anyway) therefore a single Velociraptor would be able to take on numerous zombies before finally getting mauled. 6 years ago  
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