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    The 61% that said you would give up half of everything you own, i know if you were seriously asked to do that right know, you wouldnt do it and chicken out.  
    Purple is my favorite color  
    This is a stupid question  
    -Grabs keys- looks like were going to the gym.  
    I want to show my mistakes  
    Greece reminds me of food...  
    To many/big muscles look ugly  
    Wheres the sneaks option?  
    Cats can do ANYTHING, dogs will get in trouble for barking, chewing things up, pooping in the house... also you go for walks and im to lazy for that  
    I never travel anywhere, why would i need to know more languages  
    Eat mor Chiken  
    Also, thats Jiff  
    Get a doctor  
    I have no talent  
    Means he isnt the one and i need to move on  
    Walmart has all the weirdos  
    Onesies 24/7  
    Snow is hard to travel through  
    Get drunk and not remember your date, or get even closer because movies are more romantic  
    I can order water on amazon  
    I like gays  
    im already funny, so why not  
    Hardest question on here  
    My farts will smell nice  
    Drinks cost less money  
    i love the way i talk with a stuff nose, i sound like Elmo  
    they gots the koalas *-* also canadas to cold  
    Either give him some money, or keep a secret so he will love me for me and if we break up i will still have the money  
    i like dark chocolate better than both  
    hotdogs are easier to hold and less messy  
    if golf even a sport anymore...  
    doesnt say i will die  
    use dry shampoo  
    Bath only for relaxing, shower for cleaning so basically both i just had to pick one  
    You need money for dat ish  
    Not as long as the picture but i like long hair  
    Children are to much work, time and money... Just get a dog  
    I dot wear jeans  
    SO MUCH PINK >.< D:  
    I got a mom, i already have no privacy  
    Why do i need to know about the history if i didnt live in it  
    i do that anyways except without the work part  
    BOW TO ME!  
    7 year old can reach the pedals, or even know how to start the car, win  
    All the clothes and the nursery would be green and yellow and those are horible colors  
    There would be so much paparazzi and chaos  
    Everyone who is commenting about not speaking and being a creep, and is mad about the creep part obviously didnt read the authors comment  
    Means im rich  
    I can't dance  
    What the heck is a Sith?  
    I love pineapple  
    I like the sun and the moon so  
    I dont even really care about politics so wth would i talk about?  
    im up till 5 anyways  
    i see the word "loser" as something my friend would call me as a joke  
    What if i end up ugly?  
    If i lost air slowly, i would just go back down and live  
    Basically me  
    Whats the difference?  
    either work for hours everyday, or do a few scratches on a card? hmmm considering im lazy  
    i dont smoke, but if i did  
    Crocs are cool  
    My favorite song would become the most annoying song  
    only if its my bestfriend  
    trick or treating can be a party  
    well im a girl so i kind of just chose  
    1-5 hrs every day of the week or for the whole week, also all at the same time?  
    Les get the smarts and party inventations!  
    Doesnt say its bad gossip  
    I already please my family the way i am, thats sad if you have to please them  
    Two words- Shave It  
    I dont want my car to be sick, thats a medical bill i dont want to pay  
    Here i come Rome!  
    Times New Roman is for typing and books, keep it to that  
    there is no water really where i am to travel, plane is best  
    All the youtubers are there man  
    catch my mom eating my candy, ya... but i cant catch them because there divorced and my mom cant so O_O  
    break up with him, then get a hot and loving bf  
    tepees are awesome and i can scream like an indian  
    Who the hell watches tv? plus you can watch tv on your computer  
    What if i am hit in an avalanche and no one finds me and i die  
    Those friends arent really my friends then  
    My friends would call me the squirrel  
    No partys = No fun  
    Sign language is cool  
    I'll even be ok with 1000 dollars  
    who the heck still uses facebook besides middle aged people?  
    I love the way chinese speaks  
    There are so many downsides to living forever  
    there are so many potatoe idems like chips, fries mash potatoes and much much more mmmmm potatoes  
    I dont work so, also for those who picked "Not Steal" stop lying  
    i would have a cool story  
    my grandma feeds me  
    I would just fall in water  
    oooooo nutella!  
    Well since my parents are divorced, that would be SUPER awkward  
    since im a girl, and i found out my wife was lesbian... that would be great  
    i choose the wrong one, oops....fame would get annoying af  
    I wont have to go through what girls have to go through, honestly i wish i was a boy  
    I wouldnt have to wear contacts or glasses, Hello freedom  
    My hair is even to much for me to handle  
    I can loose something i dont have  
    I know absolutely know one who eats brownie batter  
    My friends can be annoying sometimes, also my significant other would be my friend right? (hopefully)  
    Doesnt say my whole leg, also ill just get a peg and become a pirate  
    doesnt say i have to be deep in the ocean  
    When are you ever going to need to know,, 3+8472 + d - 291 %02 x 20482 = 24892y + 2860 / 29402 - r + y -x +2 ?  
    people get on my nerves anyways  
    Children are to expensive anyways  
    Why would i want to be old and not able to move when i have love?  
    so, buy a few tissue boxes or a new computer?  
    So, work or a lovely family?  
    movies take less time  
    Im already pretty smart  
    I remember all my best moments  
    Doesnt say you can have true love while traveling the world?  
    If we stop pollution, it will just start all over again in the future  
    I dont have an enemy  
    what if your company fails?  
    heck you use google to find facebook...  
    Why flashlight hands when we have flashlights and phones? what if they just come on? what if they never turn off?  
    question: Being warm or being cold?  
    All the popcorn to myself  
    im fine with even 1,000 dollars  
    What if the gift is cash  
    Dogs dont sleep all day and i can play with them  
    i can just find my friends  
    Im a terrible singer  
    Either i would be happy for my bestfriend or she would break up with him for me  
    I would dance so much i would loose 100 lbs  
    My friends would think im a vampire  
    Who ever voted snow has never drived through it, be wearing warm clothes all the time, having to shovel it.. you dont have to shovel rain  
    I would know where Amelia went  
    What if you put the two together?  
    Wtf is firefox? when is the last time i used that.... i cant even remember  
    i would be so old and not able to move, live through world wars, have someone aid me every second when im old and cant move and have to live through the end of the world which might suck  
    I would be able to sneak in the kitchen in the middle of the night so much easier  
    I would just give my family some money  
    Basically the question is: Would you rather die or be have them watch you binge watch youtube?  
    People will less likely mess with me with a bigger dog  
    Justin who? who tf likes him?  
    Less deaths a year...  
    90% not chance of instant death so, looks like im most likely gonna be livin  
    if the dogs are wet, most likely it is raining and i probably have an umbrella and if they decide, hey... lets shake this water off... i can just use my umbrella to protect me  
    I would end up being a vegetarian and i love me some chicken  
    Ruling is to much work  
    i would wish that i not being able to wish for money wasnt a wish that i couldnt wish... make sense?  
    wtf are you going to do with mermaids? You can ride a unicorn, possibly own one, breed them and stuff but mermaids, you can say hi maybe...  
    Im always underdressed anyways  
    Were doing just fine without those towers anyways  
    Hardest question ever  
    If i was a kid again for a whole day, everyone would freak out, probably call the cops then i would have to explain im really an adult but no one would believe me and i would be sent to an insane asylum and just a bunch of chaos...  
    I never go anywhere so why would i need to speak foreign languages  
    I love Lion King  
    The zombie apocalypse would be so cool and i think i've watched enough of The Walking Dead, that i know what im doing  
    I've haven't seen either of them O_O  
    You can take your piercings out for free  
    If i only knew the cause, like for ex. it was a car crash... then i would forever be afraid to ride in a car so date would be a lot easier on me.  
    I surf the internet all the time so...  
    I would be scared to death to read minds *-*  
    I've never seen (or read) Harry Potter so...  
    Ruling the world is to much work.  
    I've never seen Star wars *-*  
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