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Would you rather Eat all your limbs while they are attached to your body or Every time you see a baby you have to punt it 50 yards 2 years ago 62 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Eat a loaf of moldy bread or Eat a loaf of hot wet bread 2 years ago 6,093 votes 57 comments 0 likes

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You get to go to heaven guarenteed 2 years ago  
I could workout and get ripped 2 years ago  
If I see things not their I would be crazy 2 years ago  
Pepsi 4 life 2 years ago  
Pirates are bad asses 2 years ago  
Dumbledore 2 years ago  
My mom has bad health and she is in pain all the time 2 years ago  
dogs=Cute 2 years ago +1
I'm a pig person 2 years ago  
Justin sucks 2 years ago  
I can rule everything and life would be so cool 2 years ago  
Sorry about that 2 years ago  
If their would be no divorce their would always be murder Bwahaha, or talking it out and agreeing to see other people 2 years ago  
I hate Twilight 2 years ago  
I would be younger with the secnd one 2 years ago  
New music is concentrate of putting pure dog crap in a garbage disposal and making a pie out of it and having Donald trump eat it and putting his body in a blender and distracting the juices into the cup and pouring it into Hilary Clintons ear lobe. P.s I am perfectly sane 2 years ago  
I could ride the unicorn across the desert and tame it to stab and eat non venomous animals when its hungry 2 years ago  
Never die a virgin 2 years ago  
Toughest question ever 2 years ago  
Yu would be the best judge on earth 2 years ago  
I could wear an 80's haircut that looks normal 2 years ago  
What if someone walked in on my dreams, I have disturbing nightmarish dreams 2 years ago  
I don't have amazon 2 years ago  
Tough 2 years ago  
its not like you have sex every hour but you would be with her every hour 2 years ago  
I could still hear out of the other ear 2 years ago  
I could build a house without any property laws 2 years ago  
you have magic 2 years ago  
I could stay in the movie theater till the next movie 2 years ago  
ask a friend to send you to hawaii 2 years ago  
You cant learn animal language but you can learn foreign language 2 years ago  
I only had starbucks once and I don't have a phone so I couldn't use the I tunes 2 years ago  
They might be peaceful fun aliens who want to only coexist, they never said they were evil 2 years ago  
I wouldn't feel guilty 2 years ago  
Zombie apocalypse because they will only effect one continent and I can go to the other continent without the apocoypse and wait it out. 2 years ago  
Except thet are dumb 2 years ago  
animals are just as signifigant as humans 2 years ago  
I can steal anything 2 years ago  
Being a lawyer would be boring and everyone hates you 2 years ago  
my bodies not a temple it is a pile of flesh and bone that walks 2 years ago  
i would hate to be immortal because when the sun blows everyone else on earth to sh*t I would still be floating out in outer space all alone suffocating but not dying remembering all my friends and family tht died 2 years ago  
I'm wearing beats right now 2 years ago  
I live in california 2 years ago  
pheonix 2 years ago  
duh 100000000 2 years ago  
my great aunt died of cancer 2 years ago  
alligators because atleast they get to enjoy the meal 2 years ago  
Pirate 2 years ago  
instead of weed give them dried oak leaves 2 years ago  
The puppies 2 years ago  
I couldn't be immortal 2 years ago  
true freinds 2 years ago  
Well paid 2 years ago  
I could punch the snake 2 years ago  
Pollution kills more animas than animal abuse does 2 years ago  
Pok√©mon is life 2 years ago  
Seawater taste really good 2 years ago  
people would stop getting facebook 2 years ago  
Obama is the best president and if you think otherwise kiss my ass 2 years ago  
boxers for life 2 years ago  
Forrest has the coolest life 2 years ago  
I would be stronger than others 2 years ago  
whats oovoo 2 years ago +6
New jersey has a beach 2 years ago  
I could do the lottery and have a chance 2 years ago  
IM a horrible person 2 years ago  
I could be a jerk 2 years ago  
My grandmothers losing it so nobody would believe her 2 years ago  
DONALD TRUMP SUCKS!!! 2 years ago +46
I'm a guy so my kid will never even have the chance to touch a dream lite XD 2 years ago  
Putin is Better than Donald trump 2 years ago  
If I fought in world war 1 I would be brave 2 years ago  
I would make money off of it so 2 years ago  
Duh 2nd one 2 years ago  
I would have someone famous related to me 2 years ago  
Definently the bum 2 years ago  
Hannah montana so I can see what miley cirus used to be like 2 years ago  
Marvel has more acomplishments 2 years ago  
bbc is official 2 years ago +2
Duh girlfriend because shes younger 2 years ago  
yep 2 years ago  
burgers are bigger 2 years ago  
I F*****G hate Justin 2 years ago  
I'm not gay 2 years ago  
selena 2 years ago  
Disney sucks 2 years ago  
SILENCE......I Killll You 2 years ago  
Adorable puppy because you can train it 2 years ago  
Would you go to prison that is the real question here 2 years ago  
Never mom that's justb wrong 2 years ago +37
Harry potter don't know what the clique is 2 years ago  
I would never eat my freinds 2 years ago  
Love 2 years ago  
dog 2 years ago  
jello 2 years ago  
XD 2 years ago  
Gonna get laid doodily doo 2 years ago  
I realized ive been tricked by a vegan XD 2 years ago  
obviously vegetables 2 years ago +1
that was an ugly girl XD 2 years ago  
never watched star trek 2 years ago  
I like the ocean 2 years ago  
I would have to live with the guilt 2 years ago  
Apple sucks 2 years ago  
I comment on every one 2 years ago  
who woud want to live forever 2 years ago  
One word Ninja 2 years ago  
tall is better than short 2 years ago  
Get laid duh I don't care that I'm only 13 I can brag that I had sex 2 years ago  
I don't have a sister so I choose sister XD 2 years ago  
dogs are cute 2 years ago  
Italy 2 years ago  
test are easy 2 years ago  
funner game 2 years ago  
Pikachu cat 2 years ago  
#GrannySmithNation 2 years ago  
I couldn't kill chickens and cows though to cute 2 years ago  
Anything for meat 2 years ago  
night I get to relax 2 years ago  
color always 2 years ago  
I ht ppl who wrt shrt sntncs 2 years ago  
We are sadly already feuding though we shouldn't be so 2 years ago  
I'm a guy and their both deuce bags so neither 2 years ago  
Future 2 years ago  
I would rather be religious because you have a better chance of getting into heaven 2 years ago  
some games you don't even win or lose so 2 years ago  
You can always make new freinds 2 years ago  
I think if you have sex with someone who is diseased you are filthy and got what was coming to you 2 years ago  
spearmint for life 2 years ago  
easily the ocean 2 years ago  
you don't have to have peanut butter in chocolate people 2 years ago  
never had mutton 2 years ago  
Well if I had to choose minus well pick the big boobs 2 years ago  
Usa 2 years ago  
I'm 13 2 years ago  
If you were famous paparazzi would follow you every where you go 2 years ago  
idk who they are so 2 years ago  
The movie could be crappy but you know the book is good 2 years ago  
I am a guy so I would pick guy 2 years ago  
The movie could be crap but the book is for sure awesome 8 2 years ago  
I'm not a transgender of course I would be a man 2 years ago  
If I ruled I can make it so theres no problems 2 years ago  
I'm dead so I wouldn't care 2 years ago  
Ditto no cell phone :P 2 years ago  
Never would I change my last name to hitler 2 years ago  

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