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I'm a dude, erm yeah that's it

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    1 word, D E A D P O O L 11 months ago  
    LEMONADE IS ACID>>> PEOPLE @[email protected] 11 months ago  
    If you're happy all the time then happy will become your norm, so you will NEVER be truly happy :) 11 months ago  
    Guest from Dubai, The Titanic happened A LONG TIME AGO..so are you saying plane crashes don't exist? ;) 11 months ago +1
    Murder the rich douchebag and get his money, then go to the caring one and share the money and marry and have kids happily ever after 11 months ago +1
    ONLY CHILD 11 months ago  
    If you were happy all the time that would be your norm. So you never would be truly happy.. 11 months ago  
    Gandalf: You shall not pass! 11 months ago  
    Dumbledore: Who da heck are--- 11 months ago  
    my crush is my best friend :P 11 months ago  
    baby monkeys are cute but dang they got an accurate throw with their poop 11 months ago  
    okay, so more people died in the holocaust, i mean WAY more people 11 months ago  
    ugh 11 months ago  
    errr 11 months ago  
    My dreams! 11 months ago  
    you can have a happy face all the time 11 months ago  
    ew sex plus awful relationship you would break p or get abused 11 months ago  
    ehhh 11 months ago  
    CHOCOLATE! ALSO I COULD LEGALLY CHANGE IT AGAIN i have an addiction to chocolate help meh 11 months ago  
    idk what it is 11 months ago  
    i would talk to the animals about stufz 11 months ago  
    never use itunes when you have spotify? 11 months ago  
    OOF 11 months ago  
    1 life to 100 u gotta take the one, also WHO DA HECk thought of this question 11 months ago  
    because when i catch them, I will have the pleasure of burning them in hell for being a jerk 11 months ago +1
    live forever if u rewind 11 months ago  
    REWIND: 11 months ago  
    I would take the billion and give one quarter of it to the africans, the rest is MY DOUGH 11 months ago  
    HARRYYYYY 11 months ago  
    I believe in _____ religion so it wouldn't matter.. :) NOW POLITICS ON THE OTHER HANDDDD..... 11 months ago  
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