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Which is more interesting Olympus Has Fallen or White House Down 4 years ago 81 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Who is the best? James Rodriguez or Neymar Jr 4 years ago 286 votes 7 comments 1 like

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at least in Narnia all the time wasted being a pretend king in a make believe kingdom is all but a blink of an eye when you get back to the real world, ergo, no time wasted at all. 4 years ago  
ever heard of hulu or netflix i can watch anything i want on my computer 4 years ago  
That game was Assassin's Creed 3 and it was off the chain, loved that game. 4 years ago  
On s second thought I'll enter the Hunger Games just to kill Jennifer Lawrence, foqing hate that girl b*t*h 4 years ago  
I'm a dude and i chose a cuz i know i get checked out a lot cuz of my cute behind 4 years ago  
You'll never have the ability to bring back life but you can kill a person and fool yourself to thinking you are free 4 years ago  
It is frustrating try to play AC Black Flag on my PC but it was kickass on Xbox 4 years ago  
Beinb a man is awesome and I wouldn't change it for the world 4 years ago  
Whatever but it's better to cry in a lambo than on a bicycle!!! 4 years ago  
Everything is wrong with Gay people 4 years ago  
I'm muslim so me choosing my birthday is a no brainer 4 years ago  
i don't celebrate Christmas so i don't have to answer that 4 years ago  
for your information, the so called European Football is highly regarded by Mexicans and almost all of South America and the Caribbeans 4 years ago  
Race got nothing to do with it, I'm a black dude and i prefer Slim Shady's songs to weezy's.......... 4 years ago  
I'm Muslim so obviously.......... 4 years ago  
My religion does not support homosexuality one bit, so there is no way in hell i'll gonna like or tolerate a gay person enough to vote yes for gay marriage. 4 years ago  

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