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I'd change my vote, cuz whenever I pick up girls I have to say "Hey, I'm a registered sex offender. Can I have your number?" 7 years ago  
yea 7 years ago  
What's up with these immature and unclever Bieber jokes? 7 years ago +5
either way I'm homeless in the end. But I can sell the straw to farms and petting zoos. 7 years ago +1
Beethoven was deaf 7 years ago +6
I do good on tests because I know the material, but I never have time to stop procrastinating and get to my hw. 7 years ago  
sidenote: you can still have your family in the apartment. 7 years ago +3
Macs are more user-friendly. PCs are for people who want to make things more difficult for themselves just so they have the right to call Mac users lazy. 7 years ago +1
it's like a donkey between two haystacks, as a hillbilly would say. 7 years ago  
you'd suffocate in a plastic bag smart people! 7 years ago +6
because of the french fries 7 years ago  
or a vomit mousepad. I've got one available if you're interested.. 7 years ago  
My sister is 9 7 years ago +4
in either situation I could climb out, but a roller coaster would be more fun and less claustrophobic. 7 years ago  
and now I'm cleaning vomit off my keyboard... 7 years ago +13
Militaries choose to be violent. Most people don't choose to get diseases. 7 years ago  
I assume you mean raw decaying flesh... I've heard of bird flu but never lamb flu. 7 years ago  
Why are these immature uncreative Bieber jokes still going around 7 years ago +11
The only reason I picked Wales is because the picture looked appetizing. 7 years ago  
all the singers on both shows suck 7 years ago  
Osama's body is in the ocean, pretty much decayed right no. I'll give you a million dollars if you can find him before I Google "MC Hammer 2011" 7 years ago +4
I wish I could wish for money 7 years ago +1
If you're married, aren't you a little too old to have a babysitter 7 years ago +9
What if the President is my favorite celebrity? 7 years ago +3
pizza is meow a vegantable 7 years ago  

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