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    it's shy, so it wouldn't like it if i did that. 8 months ago  
    Escargoon for dinner anyone? 8 months ago  
    well i see girls dancing with square asses for the rest of the night, unfortunately 8 months ago  
    probably not 8 months ago  
    But ice cream cake though 8 months ago  
    Snow every day would most likely equal no school! but where i live it doesn't snow much sooo 8 months ago  
    How would that even happen? Eat something? 8 months ago  
    my friends eat with me and we spin the wheel of death to see who's next to be eaten? COOL! 8 months ago  
    ok I catch it, and you kill it. 8 months ago  
    I can do something super religious and for centuries religious people will remember me doing something special. 8 months ago  
    I would be saying goodbye to the childhood that was my dsi photo album. 8 months ago  
    The grinch almost leaked ultimate.. But I forgive it 8 months ago  
    Like sleeping gas 8 months ago  
    Always needing surgery doesn't necessarily mean it will usually be painful. 8 months ago  
    oog 8 months ago  
    What does *comments* mean? 8 months ago  
    if they hate you, they won't want to see or bother you, so you never see them again and get a new best friend. 8 months ago  
    Christophis looks prettier i guess? 8 months ago  
    What's a dildo 8 months ago  
    I'm missing out on katamari tho.. 8 months ago  
    Neither 8 months ago  
    Well i doomed us all, Ultimate chimera is gonna kill u 8 months ago  
    Dear god the pic on the right is just a fetish 8 months ago  
    This should be 0% / 100% 8 months ago +1
    Moonside. 8 months ago  
    anything for my older sister who is the queen of the universe. 8 months ago  
    Snowfall = Stay home from school! 8 months ago  
    If it counts VGM then SURE! 8 months ago  
    there's something called "Netflix" 2 years ago  
    id' only have a day fever and boom 2 years ago  
    iv'e never had lucid dreams. 2 years ago  
    im sorry greece... 2 years ago  
    how about sunrise land? 2 years ago  
    i can love my life, as it says there 2 years ago  
    i dont wanna start this "happy happy village" thing and be the carpainter... 2 years ago  
    neither 2 years ago  
    garfild 2 years ago  
    maybe the ride could just stop? 2 years ago +1
    mario why BECAUSE MARIO 2 years ago  
    i am ready to start a blizzard 2 years ago  
    stealing is a sin 2 years ago  
    um some viruses are very annoying it would be better to have just a small fever 2 years ago  
    if its a comic book. 2 years ago  

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