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Whoa these questions are trippy.

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    I believe it's called Gelatto sir.  
    Who say's you would have magic?  
    Not copied, its the same series just with American actors.  
    The Amazing Athiest can be pretty funy (see: bricks) +1
    Dosent matter had sex  
    Why isn there a both option?  
    Im only 13 so not that bad  
    Walrus get off Lydia u kinky b*tch  
    Walrux get of Lydia kinky b*tch.  
    Ima christian but even I dont enjoy people bringing religon into this +1
    who says ur not justa muggle  
    arent these girls supposed to be under-aged  
    Im so fat Id never fit in a locker and I wear boxers  
    Im not gonna lie about this 1  
    plz sign my pettion for Joey and Rachel...WHAT 10 YEARS!  
    simpsons have been around for 20 years family guy only like 12  
    wait liberal like Ron Paul liberal  
    ditch that friend at the 7/11  
    Notece that the guy dissing Texas is from Cali  
    Based on drunken texts to my ex Id be getting texted constantly  
    that middle class house is sweeeeeeeet.  
    cats sleep all day +1
    13 never kissed now that I think about that its a little sad  
    can I change my answer Im a dude  
    In Soviet Russia web surf you  
    linzey used be cute but now Id just go home and watch porn  
    Ashley I guess cuz shes blonde  
    God is already real I just wish more people would accept that  
    What I ment to say was BAZINGA!  
    Penny Penny Penny  
    Chuck would just kick your ass and then arrest you Tyson would bite your ear off  
    OMG its the same person...not sure why I know that  
    guy on the right he looks lika girl  
    Screw you Brittan tell us that when your a functioning empire again  
    A night in that town would be lovly in the woods not so much plus slendermen strike at night  
    Im a dude but...Taylor  
    I have cute face just a litte to fat... AND NO IM NOT A WOMAN  
    I cant beleive hogwartz is winning wizard douces  
    whats with all the anti-christians on this site  
    isnt brad the name of the actor  
    marijuana is no worse than tobacco  
    Christianity started America dumbass  
    leave it to bevis  
    god exists but not in the way anyone thinks (ponder)  
    family guy is only pop because its on network  
    fat guy  
    france has terrible food  
    australia sucks Im not Englands b*tch  
    someone might find your keys and break in  
    surfers get da babes  
    i love books...when theres nothing better to do  
    what r either of those things  
    we all have to work together  
    Im not against abortion just dont pay for it with my taxes  
    lawyers ruin lives doctors save them  
    Have you ever had a child  
    just cause ur christian dosent men nothing  
    CHAOS (then move to canada)  
    anybody who voted for justin JUST BEAT IT  
    just go to colledge dumbass  
    forests have slendamens  
    Milky milky milkshake  
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