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    we are destorying the earth with all this we should go back to water powered and wind powered and solar powered instead all of these things that destroying our home slowly i agree with obama 2 years ago  
    the big bang sound like something that scientists just made up using big words that it seemed smart 2 years ago +2
    i would just beat the sh*t out of her with tht nice long leather belt bro black people don't play tht 2 years ago  
    oh crap i didn't think about tht i meant the other one sorry 2 years ago  
    aye u 42% are stupid and probably like donald trump and dont care about where you live which is why the human race is gonna end first and why god is made at us im suprised im SHOCKED there hasn't been another flood 2 years ago +2
    f*ck u nymeria u unbeliever god atheists get on my nerve i saw a atheists talk too much and a true believer slapped her right across the face 2 years ago  
    pro life don't be selfish u made that baby willingly dont end its life just cause u dont want it in yours give it for adoption but i would keep it no matter what 2 years ago  
    you 48% are selfish people 2 years ago  
    drake, migos, tya, kid ink, dej loaf, lil uzi vert, montana 300 i could go forever 2 years ago  
    god is real sooo 2 years ago  
    man it not obama fault we've ben in debt for years trump only going to make it worse with all this stuff he want to do 2 years ago  
    I want to start it over and make it better with gods help of course 2 years ago  
    man i like boxers and like boy like clothes and wearing jordans i aint into all that high heels and stuff 2 years ago  
    playstations have bettere graphics 2 years ago +1
    i don't mind it being legal if only if prescribed and for medical reasons not for self use or pleasure just no i would slap my kid if they smoked weed slap the addiction out them 2 years ago  
    man no debate megan fox is hot as heck who wouldn't i mean back then justin beiber was adorable but megan fox over him 2 years ago  
    man android the best especially the lg's with that camera quality doe man ios break to easily and stuff 2 years ago  
    I'm with it if it rape or incest but if u spread your leg willingly then u have to keep it or give it for adoption 2 years ago +1
    Religion is needed. People need something to believe in and something or someone made the world happen 2 years ago  
    All people are equal god wouldn't let this happen if he didn't like it. he knew this was going to happen and he aint stopped it god says everyone is equal everyone! 2 years ago  
    earth is turning into hell time to say hi to god peace! 2 years ago  

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