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    This is classic game theory. You only reach the Nash Equilibium by picking option B. If you picked A and it's 50% then you'd get a net loss of 40k over those who picked B. If you picked B and it's >50%, you're on 10k net loss to the minority that picked A, but if it's  
    Why random? And don't bring back Edison xD he was an idiot. He didn't invent the light bulb, he was a businessman. He owned a company that developed the lightbulb. Bring back Tesla, the scientist who worked for him and actually made the stuff  
    That would be true if everyone was created equal. Which they are not. The 5 people you bring back could be Einstein, Newton, Tesla, Lovelace, Galileo etc. Imagine what they could do when our current technology... propel the world forward decades  
    You don't need to be married to reproduce...  
    It's yearly exactly the same as X-mas though. And technically I was 0 months old at my 1st bday and 10 months old at my 1st X-mas so for every X-mas i go though i'd be older than the same number of bdays  
    Even if i had more time i'm never gonna get off my ass  
    No you wouldn't, or you'd have picked it xD  
    Celebs can be just as great as your crush, + rich  
    idk why but I always hated Buzz and Woody...  
    You can handle not being able to see anything?  
    Marriage is for two people who love each other. Why does gender matter? +2
    Tons of theories in what caused the Big Bang, from aliens playing or a collision of the multiverse. However, if you've every heard of the Last Thursdayism, which is the theoretical idea that everything was created last Thursday. Obviously we can't disprove this, but we are rational enough to say it is false. Going with this idea, we would go with the theory that makes the least assumptions. Believing that everything is formed with atoms which was first created from fusion and the energy if the Big Bang, although difficult to prove, makes less assumptions than say an omnipotent being created everything in seven days and some how violates the Law of the Conservation of Mass and pretty much everything else, and completely ignores the stages of micro bacteria and dinosaurs, and left Earth without any trace except a book. +6
    I will not survive loosing 1-5 hours of every sense every week. Imagine... No sight, sound, touch, hearing, taste, temperature, pain, kinetic sense, acceleration sense... The list goes on. You won't even know if you wanted to pee! You would have no input from the outside world at all! It's horrifying. +1
    I personally prefer Serif fonts to Non Serif... So Times New Roman!  
    I hate cooking.  
    Anarchy is not necessarily bad.... It's just everyone living with their own ideals instead of under one person's ideal. It'll probably be chaotic, but at least you can do and believe what you want... It's the complete freedom of thought, religion, education, morality etc. vs conforming to the ideals of one person.  
    Studying would be so much easier. Just imprint all of the internet's information into my brain.  
    How can you handle missing out on colour and computers?  
    Life becomes very dull and repetitive if you lived forever. Besides, what would you do if you were immortal? People who have tons of time and no motivation don't do anything, which makes immortality pointless.... But yeah, having all the money in the world will f*ck up the economy. I'll just dump it all back into circulation immediately by buying lots of land and raw minerals. Those will only increase in value ;)  
    Owls can survive in cities. Wolves can't. I would not want to be forced out of everywhere humans enter or kept in a conservation habitat or something...  
    $1000 is not that much... This is pretty pointless, to be honest.  
    I don't really consider unborn babies people... They're a mass of cells without an awareness or life, supported completely by the mother. Anyway, a lot of people did not choose to get pregnant. If you're a teenager or a victim of rape, a baby should not destroy your life. It's their body, their life. Their choice.  
    *Cough* I'm female. Your statistics are not completely accurate :P  
    I want to do what I want... Without being restricted from everything  
    You spelt moron wrong. And you don't know that! We barely explored anything yet, don't assume what we can't know.  
    There is so much left to do! Automate boring repetitive tasks like cooking, build telescopes to more efficiently explore space, figure out how to generate energy with ion fusion or antimatter, cure cancer and other diseases with biotechnology, the list goes on and on. Think broad! Tesla was experimenting with renewable energy when the world lived on fossil fuels.  
    I feel like you won't hate it if you're good at it. But I'd still rather do something I enjoy. Practice makes perfect!  
    Sexism affects the whole / half the world (depending how you look at it) while racism still only affects a minority... +1
    I identify as Cisgender. But are you talking about gender or sex in your question?  
    Reading is not dumb, but I never liked the books. The writing isn't all that special... It was just a novel idea. The movies show the action much better anyways. If you want beautiful language, go read a classic like "Lord of the Flies" or "Brave New World"  
    ... Earth is a tiny chunk of rock in space. There's a trillionbillionmillion planets like Earth in space, it really isn't very special. Out there is where all the novel things are. ;) besides, why not go on an intergalactic conquest and secure the existence of the human species?  
    Liar how? I for one wouldn't want to get caught in domestic abuse for money.  
    You would gets lots of people hitting on them if they're really hot... I'd go kind of mad.  
    World hunger is a much bigger problem right now. Many wars are people competing for resources anyway. Besides, most countries have enough sense not to get dragged into a war, whereas many countries can't do anything to help starving citizens.  
    Having a bad teacher doesn't mean you'll be dumb... Dumb people are dumb even if they have a good teacher. I don't need a mean overlord to tell me stuff anyway, I'm perfectly capable of learning on my own.  
    Why the hell will I need to make people fart?? If I had flash light hands I wouldn't have to have a bedside lamp... And that'll stop me from hitting my hands on it at night.  
    Does that mean if your parents die you have to kill yourself??  
    Capitalism is a system where greedy rich earthlings who do not wish to share don't have to, and let the less fortunate starve on the streets. And FYI socialism is not communism, and socialist countries have some of the highest quality of life, e.g. Denmark, Neatherlands, Canada, Norway etc.  
    ....I don 't pee in the shower. People actually do that??  
    Why?? I feel like they're all the same thing, wishing for good things from an omnipotent being in the sky, does it matter what that being is called? I like to think of myself as a Secular Humanist :P  
    I hate the cold :/  
    Reality has limits, imagination does not ;)  
    I don't really need to see my face... I can just ask other people if there is anything on my face.  
    I'd be able to do it again every night!  
    I don't think it'll hurt that bad if you go quickly....  
    You would be consciously deciding to kill a person.  
    FYI it never says the snakes are alive either. But if they are, it'd be faster.  
    I'd rather have to deal with stupid people than an unstoppable virus... Better the devil you know.  
    I know how to deal with sharks.... I don't know how to fend off lions though.  
    It really doesn't taste like chicken.  
    I've eaten both. Snails honestly tastes better than frogs.  
    USA has some big guns...  
    Candles FTW  
    I can build Atlantis. And never go back to the surface again, just swim and eat fish. Taking over the oceans = taking over Earth :p  
    A bird in hand hand is better than two in the bush.  
    You will. Without a protective suit, the UV rays from the sun will damage your DNA, the extreme cold will be... Extremely cold, and without gravity, the air in your lungs will expand and blow up. But hey, it's a cool way to die.  
    I think doctors deal with a gunshot wound better than a random giant bleeding gash...  
    Just kill yourself immediately.  
    Always eating meat will give your scurvy and other bad disease things :c  
    How can you stand missing out colour?  
    I like my life, thanks.  
    Lawyer saves peoples lives too. From bankruptcy. I just don't want to be always around sick people.  
    I'm in Australia, so no contest.  
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