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    aliens from the anime DearS  
    wearing rubber +5
    extremly soft  
    I loved that show… "here we are, going far, to save all that we love. If we give, what we got, we will make it through. (few more lines) code lyoko here, we said it all, code lyoko here, we'll stand real tall; code lyoko strong, for after all. da do do do do da do doo do, da do do doo da do do doo  
    got cut by a stick at the stomach I could take that twice but I wouldn't want to  
    just for 1 night with no sexual physical contact  
    really? I loved this movie as a kid  
    hard question  
    Until the end of time +1
    All the way  
    I miss the old CN +14
    like a light warrior  
    no choice, dam*  
    If my sweetheart's the rapist  
    third grade  
    in this situation in third grade  
    what's the difference? +1
    like goku  
    super super soft  
    got to have both arms to b a gamer +2
    quick and painless (sourtah)  
    4 the win  
    chili cheese french fries!  
    huge person could be a chick, better than a dude  
    got one of em, just say no  
    that's my childhood +7
    it's a phrase  
    my only living grandma is nice  
    like Eazy-e, YOLO +1
    so why did you pick blind?  
    I'd change my answer if it was ham +1
    I love the movies, but I LOVE changing my voice when I read  
    I'm the leader of the light warriors, it's self explanitory  
    adult swim has Toonami +2
    I'm at a payphone trying to call home all of my change that I spent on you  
    yay, video games for a whole year!  
    I am the older sibling  
    they can do whatever they want  
    play video games in my head  
    I have my would be wife  
    I'll be with my family  
    of course (no one will hate me)  
    die a hero, and let my sis continue my gamer legacy (hopefully)  
    Awesomeness, not gay, but awesome adventures (battle of hogwarts)  
    I hate outdoors  
    no idea about the woman in Afghanistan  
    hate summer, love break, hate summer  
    put hands together, done  
    I hate football  
    make things easier on you emotionally  
    need my hands to game  
    duh, lightsaber and being a sith!  
    scary but I'd rather jump  
    why not  
    never played skyfall so  
    it's better than outside  
    it's just at night  
    I could avoid it easier  
    uh duh  
    I hate moving  
    then no one will commit murder  
    I'm more of a small city type of guy, near the city is close enough  
    of course  
    have fun  
    I hate being on a boat  
    PS3 duh  
    I can relax  
    of course  
    I wouldn't be squished  
    I'd look funny, instead of disgusting  
    if you run across slenderman just give him $20  
    if I have the right costume  
    oh yea! I do that now, just in bigger size  
    why not?  
    why not  
    like goku  
    butterscotch shake with peanut butter mixed in, GOD IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  
    finally I can relax  
    if it's the common cold  
    that's embarrassing  
    I never had it  
    I agree with Virginia guest on physical pain  
    love will get me through anything  
    make french class easier and I could go to japan and not sound stupid  
    if you've seen amnesia walkthrough's, you'll understand  
    in today's ecomomy, no question  
    no zombie's!!!!!  
    I already have a bad memory  
    yea, more soda/pop  
    no question  
    dubstep, hey simonsv2, may I come to your nightclub  
    just stay me  
    the clip takes less time, the film would have you sitting on the couch forever watching the film  
    I'm already a little overweight  
    If I find true love, I can take on anything  
    of course, I don't want to be pale  
    no f****** around with history  
    no question  
    cute, I guess  
    y not  
    not the hairstyle, I'd hate the clothes, but NOT THE HAIRSTYLES  
    I would die either way  
    y not  
    as long as I have my friends  
    no nutella then fine  
    I can breathe like darth vader, but I don't have asthma  
    I like gangnam style but not for 10 hours  
    I'm not black  
    miss the bus?  
    body, I have a perfect face now  
    cool car  
    I already am a boss...oh you mean of a company  
    can't play halo on PS3 and I got both consoles  
    french fries!  
    It'd help me in french  
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