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I'm an American who lives in South Africa and has been living here for 6 and a half years now.I am 14. I enjoy humor, information(learning), video games, other things to do with the media and reading and talking about different people's thoughts on religion, politics, history and current affairs.

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It was cray cray insane. 6 years ago  
Oh my goodness, it's a charging rhinark. 6 years ago  
Why level them out? That's for the people who actually agree with that option. 6 years ago +1
Or South African. 6 years ago  
Yes well they're both old shows and Family Guy is pretty much just Seth Macfarlane's way of sharing jokes that he has come up with. Also I have to acknowledge that zombieducklings seems to have said the same exact thing at the same exact time which is pretty interesting. 6 years ago  
well then there's your answer! 6 years ago  
I believe it's based on shape. 6 years ago  
So then why did you say men? 6 years ago +2
And Homer isn't stupid? 6 years ago +1
Well wait and see, it'll be soon. 6 years ago  
Bad example. When he's gone there will be huge changes, that's when people will realise how important Nelson was. 6 years ago +2
Yeah, I highly doubt that the celebrities would remember your name, they would just remember what was said. 6 years ago +4
Yeah but if you don't get AIDS then I'm pretty sure a cold will have some trouble killing you. 6 years ago +5
That was too long ago. I'm already finished with this conversation, caused me too much stress and thinking. 6 years ago  
Well step right up folks, what we've got right here is a sample of pure idiocy! 6 years ago +1
Ha. 6 years ago  
Don't call me a Grammar Nazi, this is just basic knowledge. 6 years ago +1
I'm sorry but did he say anything about video games? 6 years ago +3
Because not everyone shares the same opinion as you. 6 years ago +4
Literally both of these require "an" and not "a". 6 years ago +7
Ah but Bill Gates would be a murder whereas Julia Gillard would be an assassination. 6 years ago  
Surprise me! 6 years ago +4
You have no power over me. 6 years ago  
Why? Why here? 6 years ago  
Oh, but you don't know that. As we all know, Wikipedia articles are written by the users of the site, and the articles are only edited if the users are clearly trying to make a joke. Anyone who wrote that article probably wrote it before the separate studies had been conducted or they may have written it for their own advantage in an argument. 6 years ago  
Curiosity killed the cat. 6 years ago +6
I think the University websites and health websites that have conducted the studies would have a better idea on the subject. I know Wikipedia is accurate but what I'm saying is that you can't base your arguments on facts from Wikipedia. 6 years ago  
If we live in a world where all children are affected negatively by society then how would we know if children are innocent by nature? 6 years ago  
But it was a good book. I agree though, Dickens is too dull in his writing, or was too dull. 6 years ago +1
Yeah I'm reading War and Peace at the moment, congratulations to anyone who has finished that book, must have taken a while. 6 years ago  
How dare you people vote over the best book ever written. 6 years ago +5
Children are cruel because they don't understand cruelty. 6 years ago  
No, guns=power is what I'm saying. Don't insult my vocabulary. 6 years ago  
The world the question asker has imagined for option B is non-existent so we wouldn't be able to argue into such fine detail. 6 years ago  
So American or British sort accents is your question? 6 years ago +1
It's from a youtube video, I think that's kevjumba there. Not positive though. 6 years ago  
How am I contradicting myself? Don't ask stupid questions, whoever has the power gets what they want. 6 years ago  
No, I said they won't see a huge negative towards it so they wouldn't think much before killing someone. Wikipedia is not a website to get all of your knowledge from. What I'm saying is that you didn't even bother to search other websites and if you did, you didn't mention it. It is commonly known that Wikipedia isn't reliable so don't bring this 4th grade teachers stuff here. 6 years ago  
If they have the power than whatever they need comes to them, I doubt they will have to kill to get that stuff but a gun certainly helps. Yes, according to my logic, it's all correct and it's not supposedly. 6 years ago  
That makes no sense, come at me with a real argument please. 6 years ago  
I love how you can check who thinks their country is perfect. 6 years ago  
well, we aren't entirely sure. 6 years ago  
This cartel thing has gone too far, it was quite clearly a joke. Education comes in and when a child doesn't want to learn and is forced to? He/her kills the person and doesn't think of the consequences, the weak mind is overpowered by anger. As I stated earlier, children who have experienced the death of someone close will understand and think about what they do with a gun. 6 years ago  
The book lasts longer and prolongs the enjoyment. At the same time reading is good for you anyways. 6 years ago  
Only if you take their drugs or do the wrong thing. Children don't have the intention to kill, they just don't understand it. 6 years ago  
Wikipedia is not reliant, at all. Have you checked other sites about experiments and studies on the effects of violent video games? And if it is up to 8 than why are you still arguing if you just proved my point? 6 years ago  
Alright, let's take this slowly. Children in general are some of the cruelest beings on the planet. Many take joy out of killing different animals and other creatures, and if you think back you might remember yourself behaving as such. The argument of violent video games is not very shaky. In many different universities and other organisations, people have taken many different types of other people and over a long period of time, made the people play violent video games and the results have shown us that many of the people who played the violent video games became more violent people for a period of time afterwards. 6 years ago  
Anyone below twelve is the question and unless the children experience a death of someone close to them, they most likely won't grasp the concept completely. Violent video games have been proven to cause violence in many studies. 6 years ago  
Textbook ignorance, ladies and gentlemen. 6 years ago +4
Of course some prisoners are in prison because they are psychopaths, but that is not the majority. Most prisoners, as I said, have committed crimes to keep themselves alive and so it is more likely they would be able to protect us from danger if danger arises. Children under 12 have more of a chance of killing people than adults because they don't understand the true value of life. Guns mean power and children can never have the power. 6 years ago  
12 year olds, especially in modern society with violent video games and etc. Children kill many things when they are younger as they are without reason and proper judgement, and they are ignorant or less intelligent if you will. Many criminals are there because they were desperate at the time and needed money to survive, i'm sure they wouldn't be pure evil. 6 years ago +8
Welcome to the internet! 6 years ago +1
Only if cops kill someone who has killed, otherwise everyone has the right to life unless they violate this right. 6 years ago +3
i just saw a couple. "I hate it when a chinchilla eats the universe." and, "I hate it when I walk outside and a fridge." 6 years ago +2
Well they're both not real. 6 years ago  
Brings back memories, doesn't it? 6 years ago  
So, you guys will never guess who asked this question, about The Walking Dead. 6 years ago  
So what inspired this question? Was it possibly this, // 6 years ago +3
The thing is, if you are straight, the reason we would say no is because we, at the moment, couldn't imagine being gay because we like women. So the reason this question is not easy to answer is because we cannot view what it is like from the other perspective in a positive way. 6 years ago +2
I could always invest my 10 000 000 using compound interest 6 years ago +1
Good, that means you have the right mindset. 6 years ago  
yay, I was there too 6 years ago  
Oh look at that, let's go for $32 000, Regis. 6 years ago  
If my memory is correct, Mr Musa is the wealthiest man to have ever lived. 6 years ago +2
Well thank you, I learnt a lot. 6 years ago  
Well I'm glad some research was done, thank you. But I mean you shouldn't have had to look it up, you did study marine biology, yes? And as I said, less deaths because of cautiousness. 6 years ago  
You said that no one has reportedly been eaten by a shark, that's not true. 6 years ago  
Well yeah that's what I figured. I think the Xbox One is quite an extraordinary piece of machine. 6 years ago  
I really enjoy Scarf's stories. 6 years ago +1
oh that's nice isn't it. Well then I'm perfectly fine with the Xbox and I still don't think people need to hate as much as they are hating. 6 years ago  
I don't think the console deserves the hate it is getting, I do disagree with the used games policy though. 6 years ago  
There is a large argument around the idea of sharks thinking that human's are seals before they bite them, the answer is yet to come. I think to myself, why would a shark bite a person, leave, and then come back to finish him/her off? 6 years ago  
Hippos eat more people because they can also travel on land and people are very cautious in shark infested waters. If people were more cautious with hippos, there would be fewer deaths. 6 years ago  
Well that's not true. I live in Cape Town and right by the beach in some of the most shark infested waters in the world and I know that sharks do come back to finish you off and if they see you, they will eat you even if you aren't messing with them. It has been reported many times that people were eaten by sharks and just last year, about a mile away from my house, a shark ate a man with many witnesses and the story made the cover of the New York Times. 6 years ago  
I just can't have that stinger so close to me. 6 years ago  
I'm going shopping with Aussie_Josh. Yay. 6 years ago  
You just have to run, really fast and really far. 6 years ago  
My goal in life is to never be stung by a bee or a wasp. 6 years ago +9
I just need my music to have a nice melody, reading is what I use to find meaning and etc. 6 years ago +2
And you also moved to California? 6 years ago +3
I thought St Louis was the murder capital and Detroit seemed too obvious. 6 years ago +1
You'll have to teach me, but do you charge? 6 years ago +1
Why are you making grammatical errors? You're contradicting your name, it's just not right. 6 years ago  
This was more known and also more attractive. 6 years ago +1
Alright, cool thanks. 6 years ago  
Well that isn't entirely true in the majority of schools. In America, the homework of the public school system is ridiculous. The schools there give you hours of homework. The South African private school system receives less homework than an American public school and not because they could possibly be underprivileged schools, the private schools just have a better idea of what they're doing. 6 years ago  
really? Do you have a link to any sources? 6 years ago +1
The parents raise the children and discipline them and teach them social skills like not to be arrogant about wealth, so if the children who attend private schools are raised to be well mannered people by the parents, the school will have a better reflection on other people because of its students. 6 years ago  
yes yes, I just know that where I have lived, the public school systems were terrible and as much as you might think private school kids are being spoon fed, that really all depends on the parent. The student is what shapes the school so it isn't easy to make assumptions on a school system and how well it works. 6 years ago +1
Now see, that's a generalization. Although, I'm not going to argue because I don't know how public schools are in Australia, I only know how they are in America and South Africa. 6 years ago +1
But did you understand what I meant? your statement and her question don't correlate. 6 years ago  
I don't know how to elaborate. 6 years ago  
Yeah, the question definitely reflects your statement. 6 years ago +1
6!!!!!!!!!!!! I broke the boundary, I went through the wall. Thank you, thank you so much 6 years ago  
Section B is pretty much the real world in the Matrix series. 6 years ago +3
Assassins Creed: Embers was really sad if you played all the games with Ezio before you watched it. 6 years ago  
But that still means that someone else in this country knows this website. 6 years ago  
well.... 6 years ago  
I was thinking more like Stairway to Heaven at my funeral. 6 years ago  
If you're going to have a negative impact anyways, why not go all out? 6 years ago +1
They are both masterpieces! 6 years ago  
There are 3 votes from South Africa, there's another one of us on here... 6 years ago  
Ice cream was made to be eaten in a cone. 6 years ago +7
oh, I hear ya. 6 years ago  
well first of all, I think the question mark was redundant and second, why would a narcissist care about anyone else. 6 years ago +1
Well you didn't have to reply to that. 6 years ago  
Oh I will 6 years ago  
You're choice of question suggests otherwise 6 years ago  
Well it is, if the author said it's self explanatory, that means he was saying that you don't have to look further than the title to think of what occupations are inclusive. By putting the self explanatory in brackets, he was confirming that you don't have to look further so that no one who answers the question would ask what "medical fields" implies. 6 years ago  
Once again you've put me in the same predicament. If you reply once more I won't reply afterwards, just so we can finish the comment train. 6 years ago  
I don't know how to reply to that because it's not a debate anymore 6 years ago  
The question is not will we figure it out again, it is how long will we take to figure out again. 6 years ago +4
No one has to go to college or University, so that wouldn't count. 6 years ago  
Well, Animal Farm is my favorite book, I didn't like 1984. 6 years ago +1
I didn't even get to answer... 6 years ago  
Anything that can fly and sting at the same is my fear. 6 years ago  
Kronos is pretty badass. 6 years ago +1
I will finally be able to wear an eye-patch for a reason! 6 years ago +5
I don't see any benefit in option A 6 years ago +7
So people don't question what "medical fields" implies. 6 years ago  
okay:) Have a nice day 6 years ago  
The smart people of modern society are just quiet, that's all. 6 years ago +2
Probably the best question on the site 6 years ago +1
of course, what's an argument when it's calm? I think religious arguments are fun and I like to think and make people think about what they're going to say and sometimes even change their opinions. 6 years ago  
The metal keeps it cool 6 years ago +3
My little suburb is really seniors and rich people in hiding and then my family 6 years ago  
If there is no such thing as "good guys" then is their such a thing as morally right? "morally right" is relative. 6 years ago  
dishonored was good by Bethesda but it was a quick game 6 years ago  
you can't even say that, there's always resolution 6 years ago  
yes, you're right. I was just viewing from my perspective. 6 years ago  
I actually do live like an hour away from my school and everything but there are benefits, like the ocean and it's quiet. 6 years ago +3
thank you 6 years ago  
children are the most evil beings on the planet 6 years ago +5
well in my case luckily we are surrounded by three different girls schools. 6 years ago  
yes i can change it, but i always want to know what people might be messaging me about. 6 years ago  
conflict leads to resolution 6 years ago  
your birthday? 6 years ago  
Yes, Skyrim is more intricate. 6 years ago  
okay okay, are you talking about The Art of War? I've heard of The Art of War and that's the only other book I know that includes war in its title. I've heard many good things about that book though, like a lot of good things so I would definitely recommend it. 6 years ago  
No, they are both RPG's based in a more or less dark age time. The gameplay is different but that doesn't mean you can't compare it. Skyrim is a much more intricate RPG compared to Fable where as very minor choices can affect what happens in times to come whereas in Fable 3 all the choices are squashed into one part of the game near the end. They are both free roam and they have many other similarities. 6 years ago  
haha, thank you very much I appreciate it, but I'm not that mature, I just read a lot and enjoy philosophy. At the moment I'm reading War and Peace by Tolstoy which isn't philosophy but it is a classic. Where do you study? 6 years ago  
Well when i get to the university stage I'm planning on studying PPE degree from Oxford, but I'm still in grade 9 so I have a way to go 6 years ago  
I knew Satan lives in England! 6 years ago  
Did you study it? 6 years ago  
Then you won't be able to kill yourself 6 years ago +1
I think religious arguments are important, it can help us reach a final answer one day 6 years ago +5
yes, yes I am, I just thought scientist would be brief and simple 6 years ago  
Fable is like a less mature version of the Elder Scrolls. 6 years ago  
People would take major advantage of you if you chose option A 6 years ago +2
I wouldn't have all the guns 6 years ago  
My browser automatically takes me to Facebook so I don't really have an option 6 years ago  
There was a study on this type of behavior, it was called the group norm. There was a scientist who would gather a group of students(generally students but not always) and he would place a stick down for a person in the group to estimate, if the person would guess 20 centimeters, the scientist would have the rest of the group give a length completely off of target say 9 centimeters. After the person who guessed 20 centimeters found out what everyone had guessed, he was given an option to rethink his answer because it was so far from everyone else's answer. The person would generally change because he thought that if everyone else thought differently, they must be right. 6 years ago +1
Mine is on the 31st of December, that's why i asked the question because in South Africa the school year runs from January to December so i'm the youngest in my grade. 6 years ago  
why are they better? My school is one of the best in our country 6 years ago  
yeah i don't think either one is overrated. 6 years ago +1
actually yes, it made me want to go watch milkshake on youtube and then i created this 6 years ago  
yes, but in that case it's understandable because everyone knows J loves his aliens 6 years ago  
did no one notice that? 6 years ago  
you're right, it's even better 6 years ago  
yeah, that's where my sarcasm came in 6 years ago  
really good question 6 years ago  
who was going to say what? 6 years ago  
These questions are quite dangerous, they can cause some serious rivalry 6 years ago +2
The dollar is much more accepted as a trading currency around the world 6 years ago +1
nnnnnnnn 6 years ago  
go jersey! 6 years ago  
I just cried on the spot reading this, just look at that dog 6 years ago  
I guess Taylor Swift chose option A 6 years ago  
it really depends on the mood 6 years ago  
facepalm 6 years ago  
why am I not surprised? 6 years ago  
what seems to be the officer, problem? 6 years ago  
i chose the wrong one, i love how AC interacts with history, i learnt a lot from that game 6 years ago  
I just can't live with that sweetness and the spaghetti looks so good 6 years ago +2
Oh South Africa... 6 years ago  
To death I go 6 years ago  
I'll get way too fat if I was to choose option A 6 years ago +3
yes, just not in my lifetime 6 years ago +1
Of course i'm gonna let the pictures influence the question unless, in the author's comment it says otherwise. 6 years ago +2
No, of course not, but America doesn't claim the right to be the face of freedom and if you believe it does then elaborate, please. 6 years ago +2
Article 3 of the universal declaration of human rights. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. 6 years ago  
America allowed slavery for almost 100 years after the declaration of independence was signed, and almost 100 years later, the black population of the US was still widely discriminated against. America represents freedom because they are good at running away from their history 6 years ago +3
of course those pictures will show up, the majority of the media is run by america 6 years ago +3
i think option B is just more humorous 6 years ago  
well, the bald eagles and american flags definitely refer to america 6 years ago +1
a well made cheeseburger can be very satisfying. 6 years ago  
If you don't view life as something of value and you wish to find out what happens next, then you are very close to suicide, and the only positive about that is you are pursuing your goal. The fact of the matter is, we don't know where we go next or how small we really are in this whole universe of the living and of the dead, so it is selfish in the way that you're not considering the thoughts of others and the feelings they may have for you, but if you consider how small that is compared to the rest of the universe is, you, as a suicidal will not even think of what you're doing as selfish. If you are killing yourself because you're sad then yes it is selfish, you should always fight through the more difficult parts of life, it's much more beneficial. 6 years ago  
well, i go to an all boys school and I don't think it has a negative effect on my development 6 years ago +1
the progressive woman is very charismatic. 6 years ago  
well it can definitely be both, many people who don't have the mental capabilities of some very smart people will still do well if they try very hard but many who are naturally smart won't need to try as hard to end up with a good mark, or the equivalent to the other. 6 years ago +1
lucky him 6 years ago  
yeah there are many different forms of schizophrenia 6 years ago  
yes it very well could, but as I said before you just won't know how it could work out 6 years ago  
December 31st 6 years ago  
but you wouldn't have control as to how it would change the future. 6 years ago  
I used to a long time ago but now i quite dislike it also, i just want to see what others think of it nowadays. 6 years ago  
I'd like to visit Italy, not too sure i want to move there if i don't know what it's like yet, but Rome is on my bucket list of places to visit 6 years ago +1
a very world renowned sport, obviously not popular in america but if you visit england or watch bbc news instead of cnn you'll probably hear about cricket. more popular around the world than baseball 6 years ago +2
well, it's a parent relationship thing and my mom moved here when i was 7 and brought my brother and i along. so now i'm in cape town and it's a great experience, been living here for almost 7 years now 6 years ago +1
same names 6 years ago  
yep, and i was born in the US and i absolutely agree they should do something about many problems there, but you have to consider all the other countries around the world when voting 6 years ago +1
it was selfish of him to set the subject to be all about him. 6 years ago +2
i believe option A is the definition of schizophrenia. 6 years ago +3
well they didn't specify a country 6 years ago  
didn't even read B 6 years ago  
it's important to hear what others have to say 6 years ago  
i'm talking a white leather suit here 6 years ago  
that should be a 100% no rate 6 years ago +9
they didn't say how hard 6 years ago  
it says cricket world cup on option A. 6 years ago  
IPL is fun 6 years ago +1
but if you are going to alter history rather change the more recent events so not too much will change from the life you're living now 6 years ago  
i don't think any history should be altered 6 years ago  
and god is about forgiveness, according to christian ideologies. 6 years ago  
well, it isn't 50/50 anymore 6 years ago  
it would be a pretty sad movie scene 6 years ago  
of course, i'm human 6 years ago +4
people always follow the money 6 years ago +1
money buys power 6 years ago  
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