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    I own both 3 months ago  
    Both 4 months ago  
    I dont work rn so yay me 4 months ago  
    I'm the oldest so yea 4 months ago  
    I dont have any friends so ha 4 months ago  
    I have other electronics plus I can use my family's computer 4 months ago  
    The president rn is trump so no way am I taking trump's job and blame and thanks to him our world is ruined he has failed as a president and has done nothing but ruin us all 4 months ago  
    I love both but since i have too choose one i go wolf all the way 4 months ago  
    I hate stealing it's bad wether it's illegal or not I would never do it 4 months ago +1
    Not because the pic is lord of the rings but I love a certain show and I wish it was longer 4 months ago  
    I can breathe talk and see under water so I dont need equipment anyways 4 months ago  
    Ha I already live with my grandma and shes not annoying so I win 4 months ago  
    Sorry but I could never be blonde most blondes r b*****s but there r alot of blondes who r cute or nice aswell 4 months ago  
    I dont even know what the other one is so I have to go with the hunger games 4 months ago  
    I cant actually eat any breakfast but since I have to choose then I choose toast 4 months ago  
    Both 4 months ago  
    Doesnt matter if my son is gay as long as hes happy that's all that matters 4 months ago  
    Neither I'm afraid of heights 4 months ago  
    Both plz 4 months ago  
    Neither there r too many plant crashes and too many boats sinking or something going wrong 4 months ago  
    Uh both option plz 4 months ago  
    Neither I dont drink and never will 4 months ago  
    As long as me and my boyfriend r happy even tho we r poor that's all that counts 4 months ago  
    Neither 4 months ago  
    I could never go without my family that I love even if it means I have to suffer 4 months ago  
    What if u consider ur pets as ur kids? 4 months ago  
    Where is the sorta option? 4 months ago  
    I dont have keys to lose so yea it's a win win 4 months ago  
    Did anyone else read what the person who created this wrote? 4 months ago  
    I had mean teachers and that almost got me killed in school 4 months ago  
    I enjoy being myself as a girl and I would never change that 4 months ago  
    I would never harm any human or animal plus I love working with animals so yea I'd rather earn less money than hurting innocent babies and animals 4 months ago  
    I'm like 100 something pounds so I need to loose weight 4 months ago  
    I dont have friends so technically I have no choice but to take my significant other 4 months ago  
    I dont have friends so there 4 months ago  
    I dont have friends so I win 4 months ago  
    Both 4 months ago  
    I already mentally never age so..... yea 4 months ago  
    I would bring goodies and stuff I needed just in case I got stuck in an elevator 4 months ago  
    I prefer ice tea 4 months ago  
    Both. But I prefer small since I have to choose 4 months ago  
    Yuck neithet 4 months ago  
    Both 4 months ago  
    Both 4 months ago  
    Both 4 months ago  
    Skip 4 months ago +1
    Neither that's cruel and mean 4 months ago +2
    My nana has lots of movies anyways and it's like a theater with thousands of movies to choose from so yea i would want unlimited games 3 years ago  
    Never said anything about having a bath 3 years ago  
    I would die on earth and become a wondering spirit 3 years ago  
    Both 3 years ago  
    They are the same people 3 years ago  
    I would choose both sides 3 years ago  
    Both 3 years ago  
    Neither 3 years ago +1

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