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    wish that you could wish for money :P  
    oh my gosh! lol I forgot about that XD +15
    *presses easy button* well that was easy  
    uhhh +1
    Uhhh its impossible to hold your breath for 10 minutes UNLESS u have an oxygen tank u can only hold it for 3 before you die besides the cliff doesn't have to be more than 3 feet does it??  
    unless its da cheese heads your talking about then I like butter  
    at least I could have a conversation or play a game or something  
    I wish I never would have to see that guy on tv/internet EVER AGAIN  
    Snow.... is water .. it melts and things still live off of it  
    oops lol  
    Dear gosh it would be the end of the world If I became famous for either  
    it doesn't say no shoes ;) my friend , need help  
    Anything but newwave  
    Gurl are you an only child? Yo parents spoil you im older than you and has a pc and xbox 360  
    I really don't care  
    Use yo phone to call a locksmith  
    well if u lived in a house like that couldn't you buy a new car?  
    Vegas has an M&M Store!  
    stole the cop's donut :)  
    It's always a never ending war -_- honestly the big bang makes NO SENSE like really things just don't appear out of nothing +2
    actually I want to go to vanderbilt  
    Acid would be quick Camels eat too slow  
    you know we cant know everybody on the internet  
    Ugh I would never be like hitler  
    ugh im sick of snow it takes out summer once we have snow days (we don't even go by the 10 snow day thing anymore)  
    i'd rather bee on ski lif bc u can get down by jumping depending on the depth and softness of the snow  
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