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    exactly what i was thinking  
    and this is happening in what world....?  
    except that there are tons of starving children in Africa, saving one wont make much of a difference when there are millions of others starving as well  
    its not racist at all, its a matter of preference +6
    faith in humans restored :)  
    my tub is nice and clean  
    horrible question but considering how my dad died 8 years ago....  
    good point  
    just boot them away :D  
    what is a lobset tank :P haha bad grammar....  
    snails actually dont taste horible  
    check your grammar dumbass... +1
    space = less painful + more interesting  
    hahaha yes :P  
    car accident is faster, most of the time +4
    SKITTLES Mofo :D  
    spoiled enough...?  
    Vinnie Paz  
    the thing that bugs me the most is that it is not even their choice, they didnt choose to be gay, so why hate someone for being born a certain way? we are all human, so dont hate just love one another for who they are  
    im the oldest, and its fun being the Boss  
    well this is a stupid question...  
    i can find true love later, right now i need money, im assuming thats what the number stands for  
    sexy time for the win +1
    love is in friendship, this question is le silly +2
    cant answer this...  
    im slightly atheist but i love debating religion with people, its fun +13
    hahaha that would be awesome, i would love to talk with the trees  
    im already both  
    i have already been hurt by so many b1tches, i want to have it the other way around now  
    fall into a lake  
    good for you, that makes me happy :)  
    in mother russia, man marries you +1
    haha thats exactly what i did :P  
    haha yes exactly :P  
    haha well he did and America is doing fine.... haha stupid ignorant southerner....  
    how can southern Americans like you still be so ignorant...?  
    i would of gave this comment an upvote if it wasn't for the horrible grammar....  
    exactly, listen to this guy ^  
    why do you hate on Obama so much, hes a much better president than Bush was...  
    superbowl has a fun party but the olympics dont come as often +1
    i hate basketball....  
    i have no idea what the difference is... +1
    damn thats a tough question, i love my dog so much....  
    this was the most confusing question i have ever read...  
    Skullcandy has broken on me because of manufacturer defects countless times so i boycott their sh*tty headphones now...  
    it could eat you out instead, tear up your pussy. btw check your grammar, its horrible, job* and good*  
    did you read the description, you can still die  
    slap a hoe, put her in her place :P or kick her out so she can see what its like to pay for sh1t herself  
    youre ignorant for thinking there arent aliens, its ridiculous to think that out of the infinite universe, we are the only significant form of life  
    i agree ;)  
    exactly what i was thinking :P  
    religion creates so much murder and war, fvck that sh*t  
    ginny becomes sexy when shes older ;)  
    hate basketball...  
    yay Germany FTW  
    neither, but at least Eminem has some meaning in some of his songs and isnt a stupid "gangster" that raps about meaningless crap. i listen to underground hip-hop +1
    heard of both, have watched neither but prison break sounds more exciting  
    underground hip hop, none of that stupid 50 Cent/The Game bullsh*t  
    get surgery and become hot ;)  
    live alone and throw raging parties every day :D  
    i would split it, keep some and give a bunch away  
    i used to dig holes a lot for dirt jumps back in the day so im used to it :P  
    belvedere is smoother  
    the two little girls picture is so cute :P  
    i love being 6'2 :)  
    you could have a perfect relationship one day and then the next day hit by a car, say bye bye  
    i didnt think about cheating, damn...  
    neither, he still looks like a douche either way...  
    teleport into a bank vault, you know what im saying ;)  
    only kids  
    i doubt the world will last that long but if it does, 2700s  
    considering 90% of the people in first world nations are already doing theres no point in lying about your choice. I do give to charities though when i can so im not being completely selfish +1
    two and a half men was awesome before Charlie sh*t the bed...  
    tough decision... if its before the drugs etc either of them would be awesome, now tho...  
    gay guys are cool, i have a great friend that is gay  
    Angelina has the better body  
    my best friend is one of the most beautiful girls i know so id happily be married to her :)  
    i hate basketball  
    i would be so disgusting they would move away and then i can live in peace :P +1
    if you are smart you can figure out how to become better looking, surgery perhaps or a different alternative'  
    falling into new york city would be so exciting and fun, i wouldnt even care that i die  
    steak comes from cow, keep that in mind  
    im a guy but anyone but bieber if i was a girl :P  
    baths only with girls :P  
    detoxing from alcohol is a lot easier than meth...  
    drug dealers have more fun ;)  
    no sleep i would be so much more efficient, get so much more done  
    ive done both and skydiving was a lot more fun :D  
    hahaha im just glad Toronto is the losing team :P  
    at least underwater you're not freezing to death...  
    dancing would keep you in amazing shape haha you'd be so fit :P  
    i want pussy, i can deal with denying gay guys :P  
    the people who say it should be illegal are ignorant, watch "The Union" on youtube, maybe that will change your mind  
    megaphone if you need to yell  
    a lot of people that hate kids come to this site from what ive seen  
    get the macbook, then sell it and buy a cheaper but more powerful pc :P  
    Nerds are smart geeks just look nerdy and act nerdy but arent smart, i choose nerd FTW  
    Vegas Baby :D  
    haha hell ya, look at my big penis everyone :P  
    got a big penis so i dont care, if someone laughs at me for it i can just say why did you want to see me?  
    haha yes i get $50k :P  
    considering ive quit smoking before id just do it again  
    at least Obama isnt a complete moron that started 2 different wars and bankrupt the USA  
    There are a few great upsides to being a girl and its a really close call but i prefer being a man  
    does the masseuse give you happy endings :P  
    nothing wrong with gay son, but lesbian wife will probably leave you...  
    perfect memory means you do amazing in school and work, i am already hot enough :P  
    apple is a decent OS but doesnt have nearly the amount of opportunities that Windows has. I can run a Mac emulator on a windows but you cant run a windows emulator on a mac...  
    you can hide from a lion, you cant hide if youre swimming in the sea...  
    Christmas everyone is happy for the most part so i prefer that :)  
    bungee jumping is on my bucket list, ill do it eventually  
    movies are easier to download than games  
    legalize marijuana, tax and health benefits, win win  
    humans own dogs, cats own humans, dog forsure  
    lawyers always make money, whether they win or lose the case  
    very tough question, but i want kids one day...  
    i like driving  
    at least Rebecca isnt a selfish annoying brat, at least compared to Bieber  
    tough but with all languages you are the optimal translator for the world  
    read minds, you could make SOO much money like that, professional poker, you know what everyone has and is thinking :P or know everyones pin numbers etc  
    yoda just sounds hilarious, i would love to talk like that :P  
    teleport into a bank vault, grab a bunch of money, bye bye, rich life here i come :P  
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