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exactly what i was thinking 4 years ago  
and this is happening in what world....? 4 years ago  
except that there are tons of starving children in Africa, saving one wont make much of a difference when there are millions of others starving as well 4 years ago  
wtf is this? i never heard of it... 5 years ago  
exactly 5 years ago +3
dem titties, gotta love em :O 5 years ago +1
imitate Yoda, i will 5 years ago +5
king kong is so much bigger and could chomp the hulk but the hulk is faster and smarter, its a tough choice... 5 years ago +3
way too freaky for me... 5 years ago +1
Friday is a horrible song but not as annoying as Stupid Hoe... 5 years ago +1
ive done regular skydive and it was amazing so i would love to try wingsuit 5 years ago  
games, google them 5 years ago  
haha exactly :P 5 years ago  
watch a bunch of douchebags or some sexy b*tches... i choose B 5 years ago +4
slythwein, what the fvck is that? 5 years ago  
Skullcandy is so fvcking unreliable, they break WAY too easily, so im boycotting them forever 5 years ago +1
very true, didnt think about that 5 years ago  
Skullcandy headphones are horrible quality and break SOO easily but at least they sound better than apple headphones while they work.... 5 years ago  
50 cent and lil wayne might be stupid rappers that have no talent and i agree with you there but go on youtube and check out the song Same Story by Vinnie Paz and then you might get a different opinion of hip hop 5 years ago  
How did so many people vote for minecraft, its so fvcking boring.... 5 years ago +2
ive got severe muscle tone in my right hand so i wouldnt have much of a problem losing it.... 5 years ago  
haha i hope that was a typo on purpose 'stubid' lol 5 years ago +2
haha which is more better, grammar people.... 5 years ago +6
hacking you could get a lot of money :D 5 years ago  
exactly, Army of the Pharaohs is the greatest hip hop group in the world, wayyyy better than D12... 5 years ago  
Army of the Pharaohs is the greatest hip hop group in the world, wayyyy better than D12... 5 years ago  
Cigarrettes are worse for your health but i love them too, great to smoke when you're drinking 5 years ago  
true that 5 years ago +1
neither, i hate nintendo... 5 years ago +1
what do you mean? 5 years ago  
i already skydived last summer and it was amazing so i would like to try bunjeejumping now 5 years ago  
Barney is classier, Charlie is just always on drugs and hammered when womanizing 5 years ago  
i just hate playstation controllers... 5 years ago +2
ive never tried either... youtube for me 5 years ago +4
titties :D 5 years ago  
same 5 years ago  
eminem actually has meaning behind his lyrics, lil wayne is just a douche.... 5 years ago +6
watching some sexy b*tches for 2 hours isnt as bad as watching steam boat willie for 10 hours 5 years ago  
watching some sexy b*tches for 2 hours isnt as bad as watching steam boat willie for 10 hours 5 years ago +3
i used to play piano back in highschool and its fun but beatboxing is a lot more convenient because you dont need a big piano to do it, you just need your mouth 5 years ago +1
damn, wrong one... 5 years ago  
i love heavy metal, but i hate screamo deathmetal type stuff... 5 years ago +2
im SOOO sick of sweet home alabama, way overplayed and sh*tty... 5 years ago +4
the 17% are girls who love pussy twilight crap 5 years ago  
Sesame street before it became pussy modern and they got rid of cookie monster 5 years ago +5
Depends on the situation: Partying drink liquor, chillen at home with my buddies, smoke weed 5 years ago  
haha exactly 5 years ago  
exactly.... 5 years ago  
god damn, horrible grammar... just atrocious 5 years ago +1
sh*t i didnt think of that, im changing my choice 5 years ago  
i dont like rap, i love underground hip hop, Jedi mind tricks, Army of the pharaohs, thats the good sh*t 5 years ago +1
exactly what i was thinking, good point 5 years ago  
inappropriate? 5 years ago  
both are horrible but lil wayne is a bigger douche... 5 years ago +2
really bad quality would mean bad frame rate too... 5 years ago +2
haha i know right, thats exactly what i thought 5 years ago +2
rater be? hmm poor grammar yet again... 5 years ago +2
i dont like either... 5 years ago  
its because of how cocky and douchey he has become... 5 years ago +4
i havent seen the social network yet 5 years ago +1
very tough choice but Ted was hilarious 5 years ago +1
i have no idea what these games are... 5 years ago  
Stewie would be awesome but i think it would be fun to party with Roger, its a tough choice though 5 years ago +1
not really, a year later and its still going strong... 5 years ago  
dat ass tho, but Taylor is better 5 years ago  
i like hip-hop not rap, and i hate lil wayne, underground hip-hop is where its at :D 5 years ago  
robot chicken is good, but family guy is better 5 years ago  
i hate converse... 5 years ago  
is do you prefer, haha great grammar ftw :P 5 years ago  
haha exactly :P 5 years ago  
wear a condom 5 years ago  
never had either of those, i dont remember my dreams very often though... i wish i did 5 years ago  
this is a bit of a stupid question, it doesnt make sense 5 years ago +1
its not racist at all, its a matter of preference 5 years ago +6
no its just that most women are b*tches and lie and screw guys like me over... 5 years ago +1
look at the picture thats what you get shot like 5 years ago +1
i already have A haha and its annoying but its fun too :P 5 years ago  
wear* but yes good point 5 years ago  
exactly 5 years ago +1
i love the blondes :P 5 years ago +2
damn that sucks, its an awesome show 5 years ago  
im a guy and i would seriously rather have sex with a hot male model rather than that huge sack of sh1t, you wouldnt even be able to reach her vagina, too much fat in the way... 5 years ago +1
i don hate you at all, i love you ;) 5 years ago  
you can visit your parents whenever you want, reunions dont happen as often 5 years ago +3
its a very interesting concept, i think it would be very cool if it existed 5 years ago +1
hahaha i love the meme for the Yes option :D haha 5 years ago +2
Windows 8 is fine, i dont understand why everyone is hating on it so much... 5 years ago +1
depends on the persons health but for the most part yes 5 years ago +1
finish up quick then head to the bday 5 years ago +1
i have a couple cousins that i dont like at all, id love to kill them off to obtain unlimited money 5 years ago +2
my mom is because my dad passed away 8 years ago as of today 5 years ago +2
i have a big one and i wouldnt trade it for anything :P 5 years ago  
i am a sweetheart now but i was a bad boy in highschool. Highschool i got the girls, and now i dont so im not sure what i would prefer... 5 years ago  
she cheated on me... b1tch ass hoe... 5 years ago  
hahah ya it would be, but that is what the guy in the left picture has, he has kids, his name is Nick Vujicic and he has no limbs 5 years ago  
my dad passed away 8 years ago as of today and i would do anything to get him back... 5 years ago  
has already happened, i got some revenge sex with her bestfriend though so it wasn't too horrible :P hahaha 5 years ago  
wtf is this about....? 5 years ago +6
social skills are almost as important if not more important to becoming a CEO as grades are. You need social skills to move up in business and meet new people to make progress in companies 5 years ago  
im always horny, every day, every hour, every second 5 years ago +6
its a tough choice and it really depends on the situation. Back in grade 11 my girlfriend of a year cheated on me so i immediately broke up with her and sabotaged her facebook :P but over time i have now forgiven her but definitely not at the time 5 years ago  
weight is easier to lose than intelligence is to gain 5 years ago +3
it all depends on the situation... 5 years ago +3
i already do, my dad passed away 8 years ago... 5 years ago  
i really hope that was intentional bad grammar haha ;) 5 years ago  
teeth made the decision for me... 5 years ago +2
sex comes with love, option B is all inclusive option 5 years ago  
if they both got to be your wives then id go with the two girls :P 5 years ago  
i think i would rather send them to prison because then they will get raped and suffer there for the rest of their life, not just once when i would kill them 5 years ago +2
haha exactly :D 5 years ago  
dafuq?.... 5 years ago  
tough question, at this moment id go with Paris because Lindsay is cracked out but if i could choose the time i could date either id go with lindsay before she got all drugged out and fvcked up 5 years ago  
ya but im still down for that :P 5 years ago  
Three, but i think its doubled because it says"we know", im not sure though, stupid question... 5 years ago  
McLovin, the biggest BO$$ alive haha :D 5 years ago +1
i just wouldnt want to be stuck with douchey mcdoucherson there on the right :P 5 years ago  
hes a douche though, i know hes good, but hes become very cocky and douchey, full of himself 5 years ago  
Me :D 5 years ago  
*stutter 5 years ago +1
half* ?? 5 years ago  
ive grown up without a father since i was 13 5 years ago  
i have 2 best friends, one the same sex and one thats opposite, so tough choice but i think id prefer the same sex best friend 5 years ago  
not if you did it to prevent killing your loved ones ;) 5 years ago +2
done mechanic and its a ton of fun, i love it 5 years ago  
haha yet another good attempt at 100% 5 years ago  
threesomes with other women ;) 5 years ago  
easier to improve the body 5 years ago  
five two's at the same time, that would be something to brag about ;) 5 years ago +2
no idea who she is but shes pretty hot so... 5 years ago  
faith in humans restored :) 5 years ago  
nice attempt at 100% but someone will always blow it :P 5 years ago +2
probably... 5 years ago  
the baby hasnt had a chance at life yet, so give it a chance 5 years ago +5
wish i could help but you're too far away 5 years ago +1
true that, i would only do it if they deserved to die 5 years ago +2
considering how my dad died 8 years ago that would be 24 more hours a year than i already have with him :) i would love that.... 5 years ago +1
haha exactly 5 years ago  
you will in a few years 5 years ago +1
i have a huge penis and i dont want to give that away... plus you can always get rid of man boobs, alot harder to get a big dick 5 years ago  
my tub is nice and clean 5 years ago  
sex only once a year, how horrible, i couldnt stand that.... 5 years ago  
my happiest moment, recently would have to be going skydiving last summer, its impossible to pick a single greatest moment 5 years ago  
$$$ :D 5 years ago  
you can skateboard behind a truck anytime, skydiving costs around $500 5 years ago  
its friday tomorrow and i cant wait :D 5 years ago  
haha show off my huge wang i dont care :D 5 years ago  
the girl that loves being inside would most likely be in good shape so id prefer that 5 years ago  
at least you make it to the superbowl, its hard enough to get there as it is 5 years ago +1
considering im at work killing time waiting for my manager to give me something to do ill keep answering 5 years ago +1
i would make millions competing in sports/olympics and then i can buy my own car 5 years ago +1
fishing doesnt take a ton of skill, sure it takes a lot of experience and some skill im not denying that but not nearly as much practice and skill as pro BMX 5 years ago  
its been asked many times... 5 years ago  
i love crotch rockets, Kawasaki ninja, so sexy 5 years ago  
this question has been asked many times.... 5 years ago  
deep sea diving you could still have a chance to survive 5 years ago  
ive been skydiving and it was amazing 5 years ago  
tough choice, i think id rather be a girl though because then its really easy to get a boyfriend, you just have to be snywhere and guys flock to you 5 years ago  
true, i didnt think about that... 5 years ago  
ya my grandpa has the same one too 5 years ago  
picked the wrong one... 5 years ago +1
my god, this question has been asked 6 or more times now... 5 years ago +4
bed of nails actually wouldnt hurt that bad because if they are close enough together then your weight is distributed evenly, rather than if you walk on just a couple nails they will stab into you because you place all your weight on one tip 5 years ago +1
picked it because of that kid hahaha 5 years ago +4
it should be football or american football, to settle the naming 5 years ago  
i hate basketball.... 5 years ago  
exactly why i picked her :P 5 years ago +2
Enzo's are very limited edition, so id rather go with that 5 years ago  
I have no idea what either are.... 5 years ago  
skateboarding in real life is a lot more fun 5 years ago  
how many times has this question been asked.... 5 years ago +1
paintball is more accurate and the shots fly farther, paintball FTW 5 years ago +1
i already went skydiving and it was amazing but i want to try basejumping 5 years ago  
haha im guessing the author hates soccer :P 5 years ago +2
because you can smell your way to work and around the world?.... 5 years ago  
my dad has already passed away... 5 years ago  
yes you're right, laughting isn't a thing but laughing is :P haha check your grammar 5 years ago  
3 million or 1000 million.... hmm what should i pick.... 10 years isnt a big deal... 5 years ago  
much safer to do it with a condom, and then when i want kids, poke a hole 5 years ago  
true that... 5 years ago  
hahah i dont care if people see me naked, they can all just stare at my huge wang :P 5 years ago  
good point, didnt think about that... 5 years ago  
hahaha ya i know, i hate the bad grammar too... 5 years ago  
guarratied... i hate the bad grammar on this site... 5 years ago +1
horrible question but considering how my dad died 8 years ago.... 5 years ago  
yes but 'he who shall not be named' is an ugly f*cker... 5 years ago  
HEY YOU HEY YOU HEY YOU HEY YOU dont be annoying... :P 5 years ago  
not true... 5 years ago  
haha i dont care if everyone sees my huge wang, look and be jealous :P 5 years ago  
maturbating eh? grammar ftw again :P haha 5 years ago  
haha author is rich methinks... :P 5 years ago +1
good point 5 years ago  
haha good point :P 5 years ago  
it doesnt have to be a gang like that douchebag gang in the picture 5 years ago +1
just boot them away :D 5 years ago  
what is a lobset tank :P haha bad grammar.... 5 years ago  
snails actually dont taste horible 5 years ago  
i hate cheetos... 5 years ago  
check your grammar dumbass... 5 years ago +1
i love taking a big crap, no sleep would make my life so much more efficient though 5 years ago +1
space = less painful + more interesting 5 years ago  
hahaha yes :P 5 years ago  
car accident is faster, most of the time 5 years ago +4
SKITTLES Mofo :D 5 years ago  
spoiled enough...? 5 years ago  
it was a very tough choice for me and i still cant decide which i like better... 5 years ago +1
Vinnie Paz 5 years ago  
killing barney i only have to kill one beloved children character, sesame street i would have to kill a bunch... 5 years ago +1
Matrix is one of the greatest action movies ever 5 years ago +5
haha same with me :P 5 years ago +1
neither, considering they both look like death metal, i like heavy metal but not death metal... 5 years ago  
meccano looks like a cheap knockoff... 5 years ago +4
haha nice pun 5 years ago  
lil wayne is horrible... sad days upon us... 5 years ago +2
haha bad grammar, "my most favorite"... 5 years ago  
on a girl i prefer tongue, more fun in the bedroom ;) 5 years ago  
no idea what these are... 5 years ago +2
what does TG stand for? 5 years ago +5
sexy blond, trish for me :) 5 years ago +2
mono goes away naturally, embarrassment for the rest of your life does not 5 years ago  
bi = more options ;) 5 years ago +2
the thing that bugs me the most is that it is not even their choice, they didnt choose to be gay, so why hate someone for being born a certain way? we are all human, so dont hate just love one another for who they are 5 years ago  
dafuq.... 5 years ago  
ear fetish is cleaner 5 years ago +3
something that you love or specifically like a lot more than usual. for example a foot fetish would mean you love licking their feet/toes and love their feet a lot 5 years ago  
calm down spaz 5 years ago +1
lmfao is boss 5 years ago +3
cookie cookie cookies :) 5 years ago  
if her natural lips look like that then id go without the gloss but the gloss can taste good so im not sure... 5 years ago +1
she would love me for taking her :P 5 years ago  
it was all business 5 years ago  
people dont own cats, cats own people, thats why im a dog man :) 5 years ago  
holy horrible grammar, bestdriends, what is a driend? :P 5 years ago +2
i want to see whats going on, easier to make my moves :P 5 years ago  
wow bad grammar, know* 5 years ago  
i would rather be my dad if he hadnt passed away 5 years ago +2
how are you using a computer then? and how do you have the time to spend time on websites like this instead of looking for food/shelter 5 years ago +1
how are you using a computer then? and how do you have the time to spend time on websites like this instead of looking for food/shelter 5 years ago +1
weird pictures.... 5 years ago +19
very unusual/random question 5 years ago +2
i didnt think about betraying Kim, if that were an option then i would choose Kim so i could kill him and free Korea from their slavery 5 years ago  
if i was a girl i would prefer soft but as a guy i prefer hard 5 years ago  
love pinks hair :) 5 years ago  
im the oldest, and its fun being the Boss 5 years ago  
that little mouse wont live nearly as long and it cant do sh*t... 5 years ago  
haha clever 5 years ago  
well this is a stupid question... 5 years ago  
i can find true love later, right now i need money, im assuming thats what the number stands for 5 years ago  
she gets paid, and its easier to get her out of it 5 years ago +1
get rid of them, and then you wont have that unhealthy relationship anymore 5 years ago +1
sexy time for the win 5 years ago +1
haha bad grammar, facese, i misread that as feces at first haha 5 years ago +1
love is in friendship, this question is le silly 5 years ago +2
my dad died, and i think that was harder than if my girlfriend were to die, because he had been in my life since i was born 5 years ago  
one word, titas :D 5 years ago  
i really dont want to click that girl... 5 years ago  
cant answer this... 5 years ago  
haha yes thats what i thought :P 5 years ago  
im slightly atheist but i love debating religion with people, its fun 5 years ago +13
hahaha that would be awesome, i would love to talk with the trees 5 years ago  
i have a friend that likes small tits but for me its big :P 5 years ago  
im already both 5 years ago  
i have already been hurt by so many b1tches, i want to have it the other way around now 5 years ago  
fall into a lake 5 years ago  
good for you, that makes me happy :) 5 years ago  
in mother russia, man marries you 5 years ago +1
haha thats exactly what i did :P 5 years ago  
same 5 years ago  
haha yes exactly :P 5 years ago  
wear a condom 5 years ago  
fvck, neither... but i guess i could sell the presidents poop :P 5 years ago  
anyone but Romney.... 5 years ago  
haha exactly :P 5 years ago  
hell no koreans, fvcking evil Korean bastard... 5 years ago  
id rather bang her in the ass :P 5 years ago +3
worably? wtf horrible grammar yet again... 5 years ago +4
depends who is president, if its George bush then i gladly accept the challenge :P 5 years ago +4
good point but i still think that for babies that doctors say will be born with sever birth defects the parents should be allowed to abort it so they can have a healthy child 5 years ago  
3 some with 2 hot girls, im down :D 5 years ago +4
wtf is this pedobear? 5 years ago +1
i love how in the obama picture obamas face is photoshopped in but the hand is still white :P haha 5 years ago  
no idea what i am... 5 years ago +4
hahaha i love how all the redneck southerners are always the ones hating on Obama, ha pure ignorance :P 5 years ago +5
hahaha i love how all the redneck southerners are always the ones hating on Obama, ha pure ignorance :P 5 years ago  
hahaha i love how all the redneck southerners are always the ones hating on Obama, ha pure ignorance :P 5 years ago +5
neither but considering Palin is a dumb bimbo... 5 years ago  
hahaha i love how all the redneck southerners are always the ones hating on Obama, ha pure ignorance :P 5 years ago  
hahaha i love how all the redneck southerners are always the ones hating on Obama, ha pure ignorance :P 5 years ago +1
doesnt say you need to rule, just says you have the power 5 years ago  
ignorance.... 5 years ago  
neither but considering how i am Aryan and German, might as well pick the guy that would favor me 5 years ago  
i love bringing up racism and joking about it, me and my friends arent racist but we love to make the jokes :P 5 years ago +4
haha funny how romney failed, thank God 5 years ago  
it says that he has AIDS, doesnt mean that he cant wear a condom to prevent you from getting it 5 years ago  
hahaha i love how all the redneck southerners are always the ones hating on Obama, ha pure ignorance :P 5 years ago  
hahaha i love how all the redneck southerners are always the ones hating on Obama, ha pure ignorance :P 5 years ago  
anyone but Mitt... 5 years ago  
haha yes finally an intelligent comment and not more Obama haters :) 5 years ago  
which a lot of was caused by George Bush haha 5 years ago  
haha well he did and America is doing fine.... haha stupid ignorant southerner.... 5 years ago  
how can southern Americans like you still be so ignorant...? 5 years ago  
i would of gave this comment an upvote if it wasn't for the horrible grammar.... 5 years ago  
exactly, listen to this guy ^ 5 years ago  
haha YES 5 years ago  
why do you hate on Obama so much, hes a much better president than Bush was... 5 years ago  
i picked Michelle just because of how stupid Palin is, haha Palin is such a bimbo 5 years ago +1
i swear ive seen at least 7 questions that are would you rather mw3 or bf3 hahaha, so damn repetitive 5 years ago  
i have no idea... 5 years ago  
lombardi doesnt look like hes about to kill you in those two pictures so thats who i am going with :P 5 years ago  
curl up in a ball and pussy out to survive :P haha 5 years ago  
superbowl has a fun party but the olympics dont come as often 5 years ago +1
digimon is a knockoff :P 5 years ago +1
i hate basketball.... 5 years ago  
i have no idea what the difference is... 5 years ago +1
I think this is the 8th time ive seen this question.... 5 years ago +1
i hate country so much, f*** dat sh*t.... 5 years ago  
i like to do both but i prefer gaming 5 years ago +1
because its comparing the warfare technologies of the different armies, duh 5 years ago  
anything but apple.... 5 years ago  
neither, internet 5 years ago  
bing is complete sh*t, i hate it... 5 years ago +1
Maserati is worth more i think, sell that sh*t :P 5 years ago +1
7th time ive seen this question... 5 years ago +6
watch tv or game or social networking on computer, my computer does everything :D 5 years ago +3
Lambos break down ALOT more... 5 years ago  
i love shooters and good graphics, hence Xbox 5 years ago +2
no, 76% prefer the games on an xbox and the style of gameplay, i hate wii games, theyre pussy 5 years ago  
pc fanboys could do the same thing.... 5 years ago  
6th time ive seen this question 5 years ago +6
underground hip hop not faggy rap... 5 years ago +1
wind occurs all the time, the sun is only around for part of the day 5 years ago  
damn thats a tough question, i love my dog so much.... 5 years ago  
this was the most confusing question i have ever read... 5 years ago  
neither, microsoft security essentials for me 5 years ago +2
Skullcandy has broken on me because of manufacturer defects countless times so i boycott their sh*tty headphones now... 5 years ago  
i hate pontiacs.... 5 years ago  
haha same here :P 5 years ago  
i dont know what either of these are... 5 years ago +1
just wear gloves all the time 5 years ago  
it could eat you out instead, tear up your pussy. btw check your grammar, its horrible, job* and good* 5 years ago  
did you read the description, you can still die 5 years ago  
slap a hoe, put her in her place :P or kick her out so she can see what its like to pay for sh1t herself 5 years ago  
hopefully they find out i am innocent after... 5 years ago  
ignorant comment, go watch the union on youtube... 5 years ago  
youre ignorant for thinking there arent aliens, its ridiculous to think that out of the infinite universe, we are the only significant form of life 5 years ago  
i agree ;) 5 years ago  
exactly what i was thinking :P 5 years ago  
religion creates so much murder and war, fvck that sh*t 5 years ago  
ginny becomes sexy when shes older ;) 5 years ago  
see how prison life is, if its not worth it then ill end my own life myself 5 years ago  
booty call whenever you cant get quality pussy :P 5 years ago  
neither... 5 years ago  
hate basketball... 5 years ago  
yay Germany FTW 5 years ago  
neither, but at least Eminem has some meaning in some of his songs and isnt a stupid "gangster" that raps about meaningless crap. i listen to underground hip-hop 5 years ago +1
heard of both, have watched neither but prison break sounds more exciting 5 years ago  
underground hip hop, none of that stupid 50 Cent/The Game bullsh*t 5 years ago  
get surgery and become hot ;) 5 years ago  
live alone and throw raging parties every day :D 5 years ago  
hahaha i be proud of her, shes doing well and making big bucks :P 5 years ago  
i would split it, keep some and give a bunch away 5 years ago  
2 awesome pornstars, i choose Jesse 5 years ago  
weed isnt harmful at all, watch the union on youtube, it will open your eyes 5 years ago  
weed isnt harmful at all, watch the union on youtube, it will open your eyes 5 years ago  
im lazy, i like her riding me :P 5 years ago  
i used to dig holes a lot for dirt jumps back in the day so im used to it :P 5 years ago  
belvedere is smoother 5 years ago  
i would rather watch some sexy women then a bunch of douchebags... :P 5 years ago  
the two little girls picture is so cute :P 5 years ago  
i love being 6'2 :) 5 years ago  
you could have a perfect relationship one day and then the next day hit by a car, say bye bye 5 years ago  
i didnt think about cheating, damn... 5 years ago  
i dont know either of those movies, but from what ive read about a lesbian sex scene i would now prefer black swan :P 5 years ago  
how does that make sense at all... how are they younger? 5 years ago  
neither, he still looks like a douche either way... 5 years ago  
teleport into a bank vault, you know what im saying ;) 5 years ago  
considering the apocalypse would be sh*tty to live in id rather see an amazing explosion and die 5 years ago  
only kids 5 years ago  
i doubt the world will last that long but if it does, 2700s 5 years ago  
wear a condom, if i dated a 13 year old i would be a child molester.... 5 years ago  
considering 90% of the people in first world nations are already doing theres no point in lying about your choice. I do give to charities though when i can so im not being completely selfish 5 years ago +1
two and a half men was awesome before Charlie sh*t the bed... 5 years ago  
tough decision... if its before the drugs etc either of them would be awesome, now tho... 5 years ago  
gay guys are cool, i have a great friend that is gay 5 years ago  
Angelina has the better body 5 years ago  
my best friend is one of the most beautiful girls i know so id happily be married to her :) 5 years ago  
i hate basketball 5 years ago  
i would be so disgusting they would move away and then i can live in peace :P 5 years ago +1
if you are smart you can figure out how to become better looking, surgery perhaps or a different alternative' 5 years ago  
falling into new york city would be so exciting and fun, i wouldnt even care that i die 5 years ago  
steak comes from cow, keep that in mind 5 years ago  
im a guy but anyone but bieber if i was a girl :P 5 years ago  
baths only with girls :P 5 years ago  
detoxing from alcohol is a lot easier than meth... 5 years ago  
drug dealers have more fun ;) 5 years ago  
no sleep i would be so much more efficient, get so much more done 5 years ago  
at least i could help the mom out after and give her some tips 5 years ago  
i dont see what the big deal is having your pet watch... 5 years ago  
1 week isnt worth a painful death... 5 years ago  
glad to see the high vote count for legal :) im not gay but they deserve happiness too 5 years ago  
ive done both and skydiving was a lot more fun :D 5 years ago  
hahaha im just glad Toronto is the losing team :P 5 years ago  
at least underwater you're not freezing to death... 5 years ago  
dancing would keep you in amazing shape haha you'd be so fit :P 5 years ago  
i want pussy, i can deal with denying gay guys :P 5 years ago  
the people who say it should be illegal are ignorant, watch "The Union" on youtube, maybe that will change your mind 5 years ago  
megaphone if you need to yell 5 years ago  
a lot of people that hate kids come to this site from what ive seen 5 years ago  
get the macbook, then sell it and buy a cheaper but more powerful pc :P 5 years ago  
Nerds are smart geeks just look nerdy and act nerdy but arent smart, i choose nerd FTW 5 years ago  
Vegas Baby :D 5 years ago  
haha hell ya, look at my big penis everyone :P 5 years ago  
got a big penis so i dont care, if someone laughs at me for it i can just say why did you want to see me? 5 years ago  
haha yes i get $50k :P 5 years ago  
considering ive quit smoking before id just do it again 5 years ago  
at least Obama isnt a complete moron that started 2 different wars and bankrupt the USA 5 years ago  
There are a few great upsides to being a girl and its a really close call but i prefer being a man 5 years ago  
does the masseuse give you happy endings :P 5 years ago  
burning is one of the most painful deaths, screw that sh*t... 5 years ago  
nothing wrong with gay son, but lesbian wife will probably leave you... 5 years ago  
perfect memory means you do amazing in school and work, i am already hot enough :P 5 years ago  
apple is a decent OS but doesnt have nearly the amount of opportunities that Windows has. I can run a Mac emulator on a windows but you cant run a windows emulator on a mac... 5 years ago  
bring back my dad 5 years ago  
redheads are more rare than blondes 5 years ago  
you can hide from a lion, you cant hide if youre swimming in the sea... 5 years ago  
Christmas everyone is happy for the most part so i prefer that :) 5 years ago  
bungee jumping is on my bucket list, ill do it eventually 5 years ago  
movies are easier to download than games 5 years ago  
legalize marijuana, tax and health benefits, win win 5 years ago  
humans own dogs, cats own humans, dog forsure 5 years ago  
lawyers always make money, whether they win or lose the case 5 years ago  
very tough question, but i want kids one day... 5 years ago  
i like driving 5 years ago  
Gain, i want more muscle 5 years ago  
at least Rebecca isnt a selfish annoying brat, at least compared to Bieber 5 years ago  
tough but with all languages you are the optimal translator for the world 5 years ago  
read minds, you could make SOO much money like that, professional poker, you know what everyone has and is thinking :P or know everyones pin numbers etc 5 years ago  
yoda just sounds hilarious, i would love to talk like that :P 5 years ago  
teleport into a bank vault, grab a bunch of money, bye bye, rich life here i come :P 5 years ago  
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