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Toshiro is that you? 3 years ago  
sooooo easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
second to last lol but I still have an A 4 years ago  
idk what they are 4 years ago  
same and a trumpet player :P 4 years ago  
warm water 4 years ago +2
Who's Ms. Sirois? 4 years ago  
no computer go to laptop 4 years ago  
Jessica Parker 4 years ago  
oh ya! 4 years ago  
Guess what I live in North Carolina 4 years ago  
# # # # like if you get 4 years ago  
.... 4 years ago +1
have one 4 years ago +1
dud 4 years ago  
At least I could survived a possible chance 4 years ago  
Used to have nightmares about Ronald McDonald hated going there 4 years ago  
idk when the first one is but it looks better 4 years ago  
type ing 4 years ago +1
A dead skunk with purfume 4 years ago  
dont make me answer this question 4 years ago 4 years ago  
looks so badass if only it was black 4 years ago +2
same 4 years ago  
uhhh i'm a girl 4 years ago  
kitty cats! 4 years ago  
exactly 4 years ago  
what is this? 4 years ago  
funnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
how u know? 4 years ago  
I wanna stay alive! 4 years ago +1
who knows it may look good! 4 years ago  
A really small stick of butter 4 years ago +1
the pic though 4 years ago  
NY 4 years ago  
what? 4 years ago  
like PERCY JACKSON 4 years ago +4
a bucket that is 2 grams 4 years ago  
word 4 years ago  
my Darling is my kitty cat, she can play and take care of her for me :D 4 years ago +1
cow not pig 4 years ago +1
whats laught always 4 years ago +1
would you rather your friends 4 years ago +1
Peaceful 4 years ago  
Did anyone else choose the wrong one? 4 years ago  
no for me 4 years ago  
Its cooler 4 years ago +3
I choose eco-friendly products, pick up trash off the floor, and try to convince ppl to join, anything else needed? 4 years ago  
same 4 years ago  
I wanna move back to ny! Dont like nc nearly as much! 4 years ago  
No guilt, no pain, and no jail 4 years ago  
I will have a awesome mansion treehouse 4 years ago +4
wont fit 4 years ago +1
money money money! 4 years ago +2
Girls have it easy on this question. 4 years ago  
simba!!!! 4 years ago +2
The camp will long gone it just ruins now 4 years ago +2
If I didn't know for sure that I will die 4 years ago  
same 4 years ago  
why are they there in the first place? 4 years ago  
my friend's cat is named Skunk, got a problem with that? 4 years ago +2
what is a belfry? (ME=STUPID) 4 years ago  
my poor flowers... 4 years ago  
cooler way to go 4 years ago  
Drink a night vision potion 4 years ago  
Do something awesome every single day WHAT!!! 4 years ago  
soooo good 4 years ago +1
I hate coffee (sorry) 4 years ago +1
dead jellyfish 4 years ago +1
pure awesomeness 4 years ago +1
same, and I'm almost immume just really minor to it 4 years ago  
what? 4 years ago +2
how deep:? 4 years ago +17
Vanilla! 4 years ago +1
Such a easy question 4 years ago +1
Name a horse charlie for an hour and then name it Blackjack (hey other percy jackson/blood of Olympus fans). 4 years ago +47
With a filter 4 years ago  
Dont care if it looks awesome 4 years ago +1
be badass or be humble? 4 years ago  
I think that the pictures are reversed 4 years ago +1
dont have twitter 4 years ago  
with something under your butt 4 years ago  
me 4 years ago  
dont have an ex: Forever Alone 4 years ago  
dance in a shopping center 4 years ago  
why will I be there in the first place? 4 years ago  
I always had nightmares about Ronald McDonald when I was a kid.... 4 years ago  
the picture though 4 years ago  
I'm a daddy's girl 4 years ago  
I dont have a phone/tablet mom wont buy me one... 4 years ago  
I dunnoo what this question mean, I just though the first one said moron 4 years ago  
prefer no bugs 4 years ago  
I always get shampoo in my eyes just another time. 4 years ago  
easy just kill urself 4 years ago  
Who said we are gonna die? 4 years ago  
i dunno either one, just choose ramdom 4 years ago  
Kitty cat with a poptart body and pooping rainbows how can you beat that? 4 years ago +1
I'm a kitty cat do I make you feel better? :D 4 years ago +1
I'm a kitty cat too! 4 years ago  
Who doesn't love to laugh? 4 years ago +2
Doctor Who! 4 years ago  
They are both scary as hell cant decide 4 years ago +1
Picked previous doctor who because my friend likes it, never ever watched it 4 years ago  
Is this even a question? 4 years ago  
VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
Never use Facebook always 4 years ago +5
Clicked wrong one, life over. 4 years ago  
ADELE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
The picture is cooler 4 years ago  
Does anyone else think that the reddit thing is creepy? 4 years ago +2
How do ppl even like star wars 4 years ago  
How can you?! 4 years ago  
It's 2015 4 years ago +9
Happy Wheels sooooo awesome but I only play this when my parents arent looking 4 years ago  
At less your playing! 4 years ago  
poor snake 4 years ago  
blood 4 years ago  
no sister ha 4 years ago  
Clowns scare me.... 4 years ago  
Have no sister 4 years ago  
Quick and easy 4 years ago  
Down it goes 4 years ago  
painful 4 years ago  
NO P*NIS HAHAHA 4 years ago  
Gumballs dont last long 4 years ago  
MINTS 4 years ago  
Train=nice quick way to die 4 years ago  
Spider man's cover looks better, I didnt really see the movies, ya i know I'm lame. 4 years ago  
I like the shirt better, I'm stupid when comes to soccer 4 years ago  
i dont really care 4 years ago  
NO i hate reese's 4 years ago  
yes 4 years ago  
I'm a girl your not goign to make me answer 4 years ago  
go america ya.... 4 years ago  
the colorful thin is what persuded me 4 years ago  
idk what either one is lol 4 years ago  
classic B) 4 years ago  
my dad drinks this so okay..... 4 years ago  
go sprite!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
I guess I what palestine because they were cheering and the other photo has a military guy. 4 years ago +1
I always say whats on my mind always, no difference 4 years ago  
Its just ppl think its impossible until another person did it 4 years ago  
NO WAY I'M NOT EATNG CHOCOLATE YOU CANT MAKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
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