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In the picture, I am on the left, then my step-mom, then my dad. Here, let me tell you about myself: I am obsessed with aliens and zombies. i have seen 3 UFO sightings in my life (no encounters though). I love the outdoors and i hunt, camp, fish, you name it! well i dont live in the country, but i LOVE adventuring and exploring out in the woods! I believe I will survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse... Must be all the zombie movies getting to me. And i believe that something will happen because of all the war that is going on in the world, that they (different world rulers) will take out the biological weapons and wipe out the entire world. its possible. I sleep next to more than 10 weapons every night (guns and knives) and i am currently on the lookout everywhere i go (it may just be paranoia). And i carry a knife everywhere i go. also, I am agnostic. i love people (only when the person is right) and i love engineering. and spaghetti. I am a 18 year old Male. I want to be either a Materials Engineer OR an Astronomer OR a pyrotechnical engineer OR a zombie killer when i grow up :D And I love mysteries! My way of thinking is: "IT'S BETTER TO HAVE IT AND NOT NEED IT, THAN TO NEED IT AND NOT HAVE IT." and "TO EACH THEIR OWN." And I am open to talk with anybody at anytime. And if you are gonna do something illegal then make sure you dont get caught. That way its not illegal. So just send me message if you even wanna talk to me and we can start a conversation :) We can talk about anything you would like to talk about. any problems in life? Need advice for something? I will try to help you out with it :) If you think that i am crazy, just remember, TO EACH THEIR OWN! and i will NOT change for ANYBODY!!! RELATIONSHIP STATUS: single LOSER CLUB: Me, mimismurf, peritwinkle, CRAYON-BOX, heyitscece, Cheesecurds, Tiansa, Coooolio583, mlowy, Alexis (my friend), dragah, AMAZINGPOKEDUDE, (anyone can join). I am saving up my money for mainly college, truck, SWAT helmet, AND a SWAT vest, which is only allowed to FBI agents and government officials but oh well... i still want one anyways. ZOMBIE RESPONSE TEAM: TalkedAce, bigDylan, helens, daisy, JadeTheKilljoy, KarelDeBeer, scarf, LureReign, Destinyangel, CrazyChixo, DudeWithASuit, jbradley, AMAZINGPOKEDUDE, Alex-Summers, (6 more openings). ALIEN INVASION RESPONSE TEAM: Otakuman, helens, TalkedAce, mimismurf, daisy, JadeTheKilljoy, KarelDebeer, MickelPickle, Radiatingkiller, CrazyChixo, jbradley, dmj312, (8 more openings). YOU HAVE TO MEET A CRITERIA THOUGH! please see me for details. And remember; I do NOT trust alot of people! So if you are gonna be in my response team(s), then we have to chat about everything so that you can earn my trust. not trust to the fullest because i dont know you in person. But i will trust you until you give me a reason not to. Fun fact for ya: one of my pet peeves is to wear matching socks! I also have 21,611 notifications. I update the notifications every time i get on here. And i have chatted with jbradley the most, with more than 2,100 messages.

Alienboy51 has posted the following comments: parents hated me. that would be my explanation  
wow. Good question bro!! confusing but interesting +148
sometimes when i do something by accident, i have to do it again to make it even  
Hey let's have a threesome!! I was loving it my way!!  
unfortunately, i don't have alot of girl friends so i am outta luck for this question  
well of course it was real (even though i clicked hoax). But their mission was far more complicated than they say it was. so that's my reason for saying it was a hoax  
im 9th! deal with it  
either jbradley, LureReign, OR Chixo. Or Bellabot. oh yeah of course. the legendary alexw and jomarc +4
aliens created God while making the Universe  
i have a twin brother and i would NEVER EVER be naked around him!! i would NEVER EVER even be around naked DUDES!! only naked women :D  
i would rrrather be Unique like believing in everything and a cool personality, but not weird like... incest weird or insane weird.  
that guy with the hat doesnt look like a zombie at all  
a begging thief  
oh yeah my weird self! stay weird forever!  
i dont even know WHAT any of the "isms" mean  
it is so hard to find true love these days its not even funny. thats why i chose it... just to let you know  
well i mean its just a game right?  
true true  
how did this end up on the home page anyways? +88
yeah but it wasnt ever asked like this... +1
another example of why users are way better than guests ^ +4
THIS BEATS THE MCDONALDS AND BURGER KIND QUESTION?!?! wow! good job MickyD! but yes i do have OCD. if i see a hair anywhere i think it shouldnt be, i start freaking out. +2
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