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    no it wasn't he your son your sick 5 years ago  
    to bad hells fake 5 years ago  
    no your just sick 5 years ago  
    ugh never have kids 5 years ago  
    please never have kids 5 years ago +1
    I didn't mean it pick that one!!!!!!!!!!1i loved for my son to be gay don't have a kid unless you loved them no matter what wtf I wrong with you pppl 5 years ago  
    no 5 years ago  
    there is a hugn line between a living child and a fetus 5 years ago +2
    uh cuz at lest he isn't an anti gay duche 5 years ago +1
    a child and a fetus isn't the same thing you moron 5 years ago  
    say that killing is wrong....goes on to say they want people died 5 years ago  
    humans can feel pain those cant 5 years ago  
    but it cant feel 5 years ago  
    it might have a heart beat but it cant feel pain 5 years ago  
    so take care of it even if they cant? millions of kids need the u.s alone you want to add more? oh right tell someone who was raped that thanks to christens schools have crappy sex ed class 5 years ago  
    uh there is a huge difference between a baby that can feel and something that doesn't even have a brain yet 5 years ago  
    guest from Indiana, United States lol uh no they don't babys don't feel pain till a certin point(which is the point you can no longer get one) what you think as so as you get preg they can feel smh 5 years ago  
    uh even if was illegal woman would still do it 5 years ago  
    people act like he Obama was never the prz you would have a job lol most likely you still wouldnt 5 years ago  
    free sex 5 years ago  
    who would pick shot? 5 years ago  
    ......uhhh California you cant get pregnant by drinking sperm smh 5 years ago +430
    guest from quebec it clearly says nothing else 5 years ago  
    guest from Pennsylvania then who created god? smh some people are so blind 5 years ago  

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