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    Your inability to understand basic science doesn't mean that "god did it."  
    All four Daniel Craig movies are amazing. +1
    Funny thing is that the looser in the picture in none of those things, he's just a prick playing video games.  
    None of the above.  
    Who gives a sh*t about performance?  
    Watch it "illegally" online.  
    The egg, dumbass, your inability to understand basic science doesn't mean that your god did it. Creationists are simply retarded, brainwashed sheep that will believe anything that the bible or Fox News say.  
    I don't want a f*ucking kid.  
    Religion is the worst thing to happen to humanity. +1
    Asians (and Americans too) make sh*t cars. The Europeans are better at everything.  
    Republicans obstructed progress for eight years and convinced people that the system was broken. They broke it. America bought it.  
    Heaven doesn't exist.  
    This was one of the easiest decisions I've ever had to take. I'm not a freaking charity.  
    All religions are human in their origins, erroneous in their theories, and ridiculous in their threats and rewards. +1
    Wearing a perfectly tailored suit gives a man a tranquility that nothing else can bestow.  
    Proud animal flesh eater here.  
    This one killed me....  
    I'd rather not bankrupt everything I touch, thank you.  
    2008-2016 were good years, but the next four years are sure to be a hell on Earth.  
    BMW ALPINA B7 xDrive in Magellan Gray Metallic with Fiona Red/Black Full Merino Leather to be precise.  
    What kind of looser waits until marriage? It's a scam anyway.  
    Just because they're attracted to me doesn't mean the feeling is mutual.  
    I hate children.  
    As I said, I truly admire President Obama. I guess he counts as a celebrity.  
    President Obama is one of the individuals that I most admire, I'd love to have dinner with him.  
    Ignorant people are annoying.  
    I don't like tall women, they always look quite awkward.  
    Who needs friends anyway?  
    I mean, I'd be miserable just by being poor, so I rather be rich.  
    Economically conservative, morally liberal.  
    Audi R8 V10 Spyder S tronic Quattro in Daytona Pearl Grey to be precise.  
    I've never wanted children, so I don't see what the issue is here.  
    As I've said before, what the hell do I want with a family?  
    How is this even a question? Saying that Obama has been a remarkable president and that he will be missed once incompetent Trump takes office would be a gross understatement,  
    Video games are stupid.  
    Hawaii? Seriously? 82% of you are quite basic and have poor taste in vacation spots.  
    And what the f*ck do I want with a family?  
    There is no god anyway, so this is really not a question.  
    You can never be truly overdressed.  
    Who, in their right mind, would choose a lousy Caribbean vacation over Europe?  
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