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    i made the mistake of watching B twice, which meant i couldn't ignore the plot holes 2 years ago  
    i worked 2 years ago  
    life of fame and fortune is guaranteed, in a world with wizards and magic, you are not guaranteed to be one 2 years ago  
    i suck at games, which makes improving easy 5 years ago  
    i tried it, not bad. as time passed i saw how useless it was ( at least in my life) so i stopped. i wasted too much money on something unneeded 6 years ago +2
    wish i had thought of that 6 years ago  
    so would deadpool, who's regeneration ability rivals wolverine's 6 years ago  
    can you go out with someone if you're in jail? other than that, not really 6 years ago  
    do us all a favor, try and stay alive! 6 years ago +1
    make things right, even if others hate you for it...sadly Hitler thought along these lines as well 6 years ago  
    vanity. someone might want to look good next to their significant other...humans... 6 years ago  
    they might be bringing back Twinkies. something about signing a million dollar deal on the radio today 6 years ago  
    wouldn't know says a south floridian 6 years ago  
    i'm a guy who isn't gay, their music isn't that good, and i know nothing of them outside what the radio plays when i allow it. that million would be well spent 6 years ago  
    a man has to be charismatic, witty, charming, and good looking/rich (for shallow girls who make up a slight majority). a girl has to be there...and for some messed up guys, not even alive 6 years ago +1
    like everything besides her head, agreed 6 years ago  
    you can like your own comment? i can't 6 years ago +1
    i want there to be a party at my funeral. i want my funeral to be a FUNeral! no crying, no sobbing. i finished this human race before you, don't stop and mourn me, MOVE ON! live a good life and when you (whichever friend reading this) get here, you better have a hell of a story to tell 6 years ago +2
    i dislike both 6 years ago  
    i would much rather hang out with a cowgirl than a preppy anything 6 years ago  
    i read the question wrong 6 years ago  
    see, that depends on the movie and who else is going. if it's just me, then a. if it's with all my friends, B 6 years ago +1
    as promised 6 years ago  
    then it would only be right to answer your question as well 6 years ago  
    ah, name calling. a true sign of a person who refuses admit they might be wrong. then take this last bit of philosophy with you: "The first part in becoming more wise, is admitting you are a fool" i'm going through hell to learn what i can from my mistakes. all you have to go through is a few comments 6 years ago +1
    FALSE, for not only are there 63% at the time of this comment, i am voting power rangers because they make me smile and MLP makes me want to pick up the remote and play video games in another room. i am not doing anything to spite "bronies" 6 years ago  
    i made an error. count one vote as dragon night please 6 years ago +1
    you're using an invalid argument. you can have all the true facts you need, but the way you've presented it makes it seem like either you like tan girls or you're trying to go against the system. those are not the only two options, those are two options in a sea of possibility. there is actually a name for your type of argument: False Dilemma Fallacy 6 years ago +2
    dead man wonderland! 6 years ago  
    protein + celebrity crush = win. Sure it'd taste like hell (maybe since i wouldn't know) but the end is worth it, just like college 6 years ago  
    if i had to learn either, (assuming i didn't already learn Spanish), i'd like to learn Italian. Since going to Italy is on my bucket list anyways 6 years ago +1
    or...they like pale girls. is it impossible to like pale girls or are you going along with what society and the media say. you could like pale women because that's your preference, same with tan skinned women 6 years ago +1
    i believe it means you lose control of you legs 6 years ago  
    to those who chose the other, watch that first step! 6 years ago +1
    the Playstation 2 had a wider variety of games but the Wii was more family oriented, but ps2 was my choice 6 years ago +1
    or multiple counts of murder, or genocide. perhaps even serial rapists 7 years ago  
    with money, you may help an infinite amount of people 7 years ago +1
    blood comes first 7 years ago +2
    damn, you're right 7 years ago  
    i perfer yo-gi-oh cards, but pokemon win everything else 7 years ago +3
    i'd finally get to know my own dreams 7 years ago +2
    see this is why i'm keeping my crappy eyes 7 years ago +1
    it's not like talking to her is something you have to do. she's a girl, there are better things to do 7 years ago  
    that's the best part, that means even your children get to enjoy it! 7 years ago  
    and some people get aids out of foolish reasons (not all, some don't get the choice) 7 years ago  
    idk anyone around me interesting enough for me to look through their mind, but invisibility has many uses 7 years ago +1
    ha, that's what i have anyways (without the money sadly) 7 years ago +1
    36 or 7 years ago  
    pale skin is not always a bad thing 7 years ago +2
    as was my cousin, but he takes it as pride now lol 7 years ago  
    wig =P 7 years ago +1
    45 % don't want to 7 years ago +12
    i only picked beiber cause i know how mad his fans will get when they think i hate him 7 years ago +1
    wrong answer... 7 years ago  
    "how can i help you?" 7 years ago +7
    what mind 7 years ago  
    i'd die, there'd be no sound, i'd just die 7 years ago +1
    indoor pool? want 7 years ago +2
    ouch, my childhood 7 years ago  
    better to die yourself instantly than force years of suffering, knowing you'd screw up 7 years ago  
    is pain worth the life though? 7 years ago +2
    one makes the perfect breakfast, the other has pretty good fries. both will kill you eventually 7 years ago +2
    new face, new identity. rob anywhere without a mask and not get caught because it doesn't look like you 7 years ago  
    i suck at sports, holes are easier 7 years ago +1
    some people would argue it would not be rape if it's willing. i don't know any, but some would 7 years ago +2
    can we charge per healing? can we use destruction to save? 7 years ago  
    too much time, not enough questions. it'd get annoying 7 years ago +3
    tiger ate the neighbor's dog -_- now i can sleep better at night =) 7 years ago +6
    too many rules with time travel, go invisible today! 7 years ago +2
    dragons vs. vampires... actually, that may be fun to watch 7 years ago +1
    jean is actually a year younger 7 years ago  
    checked them both, Rebecca Black is not as bad as left 7 years ago +1
    so will chocolate and any other desert that tastes good 7 years ago  
    you are another person 7 years ago  
    back to training with you, that one noticed the blade in his neck 7 years ago +1
    they say they want nice, they say i am nice. they always ask HIM out 7 years ago +1
    i live in Florida, you get sick of the beach pretty fast 7 years ago +2
    sure, as long as beiber stayed away 7 years ago +6
    this is here 4 pics though 7 years ago +1
    tried minecraft once, comp too slow =( 7 years ago  
    #1 7 years ago 7 years ago  
    a drama involving REAL vampires in a school with royalty, (less censored) romance, and better defined battle scenes. equal if not better in my opinion 7 years ago  
    their stacks of money are almost as big as their stacks of hate mail 7 years ago  
    and think of how much you'd save on gas 7 years ago  
    the stars are more interesting than the lines on some peoples hands... opinion 7 years ago +2
    to each their own =) 7 years ago +1
    watching people fail is fun =) 7 years ago +2
    better perks if your a demon prince, course people will blame you for everything though. 7 years ago +1
    die 7 years ago +7
    this is the third time i see this today 7 years ago +8
    you could build more with ice, what could you do with fire? 7 years ago  
    i'd die doing both, but i'd fly for a while sky diving 7 years ago +1
    another series that takes place in the same street, but always different characters 7 years ago +1
    all you need is a bag 7 years ago +1
    arachnophobia 7 years ago  
    i'd still rather die 7 years ago  
    didn't read, just saw peanut butter... 7 years ago +9
    you can make alot of money if you're multilingual 7 years ago  
    on purpose =) 7 years ago  
    wrong button 7 years ago  
    team guy that almost ran over bella 7 years ago +2
    guy here, i'd rather get shot than either 7 years ago +4
    haha 7 years ago  
    operating systems that doesn't belong to windows or apple 7 years ago  
    if i were blind i'd die 7 years ago  
    not that bad, i could last a few days till my eyes died 7 years ago  
    they got their preference 7 years ago  
    although i can see logic in that, what about in music? 7 years ago  
    don't lump them in with me 7 years ago  
    respect the dead asshole. whether or not better or worst just respect 7 years ago  
    he lost 7 years ago  
    i'd keep my beat up, half dead Mitsubishi lol 7 years ago +2
    is justifiable in very few cases 7 years ago  
    i skipped lol 7 years ago  
    yes, yes we will 7 years ago  
    hey look it's JB 7 years ago +2
    yep 7 years ago  
    i used to love digimon, but i never stopped liking pokemon 7 years ago +4
    great acoustics in heaven, you'll hear her better 7 years ago  
    it was 'good', great is pushing it 7 years ago  
    both have viruses =( 7 years ago  
    could i also change my eye to be like the first pic? 7 years ago  
    you'd be beaten by the comments above you 7 years ago +5
    i asked this to a maritime school, they all chose nijas lol 7 years ago  
    although you are right in most cases, i picked AIDS because there is already a cure for cancer, it's just dangerous. and it could not be their fault 7 years ago  
    i'd probably die...worth it =) 7 years ago  
    it's her 7 years ago +1 7 years ago +1
    is this a challenge? 7 years ago  
    justin is dead, let us celebrate her death 7 years ago +1
    and brownie batter isn't? 7 years ago  
    it is if you break either 7 years ago  
    is rent paid? 7 years ago +3
    she's hot and 18 7 years ago +1
    sadly true 7 years ago  
    i like life 7 years ago +2
    but then you can seriously mess up and change it 7 years ago  
    i waste alot of time like this 7 years ago +3
    piano...i'm wierd 7 years ago  
    since they're one and the same, they suck twice as hard 7 years ago +1
    then go nuts 7 years ago  
    it's a question of blonde or brunette 7 years ago  
    for 18 years...even i do not believe i was worth that much 7 years ago  
    yeah, but the cure might kill you 7 years ago  
    part of Disney world that has all old rides like splash mountain, space mountain, and more 7 years ago  
    so you see the problem lol 7 years ago  
    HE IS NOT A FAIRY...he's Ceddric Digory's zombie lol 7 years ago  
    i can imagine doing this, i won't let them get hurt 7 years ago +2
    18 7 years ago +3
    bees don't bite 7 years ago +2
    i suppose if i get to meet him i could have him sign the barrel of a gun or the end of a bullet 7 years ago +2
    Alrair can't swim! 7 years ago +1
    spell fail 7 years ago  
    tounges can be useful 7 years ago +1
    or a hat 7 years ago +1
    i will admit that much as well 7 years ago +2
    depends on the menu, BK breakfast suck, but i hate MC unless its breakfast 7 years ago  
    wow, life would be better, and i would be a calmer 7 years ago  
    you'd last longer too 7 years ago  
    this would simplify my life 7 years ago  
    saw one kill a bird once 7 years ago  
    that's the point lol 7 years ago  
    although that is an awesome pirate, ninja's just kill them 7 years ago  
    i see your caps lock is broken 7 years ago  
    it's like watching a movie in your mind man 7 years ago  
    my first thought when i first herd it was, "she's sort of catchy" 7 years ago  
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