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    life of fame and fortune is guaranteed, in a world with wizards and magic, you are not guaranteed to be one  
    i believe it means you lose control of you legs  
    i suck at sports, holes are easier +1
    tiger ate the neighbor's dog -_- now i can sleep better at night =) +6
    so will chocolate and any other desert that tastes good  
    their stacks of money are almost as big as their stacks of hate mail  
    better perks if your a demon prince, course people will blame you for everything though. +1
    you can make alot of money if you're multilingual  
    on purpose =)  
    if i were blind i'd die  
    they got their preference  
    although i can see logic in that, what about in music?  
    don't lump them in with me  
    respect the dead asshole. whether or not better or worst just respect  
    he lost  
    i'd keep my beat up, half dead Mitsubishi lol +2
    is justifiable in very few cases  
    i skipped lol  
    yes, yes we will  
    hey look it's JB +2
    i used to love digimon, but i never stopped liking pokemon +4
    it was 'good', great is pushing it  
    both have viruses =(  
    could i also change my eye to be like the first pic?  
    you'd be beaten by the comments above you +5
    i asked this to a maritime school, they all chose nijas lol  
    although you are right in most cases, i picked AIDS because there is already a cure for cancer, it's just dangerous. and it could not be their fault  
    i'd probably die...worth it =)  
    is this a challenge?  
    and brownie batter isn't?  
    i waste alot of time like this +3
    it's a question of blonde or brunette  
    for 18 years...even i do not believe i was worth that much  
    yeah, but the cure might kill you  
    part of Disney world that has all old rides like splash mountain, space mountain, and more  
    so you see the problem lol  
    HE IS NOT A FAIRY...he's Ceddric Digory's zombie lol  
    i can imagine doing this, i won't let them get hurt +2
    18 +3
    i suppose if i get to meet him i could have him sign the barrel of a gun or the end of a bullet +2
    i will admit that much as well +2
    wow, life would be better, and i would be a calmer  
    you'd last longer too  
    this would simplify my life  
    saw one kill a bird once  
    that's the point lol  
    although that is an awesome pirate, ninja's just kill them  
    i see your caps lock is broken  
    it's like watching a movie in your mind man  
    my first thought when i first herd it was, "she's sort of catchy"  
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