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    I do that...  
    Whispering BLOWS.  
    It totally depends on the situation  
    He's hotter. And he has a beard. +1
    Who is that vain? Really.... wow.  
    They're both real.. what're you talking about.... +3
    Yeah he got tortured.. probably wouldn't be down to bring that up..  
    So chill.  
    I wanna be the very best.. like no one ever wassss. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my causeeee POKEMONNNN!! GOTTA CATCH EM ALLLLL!!!!! +4
    DUH +2
    It's the same.  
    heels blowww  
    HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOVIE "FROZEN"?!?!?!?!?!!! Yeah.... elevator. +1
    It's one of those things we'll never know.  
    Ice creammmmm +1
    There's so many beautiful things to see.. +1
    I take it back... ):  
    I've done that so many times... +4
    Love my mommmm. +1
    Ew ew ew ew ewwwwww  
    I don't really like hair... and it wouldn't hurt THAT bad. I don't mine that weird kind of plucking pain? I have a high tolerance for it. +1
    Why has this question been asked 500AS3OU3093 times?!?!?!? (ALSO - I'd just knock my parents out and run.) +3
    NO NO NO... The grandma one makes me think of "Yes Man". *shivers* Goddddd I'm scarred hahaha.  
    Disney was an acid head and sexist. Also, he was mentally insane. And racist... Atari kicks ass too. +2
    NO S**T!! Droid is bulllll.  
    Canon is used by National Geographic... And everything else worth anything.. So yeah.  
    Pools can't be used in the winter and are too big to year round. (I mean you could put on a tarp, but still) I love hot tubs!  
    If you've SEEN the google office it's AWESOME! +1
    Yeahuuh coke  
    PC's blow..  
    I'd wish for more wishes... +2
    20 potatoes = death...  
    A shark is a lot less likely to eat you. They're not gonna just eat you...? +4
    Uhh.. not all sharks live in cold waters?? +1
    You don't need to eat the tomatoes..? +2
    Glee = OVER-RATED! Modern Family = Real, new, funny as sh*t +288
    Obviously nott... +1
    I now have some faith in America. OBAMASWAG.  
    I don't care to much for money, cause money cant buy me loveeee. +3
    Your friends don't have the right to make you feel humiliated.. +2
    BOB BARKERRR YUSSSS. But he's gone.. so I change my mind.. ): +1
    Yeah they're in the same place?? They're both too tourist-y for my taste..  
    Boooooks are classic!! +5
    MJ = classic; JB = 17 year old boy.... nuffsaid. +3
    Bill Compton is ugly and old.. pedo bear? +6
    These stats make me so happy.. HPnerdfolyfee.  
    You can rinse it off...?  
    We seriously have rain 9 months of the year where I live and I'm almost certain 65% of the people in my town have seasonal depression..  
    I change my mind.. gah. SOCUTE  
    Starbucks isn't even that good... tooooo sweeeet.  
    I would stop both.. but I think 9-11 has caused SO MANY PROBLEMS in our government/security system that are not necessary. I mean, 9-11 is just another thing that plays into our Nation-wide mindset of "BE AFARID, BE VERY AFARID" +3
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